The next PS4 system software update is coming soon – sign up to be a beta tester

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The next PS4 system software update is coming soon – sign up to be a beta tester

Get an early look at all the new features coming to PS4 and give us your feedback

Behind the scenes here at PlayStation, our technical teams are busily creating all of the new features, updates and improvements that are coming your way in the next PS4 system software update.

As with previous updates, we’re recruiting for beta testers to get a head start with these new features, road-test them with us and provide feedback to help fine-tune and improve the way you play on PS4.

Starting today, you can sign up to be a beta tester here.

To sign up, you’ll need a PS4 console, be connected to the internet and be the master account holder. If you want to opt out of the trial, you can always roll back to a previous system software version at any time.

We’ll share more details of exactly what you’ll be able to test closer to the start of the trial in August. If you’re chosen to be a tester, be sure to provide feedback throughout the trial – it’s really useful for us to hear what you think, and we’re always listening for suggested changes and new features we could implement.

We’ve only got a limited number of spaces on the trial, so make sure you sign up and get involved now. And thanks to everyone who helped out in the previous beta trial – we hope to see you online again for this one!

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  • Eric Whelan

    EDIT: Error is now fixed and you should be able to sign up without issue. let us know if you come across any further problems.

    Thanks for letting us know about the redirect issues. We’ve passed it onto our devs who are working on a fix and I’ll update this comment once the fix has been deployed.


  • I also have the same problem. I had it too with the Dissidia beta

  • Same here but than nl nl nl nl nl nl :D

  • Probably is not working because the Page just got made Check back in a few minutes

  • Works now, in my case

  • The link doesn’t work. -_-

  • Getting the same redirection errors others have been. It’s been a problem for a few other beta’s hosted on the same site too. Not a great sign for things guys…

  • Hopefully there’s systemwide downsampling for 1080p displays on PS4 Pro.

  • Signed up! Thanks!

  • what’s with the Too_Many_ReDirs error that anyone outside of the UK seems to be getting at the moment? doesn’t matter what link you use.

  • Forcing the URL to use UK locale I was able to get it working here from Finland:

  • The same problem here.

  • Hopefully this one will have PS1 support. And not as it’s main feature cos the PS4 should have had it from day one…or at least year one…

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      Although it would be very little they’d make from me, there are quite a few PS1 Classics that I would instantly buy off of the store, were the PS1 Classics section to become available.

      Let’s just hope that they aren’t going to botch it like they did with the PS2 ports, I imagine that needing developers to go through the work of adding trophies put a lot of them off on porting their PS2 games.

    • I do love the PS2 ports I have though. The extra resolution is nice for 3D games and I quite like having trophies in them too. But yeah I have about 30 PS1 games I’d like to have back and playable on my nice PS4 with the shareplay (I loove using Shareplay with the PS2 multiplayer games to play my old PS2 buddy to now lives in another continent) and broadcasting features. Plus yeah they’d still make plenty more sales of classic PS1 games from people who haven’t got them.

    • Yeah, I feel that Share Play is one of the PS4’s unsung features, I often use it for the same reason as you.

      Sadly, a lot of our game buddies don’t live around the block anymore.

      ( Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having trophies on PS2 games ( I like the idea of having them on PS1 games, too ), but I’m afraid that it will result in a lot of developers / publishers not bothering to port their older games. )

  • You guys appreciate the feedback, do you?

    Well in that case I expect the old Notifications application to be restored in version 5.0 as there was a lot of negative feedback regarding the new notifications application.

    If you don’t even do that, then what point is there in us giving feedback?

    • (I’ve actually quite got used to and far prefer the new notifications bit. I don’t want the old one back. :P )

    • It somewhat saddens me to hear that, actually.

      I found the change to be rather puzzling and maybe even schizophrenic in that on one hand they have been adding ways for users to organize and filter content in the library and through folders and on the other hand they are taking away users’ options to filter in the notification application.

      The new notifications application feels like something that would be apart of a version 1 software on a console whereas the old notifications application feels like a more refined and upgraded version.

    • I’d just like an option to make the notifications black again instead of distracting bright white…

  • I want try

  • Can’t wait to see the new look

  • Thank you much appreciated

  • Does it fix the Internet problem or not?

  • I’ve already applied! (^_^)/

  • error can’t change psn name yet urggh :)

  • EDIT: Error is now fixed and you should be able to sign up without issue. let us know if you come across any further problems.

    Thanks for letting us know about the redirect issues. We’ve passed it

    onto our devs who are working on a fix and I’ll update this comment

    once the fix has been deployed.

  • Backwards compatibility please

  • You should have a choice between being able to either stream or play disc versions of ps3 games.

  • what about 4k resolution via hdmi 1.4 ? it will be available after update ? thanks

    • It could do it at 30hz for videos as such. But they don’t care. Their stance is just go buy a PS4 Pro.

  • Things this won’t have but should-

    Clear notifications.. Idiotic that we still can’t do this after 3 and a half years…

    Turn off people you might know. I don’t know any of these people and im sick of seeing the damn list. I’ve even gone through it hiding each one only for them to come back again.

    Proper background image support so we don’t have to do a screenshot through the browser.

    Custom backgrounds for themes. On PS3 you could choose a theme, and have all of its custom icons, but then still change the background picture to one of your own. The Farcry 5 theme for example has great background music but then a boring background picture. If I could have that music with my own pic.

    Custom background music. Why not? Instead of the above method simply let us choose an mp3 or what ever format audio for the background music.

    Fix the store. Since launch it has had glitches where things don’t show up properly sometimes.

    Notification colour. It looked good before when you got a notification and it was in the little black box. Making it white in 4.50 made it look awful. At least give us the option.

    Usb Storage limit. Why have this pointless limit? I have a 240GB USB SSD that it won’t let me use, cause the minimum is pointlessly 250GB. Why? There’s no reason. Why not 64GB? Why not 32GB? As long as the drive is fast enough it doesn’t matter.

    Turn off the light bar. Some of us just don’t care about a light on our controllers. And with the DS4s truly pathetic battery life, every little helps. At least have a super dim mode so it uses hardly any power. I’m lucky if my pads last 7 hours. My XB1 and Switch pads last 40-60 hours.

    Remove pointless epilepsy warning on boot. If you don’t have epilepsy then the message is pointless. And if you do then you’re already well aware of the dangers and don’t need to be reminded every time you turn on the machine.

    Probably 100 other things that need fixing and changing too. Watch it still be just as bad but with more crap we don’t need.

  • Part 1/2

    Notification Centre

    I too would love to see the old Notification Centre return. The ability to clear notifications is definitely needed along with a “Clear All” option. I’m just not a fan of the long and never ending list that is currently in place.


    We definitely need a progress tracker for each trophy to track our progress as we go. I also had an idea of having our favourite 5 – 10 trophies on our profile to show off. Similar to how the PS3 had it but instead of showing our latest trophies it should let us select our favourite ones instead.

    I would love to see a variety of trophy unlock sounds for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum trophies. Sometimes when you’re in the zone and focussed on a game you might not have the time to check that newly unlocked trophy and by having a different sound you will think “I got a Gold trophy”. At the very least, I think a different unlock sound for a Platinum trophy would be a great addition.

    I’d also love to see a new icon for a Platinum trophy as I’ve always found the current one to have a strange design and think it could look much better.

    Finally and I can’t see this one happening any time soon, (if ever, for technical reasons) but the ability to remove a game from our trophy lists would be a fantastic addition. It’s well known that 0% lists can’t be removed and I personally think that any game under 25% should have the option to be removed. Of course, as a result of doing this our trophy level and percentage should also be lowered to reflect the trophies removed. I know that many simply don’t care about trophies but when you have tried out a game and then have it lingering in your list forever with 0%, or a very low percentage I personally find this to be really annoying. And yes, I know that you can hide games on your trophy list from others but the user can still see them! I would also like to see a revised layout to the trophy screen so that you don’t have to scroll indefinitely! Yes, I know that you can filter games but more titles on the screen at once would be much better.


    Avatars are dated and we need a new selection of free ones for our profiles added to the “Change Avatar” option and not hidden away in the store. I can’t stand those old PS3 ones that users haven’t changed for years! I know that you can buy free and paid avatars in the store, however I don’t think casual players will venture into the store to look for new ones – that’s if they even know that they exist in there!

  • Part 2/2

    PlayStation Store

    When scrolling through a sale on the store it is often a very long list. If I click into a title when clicking back it always takes me to the top of the list which is a huge problem and should just resume from where you were. Otherwise, the only other issue is content loading times on the store. Further to my notification comments earlier, I’d love a notification to let me know when a new sale is on in the store!I know we aren’t going to get Backwards Compatibility for the time being especially as we have PS Now which is a fantastic feature. However, forgetting about putting an old PS3 disc into a PS4, I would love to see the ability to purchase and download PS3 games digitally and think that this would be well received by the PlayStation community. PSX maybe!? :)

    What’s New

    My only other requests is that the “What’s New” feed gets revised. I’m not what it is about it but am sure that this could be set out in a much better format.

    If you made it this far thanks for reading. These are only my ideas and I know not everyone will agree with them but unless you put them forwards PlayStation will never know.

    • The What’s New section is way too crowded, it used to show 6 to 9 posts on the screen at once, now it shows only 1 to 3, making it incredibly annoying and cumbersome to scroll through news updates of friends as you have to practically scroll through them one by one. I have stopped using the What’s New section because of this, I used to scroll through it a little bit and like messages of friends, or send them messages about it, but I don’t anymore because it’s a pain in the arse.

      The guy in charge of UI design for that app made blooper with that one.

  • Will the update get rid of that obnoxious new Film & TV app? Cos that would be awesome.

  • Let,s hope that this firmware update allows to play ps1 & ps2 disc which has heavily rumored for some time or allow ps4 users to purchase ps3 games via playstation now doubt it will ever happen they need to sort out the playstore that has become a right mess of late hard to find the new content.Can someone tell me when it gets update again at the end ofn the day it will be some that Sony consider great but everyone else will not

  • Pls add in new software that we can record a gameplay with 1080p quallity

  • I would like to see an option to clear previous notifications. Also I would like to be able to use mouse and keyboard in the menu, browser, youtube etc. Backward compatibility would be nice too of course. Also longer time limit for shareplay would be nice. Also I would like to see (or rather hear) some changes in the fan curve profile (PS4 Pro), because it constantly changes speed even during youtube playback.

  • So when will the Ce-34878-0 code be fixed for consoles?

  • Tonight Sony forced me to update my ps4’s software to 4.73, before i could sign in online. Aftet this software update my ps4 is slower, it freezes during game play and i lost my game’s last saved data.

    STOP releasing poor software updates and don’t force your customers to download them, before they can sign in online to play games online.

    Fix this isuue.

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