Pinball FX3 announced for PS4, promising the biggest pinball game ever

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Pinball FX3 announced for PS4, promising the biggest pinball game ever

Zen Studios unveils its ambitious new project, due on PlayStation Store this summer

Hello from Zen Studios! We’ve got some very big news! I am so excited to announce that Pinball FX3 will be releasing on PlayStation 4 this summer.


Zen Pinball has been serving the PlayStation community since the very early days of PSN in May of 2009 (eight years?!), and the time has come to go next-level and take a major step forward in the evolution of pinball. Pinball FX3 will now be the Zen-supported pinball platform on PSN – replacing Zen Pinball 2 which is currently available on PS4.

Pinball FX3 is a massive game packed full of new features designed to turn pinball into a true community experience on PS4. Built around multiplayer-matchups, user-generated tournaments and league play, Pinball FX3 is now so much more than just leaderboard rankings – the game elevates the competitive pinball spirit that has thrived since the early days of pinball more than a century ago.

Not so hot with the flippers? We have heard from so many people that they feel lost when trying to play pinball, not really understanding the game or objectives. We have thought about you along the development process and have designed deep single-player modes that will help you become a better pinball player!


Now, to answer the question burning in all of your minds: can you take your Zen Pinball 2 tables to Pinball FX3? Yes, you can! Zen Studios is 100% committed to keeping the community intact and providing you with one of the best values in gaming. We are happy to announce that you will be able to import the majority of your Zen Pinball 2 purchases to Pinball FX3 for free! We’re giving you all of the new features and upgrades at no cost – and there are a ton of them, giving you reasons to never stop playing your tables. We like to think that Pinball FX3 is an endless ocean of replayability!

There are a ton of other details to share with you, and we will post more details as we lead up to launch. Keep an eye on our social media feeds or for news and updates, including confirmed table roster, info on what we have done to make your pinball tables more beautiful (yes, harnessing extra gfx power) and of course, news about brand-new content releasing with Pinball FX3. We will have new day-one content based on some amazing properties from a brand new partner!

Thank you all for many, many years of support. The game keeps going because you keep playing and supporting us. Pinball FX3 is a new beginning and we look forward to awesome days ahead!

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15 Author Replies

  • So, what’s not covered under “the majority of your Zen Pinball 2 purchases”?

    • They deal with a lot of different i.p.s so there are bound to be few who won’t play ball.

    • There are a few licenses that present business challenges, and will not be able to make the jump to FX3. We will be confirming the table roster in the weeks ahead as we get closer to release.

  • Love Zen tables,

    looking forward to see what FX3 has in store for us.

    I’m liking the fact we can import our existing tables, though I would like to know your definition of ‘majority’

    • We will confirm the table roster in the weeks ahead. I know ‘majority’ could mean a few things, but this is the best word to describe the situation.

    • ‘Majority’ means more than half. That’ll do me, though obviously the more the better.

  • Whoo! Big thanks for allowing us to migrate our tables (for the second time!) – a shame about that word ‘majority’, but it’s a damned sight better than anything a certain competitor has offered *cough*FarSight*cough*. As someone who buys every table, that’s very good to hear and it will be good to be able to hit the ground running with a bunch of tables migrated from my collection. I’m intrigued to see the new single-player modes. Looking forward to it!

    • Thank you. We would of course love to bring 100% of the tables, but there are some licenses that will not be making the jump. It’s always difficult to leave tables behind, but it’s also super exciting to think about all the new tables ahead!

  • Heads-up trophy hunters! This is exactly what they did between Zen Pinball 1 and 2. They offered to move pinball tables from 1 to 2 for free, and you can’t do it the other way around (move tables from ZP2 to ZP1). And after some time they removed everything with ZP1 from the PS Store. So if you had some unbought tables with unearned trophies in ZP1 – you’re out of luck – no longer possible to get 100% trophies in the game and you have to hide it from your trophy list if you’re a completionist.

    Ofcourse, this only applies to a very limited amount of players since I believe most of the player base play casually and not aiming for trophies that hard. But, if someone like me is out there, you have been warned. Either be prepared to hide ZP2 from your list, or buy any and all tables in ZP2 today so you have them in your purchase history and can download them at any point.

    • Thank you for reminding everyone about this. We will confirm the details of the import / backwards compatibility process in the coming weeks.

  • All sounds good to me! :D

  • Any more tables coming to VR? Or is there going to be a VR mode in FX3?

    • There is not a VR mode in FX3, and right now there is no relationship between PFX2 VR and PFX3. This could change in the future.

    • Seriously, please give more love to the VR version, or bring it in to PFX3. Your VR game is the best VR game I own!

  • Woohoo! I aboslutely LOVE Zen Pinball, so a new even sparklier one that I can transfer my old tables to? Yes please! This game is so brilliant, and so many cool tables – my personal favourite is the Epic Quest one, so fingers crossed that gets carried over. Awesome news!

  • One thing – will Zen Pinball still be supported on Vita? Loved being able to take my tables out on the go with me.

    • At the moment, we are focused on the release for PS4. Thank you for supporting us on Vita!

    • To Mel Kirk:

      Zen Pinball cross-buy was one of the deciding factors when I bought my Vita. I installed it on day one with my PS3 tables, and still play regularly 4 years later, having accumulated 30+ tables over that period. Please continue your great support and provide an upgrade path for ZP3 to Vita for your loyal fans.

    • Vita is my favourite platform to play pinball.

      Something feels off when playing on a TV.

    • Yes Pinball on Vita is the best place for it in my opinion too. Great genre for quick games on the go. :)

  • This is great news. Own a lot of tables across different platforms. Mainly play on Vita though would ask if there will still be any tables released for it in the future? Really appreciated you supporting it so far.

    • At the moment we are focused on the PS4 release. We know a lot of people enjoying playing on Vita so we will review the situation at a later date.

  • Any love for PSVR fans? (I think VR takes the tables to a whole new level – amazing stuff) – please keep supporting VR!

    • We love playing and developing for VR, but we had to take a break and totally focus on PFX3. VR support / merge with PFX2 VR could happen in the future.

  • Err don’t you mean Zen Pinball 3? Why the name change though?

    • We are changing the name to Pinball FX3 for a whole bunch of reasons, but it’s really to avoid confusion across console ecosystems. Plus, hopefully…some features are coming that make this all make sense in the future.

  • I have almost all the ZP1, ZP2, SW and MARVEL tables, but for the PS3. x(

    • Details coming soon on backwards compatibility and import process,but did you know that right now you can import those to ZP2 on PS4 for free??

    • If you have a PS4 and log on using the same account as your PS3, they should all migrate over to PS4 ZP2 and then presumably many of them to Pinball FX 3.

    • Maybe I import the tables to PS4, then I can delete the 0% trophy list… hm

  • Pinball FX was a timed exclusive on Xbox 360 before it came to PS3.

    It even had camera motion controls.

    Anyway. I wonder why they changed name to the Xbox/PC name. Zen Pinball was always a Sony/Nintendo name.

    • You have a great memory! This is true, PFX was an Xbox exclusive back in the day. We wanted to unify the community as much as possible and hopefully introduce features that bring the community together. This starts with everyone playing the same game.

  • Anyway. I bought nearly all tables on on these systems. PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and VITA.

    4 of them don’t have cross-buy.

    Looking forward to the new Pinball.

    • If you have a PS4, you will be able to import your PS3 / PSV purchases, plus anything you have purchased on PS4. Same with Xbox, PC.

  • Yes, great news. I hope all the marvel tables will be able to convert. And there will be a few very good new tables for FX 3.

  • Amazing work allowing players to carry tables over. Such a great Dev for that. I salute you and you can guarantee further purchases from me.

  • Cabinet mode, pleeease? ?

  • PS Store better not remove zen pinball and replace it with fx 3 and how long till infinite minigolf you said spring its now summer

  • Once I import, can I still load up Zen Pinball and play all the tables? Importing will not remove anything will it? I assume it just means I will have two games with the original and updated version.

  • Looks like some great new features, but I’m very sad to see support for 3D is dropped.

    I own all ZP tables on all PlayStation platforms (except VR), so the import possibility is very welcome.

    I thought you once said there was no multiplayer support in ZP2 because very few players (me included) bothered with MP.

    Will there be specific PS4 pro support?

  • Epic Quest 2 confirmed? Oh I’d pay for this as a single game. Hoping for even more rpg pinball goodness.

  • Just wanted to wish you guys the best with it!

    And to give my own personal opinion. As a trophy hunter and someone who tends to buy games for low prices on PSN, your game, sadly isn’t for me.

    Since there’s so many highly priced DLC packs out. And if I only buy and complete, say 3 DLC packs. It’d cost me almost as much money as a newly released AAA game. But even still. I would’ve only completed like 5% of the trophies. It’d mess up my overall completion rate.

    I’d be interested in a stand-alone, no DLC type pinball game. Would that be a thing to consider? I’m sure it’d be more accessible for some type of gamers like me and my best mate. Maybe a sorta ”Greatest hits” collection. With a separate trophy list.

    Because looking at the huge DLC list really puts me off. Even though I have fond memories of pinball and would love to try it again. I’m not going to pay over 300 euro’s to do so.

    I usually support games by buying all DLC. But in this case I sadly won’t.

    Still. Congratulations for being so succesful for this long. Keep it up!

  • IIts a nice game

  • Would love a new South Park table.. maybe we may finally get a Simpsons table.

    Personally I would love some horror tables.

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