Comedic point & click puzzle adventure Demetrios out this August on PS4

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Comedic point & click puzzle adventure Demetrios out this August on PS4

Globe-trotting mystery offers Cross-Buy with the PS Vita version

Hi! I’m Fabrice, solo French game developer. Let me introduce you to my silly game Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure!

Demetrios is an adventure game mixing elements from point & click and visual novels with fun puzzles and quirky humour.

Bjorn, a slob of an antique dealer living in Paris, gets robbed one night after receiving a mysterious call. He notices that only a mysterious tablet has been stolen. The police aren’t really helpful, so Bjorn ends up investigating on his own with the help of Sandra, his next-door neighbour.


This will (unwillingly) take them on a journey to several countries around the world, where they will sort out some murky affairs and ancient secrets!

Demetrios is all about comedy and fun choices. Watch out, you may end up dead very often – especially if you put your fingers everywhere! (But don’t worry, you can continue the game straight away.)


Try silly inventory combinations, and you’ll get unique comments each time. Sometimes the characters will even react to your (stupid) actions!

In case you get stuck, there’s an in-game hint system through the use of cookies hidden in the screens – so you have to earn the help. And you can collect the cookies, too!


You’ll encounter some mini-games along the way, always meant for easy fun and to vary the gameplay.


I’ve specifically optimized the game for PS4, and you can control it either with the stick / buttons or the touchpad, with multiple options to adapt the likes of the sensitivity, or using the right stick and triggers as a magnifying glass for precise observation – quite handy for tracking those cookies!

The console version also adds the exclusive “Chapter Restart” feature, which makes progress and Trophies hunting much easier!

Expect to spend 8 to 12 hours for a first playthrough, and get some replayability by collecting cookies and all 37 achievements – including a Platinum.

I truly believe adventure games can only be appreciated if you can understand them easily, so I’ve made huge efforts to get the 10,000 lines of dialogue fully translated into six languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian!


This was my first console experience, and aside from translations and some music, I did everything myself (yup, it’s possible!)

I very much enjoyed working on bringing Demetrios to the Playstation 4 and PlayStation Vita – a childhood dream come true! I’m hoping you’ll like it. (Many thanks to the PS Vita community for your great support and appreciation!)

The game will be available August 2017 for PlayStation 4 on PlayStation Store, with Cross-Buy functionality with the already-released PS Vita version.

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2 Author Replies

  • Looks really nice, i loved and do still love Click&Point Adventures, there are many little pearls out there just like Deponia & The Inner World…not to forget the great ones from back in the Days Monkey island & Leasure Suite Larry… :D

    So Respect for doing this all alone and publishing it on PS4, it looks from the pictures and the Trailer lovingly crafted. It has it´s own style and i had to laugh at on or another point in the Trailer…so i hope you can keep it up in the Game, i will give it a Try though. Because i think this has to be supported. :D

    • Thank you very much! This was a lot of work indeed :)

      And yes, I’m glad Point & Click games are finding their way back on consoles lately, hopefully it finds some audience on PS4 :)

  • i meant Point&Click…makes no sense to click first and point afterwards…lol

  • Awesome news! I picked this up on PS Vita when it first came out and really enjoyed it. Lots of silly humour! I recommend fans of point & clicks to give it a go!

    • Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed it!

      PS4 has a separate trophies list from Vita, so you might want to play it again in 1080p :p

    • Awesome news :-D

    • A separate trophy list, that’s awesome! I enjoyed the game on vita and I’ll definitely play it again, though maybe not right away. In a year or so, when my memory has faded a bit, I can enjoy all the silliness again.

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