Smash TV, Gauntlet-inspired medieval twin-stick shooter Iron Crypticle fires onto PS4 this month

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Smash TV, Gauntlet-inspired medieval twin-stick shooter Iron Crypticle fires onto PS4 this month

RPG-infused arcade title, out 11th July, lets you play solo or in four-player co-op

Hello everyone! This is Dugan from Tikipod here, and we are extremely pleased to introduce our upcoming arcade/RPG twin-stick shooter Iron Crypticle available on PlayStation 4 on 11th July 2017!

Please check out our new game trailer:

Iron Crypticle is an arcade twin-stick dungeon shooter with RPG elements! A mysterious, malevolent force has abducted Cryptonia’s princess – along with the king’s royal golden treasures (shaped curiously like large foodstuffs…).

The washed-up kingsguard must leap into action and plunge down into the ancient magical crypts on a rescue mission!


A modernised mix inspired by arcade classics

We are huge fans of the videogame arcades of the late ’80s and early ’90s which we grew up with, and hope that shows in the games we make.

You could summarise Iron Crypticle structured around the core of Smash TV/Robotron, deepened by an item collection system inspired by Bubble Bobble/Rainbow Islands, all placed in a Ghosts and Goblins/Gauntlet type medieval setting.

Iron Cyrpticle Iron CyrpticleIron Cyrpticle


Gameplay features

The early rooms you encounter may seem easy enough, but if you want to survive past the Guardian Monster of each floor then you’ll need to upgrade your abilities.

Speed, Damage, Fire Rate and Weapon Duration can all be upgraded either from shops or through careful chaining of food pickups.

Most enemies drop a food item (delicious cheese, slices of cake, lollipops, hotdogs, fruit…) with which you need to juggle chain-collecting, all whilst slashing your way through hordes of ghastly creatures.

Iron Cyrpticle

Route selection is very important too, with each floor made up of a branching system of rooms. Each room type has their advantages and disadvantages – plus with each playthrough the rooms all shift about and reform, just to keep you on your toes!

Iron Cyrpticle

To help you on your quest are a range of weapons, magical scrolls and items to unlock. For close combat emergencies you can rely on your dash move for quick escape, or activate your Atomic Fist to punch a hole in the enemy ranks.


Be sure to visit the cat merchant (below left)  to see what is on offer. Or try the arcade room (below right) to earn extra coins and health.

Iron CyrpticleIron Cyrpticle

You can play solo or up to four-player local co-op; either way you’ll find the crypts run deep with many secrets to uncover on your adventures in Iron Crypticle.

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