Your PlayStation Plus games for July are Until Dawn, That’s You and Game of Thrones

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Your PlayStation Plus games for July are Until Dawn, That’s You and Game of Thrones

Plus, Tokyo Jungle, Darkstalkers Resurrection, more also join the line-up

Whoa – well, that was one heck of a month for gamers, eh? We hope you all enjoyed this year’s big E3 PlayStation Media Showcase as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Getting to share all the amazing things we have going on over here at PlayStation is always hugely exciting.

One of our announcements at E3 this year was the new PlayLink range – a series of games tailor-made for group play with your friends and family that you control via your smartphone or tablet. No additional Dualshock 4s required! We’re really happy to debut the first PlayLink title – That’s You – in next month’s PS Plus line-up, in addition to your normal quota of games!

So, let’s lift the lid on what PlayStation Plus members will be tucking into when July’s games hit PlayStation Store on Tuesday 4th July.

First up, it’s fright time…

Until Dawn

Yes, those of a delicate disposition might want to grab a friend before firing this one up. Supermassive Games’ critically-acclaimed love letter to the classic slasher flick is this month’s first game.

Follow eight typical high-school teenagers out to an isolated mountain lodge to commemorate the tragic loss of two friends and watch as power outages, unexplained disappearances and a healthy dose of hormonal high-jinx transform the momentous gathering into a desperate fight for survival.

As things spiral drastically out of control it will be down to your split second decision making to save each hapless character from meeting a grisly end. Will you be able to keep your nerve?

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Series

This month’s second title transports PS Plus members to the equitable and fair-minded land of Westeros, where absolutely nobody ever died in a terrible or tragic way… ever.

As any of you familiar with the award-winning Game of Thrones TV series will know, I’m pulling your leg. In this original story from the talented team at Telltale Games, you’ll take control of the Forrester family – a noble and long-standing house from the north of Westeros with deep loyalties to the Starks.

Caught up in the War of the Five Kings, it’ll be up to you to guide the beset members of the Forrester family through a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge and intrigue as the northern kingdoms begin to tear themselves apart.

Once again, who makes it out alive will be up to you.

That’s You

As a special post-E3 treat, from 4th July PlayStation Plus members will also be able to download That’s You as part of their membership.

In this irreverent party quiz – the first release from the new PlayLink range – you and up to five of your friends and family get to find out what you really think about each other. With your TV, PS4 and a tablet or smartphone in hand, answer over 1,000 funny questions, take part in daring doodle challenges, snap selfies for photo challenges and more.

The better you know your fellow players, the more points you’ll pick up.

As always, our PlayStation 4 line-up is joined by four other games – two apiece for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. All of which leaves the full line-up for July looking like this:

  • Until Dawn – PS4
  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series – PS4
  • That’s You – PS4 (4th July onwards)
  • Tokyo Jungle – PS3
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection – PS3
  • Don’t Die Mr Robot – PS Vita (cross-buy with PS4)
  • Element4l – PS Vita

July’s titles will be available to download from 4th July, meaning you still have a couple of days left to pick up any of June’s titles you might have missed:

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  • Until Dawn is an awesome inclusion, so glad more people will be exposed to this under appreciated gem. I probably won’t play through it again but good to have in the collection as a digital copy anyway

  • Neat! Until Dawn is a good addition. Although both the big games are fairly similar in terms of gameplay, but still both welcome.

  • Purchased both in last sale but a much better month!!!

  • Until Dawn?! I leant my copy out to somebody, and never got it back. :( But now I have it back!! Awesome stuff. This is a really good month.

  • Another month where I have already bought the ps4 games but I’m not mad. I am happy so many more people will play Until Dawn.

  • Good line-up. Played Until Dawn when it first came out, but never gave it the attention it probably deserves and didn’t finish it. Much better than last month.

  • Wow… that’s… NONE…. not even one game for me this time. Don’t Die Mr Robot is actually quite a fun small arcadey game but I already have it. Until Dawn is really not for me. And Game of Thrones is DOUBLY not for me since I don’t like the TV show and not into Telltales games these days (i liked Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island but nothing else since has been based on a license I particularly like except maybe Batman).

    I’m still enjoying Neon Chrome from the last lot. That’s a really decent game. Didn’t care for Killing Floor or Life is Strange.

    • There it is, the one person that liked “Back to the Future”. “The Wolf among us” was actually pretty great, I wonder if that’ll ever get a sequel. Stupid cliffhanger endings. But yeah, GoT is atrociously boring, even if you like the books. Especially if you like the books.

    • I really liked the BttF game too, and all the Telltale games, LiS, and Until Dawn. I’m not into the small arcadey games. That’s what I love about + is that it throws games that I’d never have probably tried (the arcadey ones) at me so I can have a go, even if for 10 mins, but also allows others who’ve only ever tried the AAA games to try something else (like LiS – which is one of my favourite games of all time).

    • one person who liked back to the future? I thought a lot of people did. Certainly it’s one that comes up a lot when my friends discuss telltale games anyways. i’ve often tried the first chapters of their other games like the wolf among us and walking dead but nope, not for me.

    • I have to admit I just got BttF mixed up with that Jurassic Park game.

  • im so excited to receive this great big bucket of [DELETED]

  • That’s a pretty strong line up. Finally a triple A game in PS Plus for PS4. I always wanted to try Tokyo Jungle, so now I have a chance.

    • I thought Tokyo jungle was just available for PS3?

      I would be over the moon to be able to get it on PS4

      Fantastic little game

    • Reads to me like it is just PS3 for Tokyo Jungle. I have had the expansion packs on my wish list for years (new critters!), but maybe it is time to acknowledge they are never going to be put on sale and just go ahead and pay full price ($9.99 for the Add-on Bundle).

    • It’s been on my wishlist for years! Finally, I can attack a lion with a pomeranian

    • I bought tokyo jungle on ps3 years ago. once you get over the gimmick of the concept it’s a really awful game

    • The expansion’s been on sale a couple of years ago, if I recall correctly. But not recently.

  • I don’t usually comment on here, and I DEFINITELY don’t usually moan (publicly!) about the games we get with Plus BUT can we please, please, please get some games we can actually, y’know, PLAY?!! Why has Sony suddenly thought that everyone wants to play QTE games?? I mean, thats Tale of the Borderlands, Life is Strange, Until Dawn and Game of Thrones all within the last three months?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are all highly rated but I hate games where I get to press the X button once every five minutes. So, this is a personal opinion only I guess, but can’t we have actual games for a change? Japan got Gravity Rush and Killzone and we got this?? Come on, play fair for once Sony.

    • I agree with this.

    • Until Dawn is awesome and the best Horror Game this gen. So yeah, you can “play” it, too.

      QTE, if done right, can be fun. And Until Dawn did them right. Fantastic game!

    • I honestly hate to look like I’m the usual moaning whingebag you get on here after the Plus announcement, but surely Telltale games and similar are niche games that not everyone enjoys. I mean, I enjoy Sports games but I understand why they’re not included on Plus much because not everyone likes them. The same should go for QTE and point and click style games as well.

      I don’t really rely on Plus for anything good now. People always want certain games (God of War 3, Sleeping Dogs, Knack, Watch Dogs) but I doubt they will ever turn up so it’s easier just to buy them when they are a fiver in the sales. I honestly barely play any games I get on Plus which is a shame.

    • Come on man, four in the last three months is pushing it a bit. Sure, I’ll give one of those types of games a go every so often, but I’d appreciate a BIT of variety now and again. Anyway, like I said in my comment, I’m sure they are all brilliant games but that type of game doesn’t appeal to me personally.

    • I haven’t played Until Dawn. Watched a friend stream it on his PS4 and i got bored quickly. ‘Horror’ games don’t work for me at all. And this one looked barely playable as a game. I like fun arcadey action games and so have often found myself far preferring the indie titles we get on Plus over the bigger titles. As I said above I found Neon Chrome last month to be much more my kind of thing over the more well known mainstream game Life is Strange.

    • I’m sorry you don’t enjoy them, many do. I have just one thing to retort: go and play Killing Floor 2 which was given away last month to PS Plus subscribers. smh

    • There are bound to be a few months sometimes where games from the same genres end up being the monthly games. Games being niche isn’t a reason to not be included on Plus. Not everyone enjoys co-op shooters but there were a few on Plus recently. If it was just games like Watch Dogs and Sleeping Dogs, or Killzone: SF then people who don’t like open-world or FPS games would start to lose interest in PS+.

      It’s better to have a variety of games throughout the year, so that people who like games such as Life Is Strange, Until Dawn or Game of Thrones have a reason to continue subscribing as well. When Life Is Strange was included that was alongside Killing Floor 2 which is a completely different type of game.

    • I totally agree that it’s good to have variety throughout Plus for all types of games and gamers. Which is why I find it odd and disappointing that Sony give us four of the same type of game in the space of three months (and that’s also not forgetting the copious walking sims and point n click stuff as well)! I mean you can’t tell me that everyone bought a PS4 in order to play Telltale games?? I appreciate people like different games and am happy if it’s an even spread but lately it just hasn’t been. For instance, I like sports games, why have I only had NBA 2K16 in over a year now? I can’t recall any open-world games other than that Saints Row DLC a year ago.

      The thing that really is the kick in the teeth is that Japan are celebrating the anniversary of PS Plus by giving away all sorts of AAA stuff. Why don’t EU or US customers get treated the same?

    • “The thing that really is the kick in the teeth is that Japan are celebrating the anniversary of PS Plus by giving away all sorts of AAA stuff. Why don’t EU or US customers get treated the same?”

      You do really want to know why? Answer is pretty easy… Because we do live in US/EU part of the PS World and not in Japan. That answer might not be to your liking, but that’s how Sony operates. You can try to compare two sides, but it will not change a thing. Japan gets more interesting titles for a really long time, not to mention they have so much Plus discounts, exlusives for every game on the Shop, that sometimes I feel the need to buy Japanese PS Plus, instead of having EU one. They get plenty of either PSP titles, PS1 titles, PS2 titles, PS3 titles Deals until this day… but here in EU it’s just garbage. It’s not US with super duper extra flash deals when games/dlc gets sales around 90% down the price or amazing Japan with plenty of exlusives. We are in EU side… which doesn’t care for the customer at all. Have you seen last deal with “Buy 12 month Plus and get Battlefront for PS4”? That’s one of the issues. Old customers, who had been in Plus for many years gets almost nothing at all. I bought my PS3 with Plus 2 months after Plus was implemented and just after PS4 was released I saw how Plus in EU is going down the rabbit hole. There are months were you can find cool games, but most of the games that are being put to Plus basket are trash. I used to wait for Plus news for next titles, but for last year or something… I just don’t even check for them, until the middle of the month.

      It’s great to have different genres of games, but at least put some effort to make your old customers happy… like Japan or sometimes US are doing. I still play my Vita, but when I see in 70% deals on PS3 and Vita games only 5-10 Vita titles from around ~100 games… I just feel nobody in Sony EU does not care for their own customers.


      You get to smoke fools with a shotgun in Until Dawn. It’s awesome, give it a whirl, preferably at night in the dark…

  • Really happy with this

  • Good PS4 titles, I really enjoyed Until Dawn and hope people give it a go.

    It’s still a shame to see the Vita being relegated to a 2D machine though :(

  • That’s it, I’m never renewing my PS4 subscription again! NEVER AGAIN!!

  • Excited for Game of Thrones – A Telltale Series. Already have Until Dawn. Great lineup for PlayStation 4.

    • GoT is very, very boring. Don’t get your hopes up. I was utterly disappointed. Even worse than the GoT strategy game or rpg, actually.

  • This is a truly cracking lineup if you ask me! Two AAA games and Until Dawn is a great addition :D My only regret is that I’ve had Until Dawn for 2 years now and I’ve still not even opened it! That’ll teach me I guess :( Let’s hope for more months like this Sony!

    • Was hopeing play knack or killzone 4 but Japan got killzone 4.

    • I’d be fine with Knack over these main PS4 games. It’s actually an enjoyable fun game.

    • Lol I bought Knack for 4£ forever ago and regretted it after about 4 minutes.

      Now I hear Knack 2 is good!

    • ScooterMix japan got killzone 4, gravity rush and child of light.

      we get 2 interactive adventures… now, i know until dawn is a really good game but it’s a lot less appealing to me than the 3 above, plus i already watched a friend play through all of it to get platinum.

  • Oh my god ANOTHER cheap artsy puzzle platformer for Vita?! Please just stop. PLEASE

  • Teehee

    The PS+ back catalog is a thing of beauty. The PS4 era stuff, not so much.

  • I got until dawn great game but didn’t enjoy line up was at all but better than other months that’s for sure.


    If you haven’t played Until Dawn yet, DO IT NOW!

    Download it as soon as it hits PS+ and play the best Horror Game of this gen.

    Sony, we NEED a true sequel! We NEED an Until Dawn 2!!

    Yes, I will get The Inpatient” (Until Dawn prequel for PSVR) day 1, but still, we NEED a true sequel.


  • Another good month but I own both GoT The Telltale series and Until Dawn. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get something good to play next month.

  • Really happy for Until Dawn;

    TellTale Games and Double Fine games are a safe bet for ps+ so i wonder if ps+ owners still purchase their games;

    PS Vita owners with ps+ … uhm… yikes.

  • So a game which has you watching cutscenes with QTE’s and dialogue choices or an episodic game which has you watching cutscenes with QTE’s and dialogue choices? I already have one. Also, the Vita selection is a joke now.

  • Until Dawn is an amazing game which people will love. I think the effort Sony put into this month is pretty freaking good.

    I have the games unfortunately. I’m not subscribed either. I really appreciate that it’s a really hard job to know what to offer us. I couldn’t even say what I would want Sony to give me.

  • Solid PS+ update. All ready played and completed game of thrones but still a good line up. I also have Until Dawn bought it like a week after release brand new. Still not opened it and played it. Might as well sell it now and play the PS+ download.

  • I already have Until Dawn, so Game of Thrones and Element4l for me this month.

  • Tbh last month was better, Until Dawns great but the sound quality is god awful, telltales GOT is good but WD series is way better and well, who cares bout That’s You? I’d do something like a PS2/1/3 classic , a indie game a month and give the community a choice between at least 3 PS4 game and pick the best one. Like if you agree and have a great day

    • So, what exactly IS good about Killing Floor 2?

    • The fun idgaf over the top gameplay and free update/dlc with developers who have a page where the community tell the developers what they want the free dlc to be and they actually give it to the community unlike most developers these day. That IS whats good about KF2

  • Excellent Month. Shame i already have them all but still a excellent month for everyone else.

  • Sweet, I got Until Dawn back at the end of 2015 in a sale for about €20 and never got round to playing it yet lol. This is pretty awesome for somebody who never bought it at all AND with the new prequel coming, will probably get a lot more fans now. SuperMassive are such a solid dev that keeps putting out great titles, big and small. I still love Tumble to to this day.

    Plus, apart from Hideo Kojima’s new studio, they are the only ones doing great work with Guerilla Games’ game engine. ^_^

  • I think it will be 4th month in a row when there is nothing to play for me from PS Plus lineup. Not sure if I should buy additional Plus pack when it will end in November. I don’t own PS4, so I won’t have a reason to play Until Dawn. I do own Tokyo Jungle which is great game and pretty fun, never played Darsktalkers, nor am I interested in it. Once again Vita gets literally nothing for me, it’s yet again indie puzzle or platformers which I am being tired of. I’m just not having fun at all playing them… So PS4 games, are top notch, PS3 games are slighly 7,5/10, and Vita near bottom yet again.

  • wooow! fantastic choice with 2 quite big games, logged in just to praise you for this selection, I’ve finished Until Dawn but it’s a great game and it’s a great one for people new to games so I’ll show it off to non-gamers in my family for sure, GOT is another Telltale game I wanted to try so here it is, I approve!

    I’m often criticising Sony for poor PS+ content, but this month (and last ones too) is stellar so I appreciate that change :]

    Keep slayin Sony :>

  • Already own most of those so…meh. Until Dawn’s great. Just listen to it and pretend it was adult entertainment. Fun times. Tokyo Jungle is great. GoT is effin’ boring, really, it’s a total drag. Owned it for 1 1/2 years, still haven’t finished it. Since I don’t do smartphones, tablets or friends “That’s You” just isn’t me. Or does it work with a Vita, multiple personalities and an imaginary girlfriend?

  • Does this Mark a return to form for PlayStation Plus???

  • Sigh. GoT and Until Dawn area great choices but I already have them. ?

  • Until Dawn and Game of Thrones are very good additions for those who haven’t played them yet. Too bad for me the only new thing to play for me is that party game, Oh well, can’t win them all,

  • Been wanting to play Until Dawn. Spank you berry much.

  • Ugh, another Telltale game.

    I think I threw up a little in disgust.

    • Ugh, another hate comment.

      I think I threw up a little in disgust.

    • Aww, can’t handle someone having an opinion different from your own?

    • “hate comment”

      Please stop this… there are people who are really bored with seeing same games over and over again. Not only in Plus section, but as well in Deals sections like me. Not to mention if you want to hear something interesting… you wrote hate comment yourself narvikgutten (are you from Narvik? Been there, great place). Welcome to hypocritical World where people use buzzwords, but don’t know exact meaning of them.

      There is no such thing as a hate comment my friend, you can have different opinion, but that will not be hate.

    • Lol. I think those people always complaining about complaints have an incredibly low standard that unables them to write anything but a generic comment of praise, and thus their need for feeling constructive goes into ragging on people who do provide constructive criticism in an effort to keep this blog all happy feely and even more full of generic and superficial praise comments.

  • I’ve played both, and both are good. Until Dawn being quite awesome, GoT a little behind other Telltale games, but still ok. It’s a little bit strange to include two games of literally same type though.

  • Well this’ll certainly teach me not to buy things in sales. [DELETED] line-ups for ages, then the decent one we do get, I already own. Still, at least it may signal an improvement of monthly games.

  • Not bad.Had until dawn and platniumed that back in the day.Git isnt bad either.Good deal if youve never owned them.

  • Somehow I sold my copy of GoT ~2h before next month’s lineup was released. Someone has a really bad timing

  • Until Dawn what a great game!

    i’m very happy about this PS+ month.

  • Wow! Until Dawn is a great game! I’m happy more people get to play it now!

    I’ve often been tempted to try out Tokyo Jungle, so now I have no excuse not to do so. And I usually enjoy fighting games, so Darkstalkers Resurrection might be just up my alley. And the remaining games look like they’re worth a try as well. And the extra party game is a welcome edition for sure!

    All around a great month! Good stuff

  • I was so close to purchasing most of these games at one point during sales…good thing I didn’t! Lol

  • Nice, I was planning on getting game of thrones 1 day. And I wanted to replay until dawn.

  • I’m still very disappointed and a bit pi….off about your so called discount actions during E3, but with this action your coming a little bit closer to let me forgive you. But only if you keep up giving us the monthly games we deserve (last two month were pretty good) and I really hope you will not screw us up again with a so called discount action you did before E3.

  • I already have Until Dawn, but still it’s a nice month. Hope one day we get Until Dawn 2.

  • AWESOME LINE UP. I own most of the games listed except Until Dawn, so very happy with that.

    I Changed my PSN avatar to Crash Bandicoot…. I’m curious as to why my blog avatar hasn’t reflected the change?

  • Actually not too bad of a month.

    But I still hoped it would be more in line with Japan. They will get for PS4: Child of Light, Gravity Rush Remastered AND Killzone: Shadow Fall ?

    Still happy about Until Dawn, though.

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