51 PS4 games join the PlayStation Now line-up today

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51 PS4 games join the PlayStation Now line-up today

Including Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun, Farming Simulator 15, more

As promised in March, PlayStation 4 games have finally arrived on PlayStation Now!

As well as the existing library of over 350 PS3 hits that includes Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us, you can now get instant access to 51 select PS4 games to take your adventures to a whole new level.

We’ve added titles for every type of gamer, from racing to fighting, adventure to indies, real time strategy to family fun and everything in between. So if you’ve got a PS4 or Windows PC then it’s time to get your stream on.

And don’t forget, PS Now is the only place on PC to play PlayStation exclusives like Killzone Shadow Fall, Heavy Rain and God of War III.

With such a big haul of PS4 games, where do you begin?!

Let us help you out… here are five PS4 game picks to kickstart your weekend early:

Killzone Shadow Fall

This all-action PlayStation exclusive is an intense shooter that’ll test your mettle in strategic story modes as well as competitive online multiplayer (which btw comes at no extra cost with PS Now being powered by PS Plus). This hit completes the saga so far with the entire series available to stream on PS Now.

Watch the trailer:

Tropico 5

If you could build a dynasty in a tropical paradise, what would you leave behind: a trail of destruction as an oppressive dictator or the loving legacy of a compassionate leader? Whichever way you sway, it’s time to see what world history would look like with you at the helm – with Tropico 5 you’ll make your way through infamous eras of the past including the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Cold War, the modern era and beyond. You’ll have a lot on your plate so we’ll just let you get on with it.

Watch the trailer:

WWE 2K16

This highly acclaimed edition of the WWE franchise will provide hours of fun for you and your mates, with loads of game modes, hundreds of playable characters an altogether more tactical fighting experience. We’ve been streaming it all week at PlayStation HQ. Sorry I’m not down with wrestling lingo… OUTTA NOWHERE

Watch the trailer:

Tearaway Unfolded

Take on a perilous delivery mission that’ll take you on an epic adventure in a world made of paper. This super fun game for kids & adults alike will have you using your DS4 in ways you didn’t even know were possible until now. If you’re a fan of custom creations then this one’s for you.

Watch the trailer:


Welcome to the couch competitive cult classic you might have missed. This 1v1 side-scrolling fighter has taken the indie gaming world by storm since its release and with the newly-teased gameplay trailer for NidHogg 2 aired at E3 last week, there’s no better time to get to grips with your little pixel sword.

See the original:

Check out the full list of newly added PS games and step into your next adventure:

If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join PlayStation Now* – get your one week free trial today on PC and PS4. Once you’ve enjoyed your trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99/€16.99 per month.

*This service is currently available in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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  • Very cool, but PS Now needs to integrate into PS+! Give us some kind of access, even the PS3 games could be played via PS Now… or SOMETHING

    • Couldn’t agree more

    • but then with new games..

      the majority is PS+ games and the other is indi crap.

      maybe one or 2 oldies which you can find for 5€ in the budgetbox and you dont need to pay twice if you have 2 playstations and your son wants to play and also works when inet is down.

  • For PS4 games would you get the option to download and play locally? Would seem an extension which is beneficial for all parties.

  • So that’s why you took support from Vita, you want everyone to go out and buy a PS4 Slim or Pro….

    • the VITA is pulled from the stores in the netherlands and still sony is not given a response why

      as a single country in the world you cannot buy it here anymore.

    • You can’t really buy one new anywhere now. Production ended due to weak sales. What more is there to say?

  • Yay.. Who cares when the service isn’t even available in 90% of europe??

    Work on bringing it to other countries before boasting about how many games you’ve added. Congrats to UK, NL and BE.

    • thats because the other countries have video unlimited on the PS3 and we still dont have s…..

      but 17€ vs 9.99$ is a bloody shame

      99$ per year or 208€

      the last time we were screwed like this we still had PS Home to buy content against these prices

  • Carnivius_Prime

    “which btw comes at no extra cost with PS Now being powered by PS Plus”

    Would be nice if PS Now was funded for no extra cost by your PS Plus subscription but then of course you’d make no money on games if people were just streaming them but some kinda of notable discount would be appreciated… or even if certain games were made ‘free’ for a limited time as samplers? I dunno. I’m not business minded. It’s probably a stupid idea.

    Also not keen on idea that Windows PCs seems to get more support from Sony than Vita does these days but hey…

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Oh actually could use PS Now as a way to ensure EVERY game on the store could be sampled for an hour or so as a stream to make up for the large amount of games that NO DEMOS! That could be better than a proper seperate demo as you can trial games without needing to wait for a download at all and keep your progress and trophies like when on those games that allow a full trial but only after fully downloading the entire game data.

  • Since it’s not available in the majority of Europe, I can only say: Yeah, whatever…

  • Somewhat annoyingly your ‘join Playstation Now’ link leads to a 404. Guess I’ll never know it’s for me of not…

  • I don’t get it. Something like fluster cluck is about 500 megs to download yet this service lets you play a streaming video version of this game. That means my computer or PS4 is turned on and streaming from your service which is in some data somewhere running on a server rack PS4. All that energy and power wasted. You might as well say “subscribe to psnow and get the streaming service but your also able to download and play these games directly on your PS4” but then where does psplus start and psplis end. You need a platinum plus subscription model.

  • Very much this.

  • Please add the option to download these games. I understand why we can’t download PS3 games, but downloading these PS4 games would make the service A LOT better.

  • It needs to be in more countries.

  • Has the streaming quality been improved, or is it still restricted to 1080p?

    About time you moved to HEVC, no?

  • How about resolving problems first?

    Not available in most of Europe without any comment from Sony on future plans.Not available for non-Windows platforms. Why? Writing programs for unixoid systems isn’t hard and I don’t think I’m the only console gamer without a Windows OS (what would you need Windows for if not gaming?).No synergy with PS+.

  • Who cares about how many PS4 games are being added to the PS Now service? We can’t access it even if we wanted to.

  • Could we please be able to pin games to the XMB as if they were installed locally on the PS4? It’s a pain firing up the app.

  • Still too expensive for what it is. If all PS3 games were available on PlayStation Now that might be different, but at this rate the PS5 will be out by the time the games I want to play are available on it. On PS2 all I had to do was put a PS1 disc in and it would play, no expensive subscription or second console required. Proper backwards compatibility was a standard feature on PS2, but it seems nowadays people are just expected to own every single console instead.

    • Crazy_Legs_James

      Yeah why would you not keep your old consoles? It would save all this time it took for you to type that. Even if it was a few minutes that’s some sweet loading time on your PS3. And now let’s be honest the only reason half the people here want backwards compatibility is because Microsoft have it, no one cared untill they announced it. Then this [DELETED] storm of idiots who sold their old consoles came crying up the blogs/comment/forums on anything Sony.

    • I’ve heard all the excuses before for why backwards compatibility shouldn’t happen. If you don’t want BC or don’t see the point that’s fine, but I’m not going to change my opinion. PlayStation Now is overpriced and the PS3 games I want to play aren’t there anyway and probably never will be. Having to hang onto your old consoles forever if you want to play those games is an outdated idea anyway. Games should move with the user when they upgrade to the next console. Xbox One X is going to be doing this, and Steam on PC has been doing this for a long time now. Time that Sony caught up as well.

  • Sony concerned employee: so boss, the community is asking for a proper backwards compatibility, like the ones we shall no name are giving their players.

    Boss: have we tried to push ps now this month?

    Employee: i don t think so and the community doesn’t care about it…

    Boss: yeah yeah… whatever…push that again, it s about this ? grabbing service starts generating some revenue.

    Employee: what about the classic library?

    Boss: who cares…

    The boss sits down and starts playing Crash…

  • Too bad IT’S STILL NOT OUT IN AUSTRALIA. Come on Sony, stop being utter jerks about this. Absolutely astonishing how you can spit on entire markets. This is the exact sort of disdain Microsoft started showing its customers before many of us jumped ship from the 360 to the PS4.

  • Crazy_Legs_James

    Wow.. this comment section

    When did the psn community become such babies?

  • Stop trying to make PS Now a thing, Sony. Not gonna happen.

  • Feels like I’m the only one that loves ps now but one thing that has annoyed me is when they added the goty editions and changed Injustice to the ultimate edition. The game saves are not compatible and normal can’t play ultimate version online. Basically ruined my game and will have to start again,silly as it shares the same trophy list.If games are going to disappear from the service then it really isn’t for me.

  • Atleast i found out how to buy a subscription without adding a credit card hello sony add a ps now option to buy ps now for a year

  • It’s cool that PS4 games are finally here but why does the PSNOW service in North America have more games than in Europe ? . In NA they have great games like ni no kuni, tekken tag 2 and in japan they ahve demon souls , sony bring these games to PSNOW in Europe as well as Gran turisomo 5 and 6 , all the ps3 yakuza games and the ps3 version of persona 5. That would make me very happy

  • More than one Model of Pricing and service that doesnt stop PS3 PSTV PS Vita from using this wervice would be nice…. you know, the products YOU sell… being supported…. I will pay, if you make it

  • Surely PlayStation now would get better if u can download the games of the now service then be able to play them with no lag. U would have to be connected at all times to the net so the games would work. Kind of like the plus subscription. I haven’t tried PS NOW yet literally because I’ve heard it lags.

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