Introducing PlayStation 4’s newly updated TV & video experience, launching today

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Introducing PlayStation 4’s newly updated TV & video experience, launching today

Discover the best video content from all your favourite services, together in one place on PS4

Whatever your favourite video content– movies or TV, live sports or gaming clips – now you can easily find it on your PlayStation 4. Today we’re introducing a refresh to the TV & Video entertainment experience*.

The new TV & Video experience will help you find your favourites and discover new and exciting content from the PS4 streaming video services, all in one location. Instead of jumping in and out of all your different apps, find the best video on PS4 from one convenient spot.

Check out our landing page for more information on the video services in your region.

*The refresh is available in the following markets: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.


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  • Who asked for this? They page is now mainly ads, and the icon looks terrible if you’re using a custom theme.

  • Thankfully this isn’t available in Switzerland.

  • The prime video app is still not available in Belgium :/

    • create a US account & download Prime Video off the US store. Log out & then back in as your main EU account, Prime Video is still accessible.

  • Terrible design. I prefered the actual app boxes rather than the blatant advertising for Stan and Foxtel. Terrible design and a backwards step for the menu.

  • Why though? The new system seems clunky and impractical, and for someone who only uses YouTube, completely unnecessary. Should be switched back

  • Way more inconvenient now than before (to reach e.g. the YouTube app), even the loading time is worse than before. This update belongs into the category, “Things the world doesn’t need”. Do something useful with your resources, and e.g. make the media player H265 compatible.

  • Let’s see…. No Netherlands ?! Enjoy the new interface other country’s !

    4 the players !

  • This would be great if it actually showed anything from Netflix and maybe even Twitch and YouTube. Right now it only shows movies and shows on PS Store and Viaplay, none of which interest me.

    • Also, congratulations, you’ve made it approximately a hundred times more complicated to reach “Close Application” on YouTube in case I need to restart it. (Which happens when it forgets I’m logged in)

    • FYI, you can hold the PS button and close applications from there.

      Not tried this redisign yet, was excited to see it had changed as I’m not fond of the old version but to hear that it’s worse is really disheartening. I long for the days of XMB.

  • so just had a peak and initials thoughts:

    this only becomes relevant if you don’t have to launch the Apps standalone

    Row = items from within the Apps

    a. There is a Row created for Netflix [maybe your Favourites List]

    b1. There is a Row created for Amazon

    b2. There is a Row created for Amazon purchases [both TV and Film]

    c. There is a Row created for Youtube – specifically your subscriptions

    d. There is a Row created for Twitch – specifically your subscriptions

    e. Finally – there is a Row created for my Sony Video / TV purchases

    • You probably had a peek, because peaks are normally found at the top of mountains and on whisked egg whites.

  • It was fine for me the way it was before. It’s just blatantly spammy now. If anything I would have liked a way to hide apps I don’t use so that area got a welcome declutter… But nope you still have Amazon, Netflix, NowTV all there at the front even though I don’t have any of them installed or subscribed.

  • Yet another greedy, anti-consumer move from Sony and yet another update that nobody wanted or needed.

    • I live in Estonia and this region is working officially under FIN store. Funny thing, I cant even watch movies and use apps cuz I have alien IP. Another [DELETED] from Sony.

  • Well… That’s inconvenient and clunky. Any chance of being able to go back to the way it was before, because this seems like a major step backwards

  • Garbage. Please give me an option to opt out.

  • Really disrespectful change for the user. You should be ashamed sony.

    • now ps4 is getting worse what next all ps4 icons get changed to (NowRunBysony) lol so no crossplay with xbox now this if i ran sony id put everything right!

  • So i found out about this app when i went to load up the YouTube app and thought i accidentally clicked on the store page. So i backed out and nope i was in the right place after all. So after clicking back on the TV/Video icon (and enduring the delay while all those adverts load) i eventually saw the YouTube icon in a list of all the services available.

    What was once a simple matter of clicking on the appropriate app is now needlessly convoluted and for what, the chance to be advertised at.

    Will there be a way to use an app without going through the “Playstation TV & video experience”?

    Are we always going to need to scroll past the paid subscription apps before getting to the free ones?

    This is going to end up just like the singstar app on the ps3 that no one asked for but was stuck with isn’t it?

    • Few days ago I wanted to start Plex, the loading of the icons took ages, so I went to my Library instead and started the app from there… Still takes way longer than you want, but it’s faster than waiting for the TV stuff to load…

      Also, those tedious ‘load’ times are everywhere since a few updates ago, syncing trophies, reading messages, communities, everything that needs to download some data from a server is slow as heck. And no, it’s not my internet since my computer and phone are on the same local network and use that. I don’t check on PS4 certain things (profiles, trophy list, communities, etc.) and just do it with the app on my phone instead.

      Please fix that too!

      PS. am glad I’m in the Netherlands and don’t have this change, still, I want more TV apps tho, we can watch English non-subbed content rather easily around here, so that is not needed…

  • Looks alright, thought it really needs search. And apps/services that aren’t installed should not be there.

  • I’m glad this is not available in Portugal.

    Sony please refrain from offering your sub-par video and tv services in our well supplied Netflix / Amazon TV and Cable Tv services. Good riddance.

  • I want to see only apps, I’ve downloaded, not every app you have in the store. Other apps should be “All Apps” section.

  • Still no download option for movies in library!? Want to watch my movies offline, we shouldn’t have to stream movies we buy. This should be the priority for a good service.

    • Seriously

      IIt is a complete rip off for customers to pay full price for a movie only to be told stream it from the console you bought it from.

      Either acquire the license to download movies your customers purchase on your hottest selling item

      Or remove option to purchase videos from your playstation store

      And start a sony smart phone video store

      WWait that doesnt sound appealing?

      DDoesnt quite roll of the tongue correctly?

      HHmmm i guess you can be satisfied with losing consumers just like microsoft has been

      PPeople are already loving the idea of moving support to nintendo after the terrible deals with activision have lead to pay to win and over priced dlc that is required to play games

      PPeople are jumping ship its been fun to be with sony again for me and so many other because it was a gamers paradise upon conception but the money hungry cash grabbing antics being exercised by a world wide beloved company will lead to people deserting sony.

      Look no further than microsoft or sega

      IIts plenty early enough for sony to not faulter into a hole of disrepair

      CCome on playstation your got the ball in your court you could inovate like the ps1 and ps2 days and really shine bright

      EEnough of yhe spam and grabbing for over rated 3rd party titles

      WWe love you your better than this

  • Why are apps I have NOT installed listed under the “My Videos” section?

    To recap;

    Still loads slow.

    Still full of ads.

    No customisation or personalisation

    The only good thing I’ve discovered is you can now put “TV & Video” into a folder. Everything else is just as bad as it was.

  • This is up there with the pointless changes made to add-ons on the store (the store which still reloads randomly and seems to cause slow down to XMB upon exit) and to notifications. This incessant need for “designers” and “specialists” to change seems to justify their work and not customer satisfaction. There is a great saying “if it is not broken don’t fix it” .

    Oh and I now need to download the store in the video area ( I assume to link it rather than download the whole thing), nope not happening if I wanted to browse the PlayStation Video offering I already know how to navigate to the store.

    Also shouldn’t the items shown in the rows contain the words “advertisement” similar to items pushed to prominence on the store if I don’t own the appropriate app or in the case of PlayStation Video items?

  • I actually like this update, simply because it allows me to use “Add to Folder” to TV & Video, something I never use. So now I can just hide it away in my “System” folder where I have non-game stuff I never use. Well, my Capture Gallery is in there too, and I do use that one.

  • How about a subscription service for the PlayStation video store? It’s actually pretty good content wise but I don’t want to buy films on there.

  • What did you do?! Now there’s an even longer distance I have to navigate to access YouTube and Netflix! Why is the content I need squeezed to a tiny strip at the top of the screen?

    This is amongst the worst user experiences I’ve ever encountered!

  • Absolutely dreadful update, all I’ve been waiting for is the option to hide or remove apps I dont need and you put everything under a longer loading menu just to advertise crap I still don’t use!

    Put it back or at least let me isolate jist the apps I want!

  • What a cluttered mess so glad the PS3 doesn’t get many updates these days because that’s what I will be using from now on for my Netflix etc needs.

  • Clutter & spam. Don’t like it, but I’ll have to live with it.

  • Any chance ever coming to Ireland? We still can’t get movies through PSN, years after it is available nearly everywhere else, also what about PS now

  • it would be nice to have freeview TV like you could on ps3

  • Great design, well done.

    Now instead of large, easy to access icons I have to load an app and navigate some tiny app icons instead.

    I could live with this but I know full well others in this house will be utterly confused and start buying content instead of using the relevant app.

    Put out it Back!

  • Nobody asked for this. In fact, I think most of us were asking to be able to sortMedia apps into folders of our own choice, like we can with other apps and games.

    Having to load what is basically an app that will try to advertise something other than whatever video we’re actually trying to watch is unwanted. Just let us put things where we want.

  • This is such a downgrade, it’s let’s performative, taking a long time to open just because it’s downloading garbage ads for movies and apps I’ll never watch/use.

    And as mentioned by someone else the icon isn’t covered by themes anymore so it looks out of place.

    Revert back to the old system, this is just objectively worse and provides no benefit to the user. It’s just anti-consumerist. I pay a monthly subscription for ps plus so I don’t expect to have to deal with this level of advertising.

  • Finally a reason to start using my 4th gen Apple tv (got it for free)!

  • No no no no no! The in the last menu, the apps I owned and wanted were randomly moved around and pushed away by apps I didn’t want, and now you do the same, and at the same time squeeze everything at the top of the window, while the rest of the screen is for ads?!

  • ShovelFighter_89

    think the UI team need to look at Xbox for tips now..while their UI isn’t perfect, the updates they put out actually help the system, not make it more complicated….still waiting on a true Libary/My games & Apps update similar to what the X1 has got…

  • How did you possibly think this was a good idea? I didn’t even think it would have been possible to make the TV Nd video section any worse than it was having to wait for all those apps to load when all I ever want is netflix and don’t have anything else installed.

    Now we have to go to a page so full of ads that you can’t even be bothered making all the apps visible just to be able to watch something? It’s so stupid. Between this and the singstar on ps3 debacle how can you claim anything you do is “for the players?”

    • It is insidious and only going to get worse.

    • I agree all future changes we should have a popup option on ps4 to ask us yes or no to changes if we say no we amean no its like asking for a orange but we get a apple and im pretty sure sony are breaking the rules to change ps4 things without asking the ps4 gamers 1st

  • I wish they would fix the dlc showing up under the wrong game expecially the call of duty dlc

  • I want movie ps4

  • This new video experience is bad for a person who only use the You Tube app.

    I don’t want to go through this “video experience” to open You Tube.

    This is garbage!

  • Don’t like look because only use YouTube app since took off videozone? Anyways where ps plus lineup next month.

  • Much improved imo however it’d be great to have some more customisability (not a word I know!). Be good to hide apps you’re not going to download for example.

  • Burning all those watts to power a PlayStation just to watch tv or a movies is such a waste. I’ll go home and pet my extremely low wattage Apple TV

  • TThis sounds pretty awful. I generally use my Xbox 1 for media because it’s quieter so this is going to do nothing to change that.

  • this is horrible… just let me put netflix,youtube,twitch in one folrder and delete alls the nonsense from my menu

  • This just in:

    “PS4 Customers Want a Functional OS, Sony Doesn’t Give a Flying Nut”

    • What Sony wants , Sony does and while these whiners can whine all day long ..Sony is laughing hard #4thePlayers

    • I vote we all force a voting system before sony makes other changes to ps4 so we can vote on it with a yes or no

  • This is the worst decision you’ve made since launching PS4. Youve taken a bad interface and made it worse, I barely used TV and video before now I will use it if I have no choice

  • Preposterous.

    Apart from it now taking an age to load up, I now feel even more that I have bought a very expensive shop-front that I have little-to-no control over, if you have ever used an ad-supported amazon fire tablet, you will know what I am talking about. I feel I own 30% of my playstation.

    I want to choose what I want to see, thank you.

    Unless you have subscribed to all these services, it is pointless.

    I am using this work-around: I have put TV and Video in a folder marked “bloat” (with all the other useless guff) and just go to the library and sort by recently used.

    I only ever use iPlayer and Netflix.

    Give me options.

    I imagine the marketing team took the rest of the day off when they came up with this one, running off to the pub with their bonuses and congratulating each other.

    My ps4 has now become a conduit for constant advertising. Yes, you are in control sony, but I am getting older and very tired of this nonsense.

    Singstar was bad enough, this is a whole new level.

    pmf (curmudgeonly)

  • Pay for a PS4, then pay subscription for PS Plus only to have more advertising fed to you.

    Shocking there is not even option for the user themselves to edit layout of this “app”

  • I would never normally bother posting comments to these stories but why the terrible changes!? It’s a total joke and your reasons for the change are so, so transparent. Please at least give us an option to change it back? I know I’m wasting my breath but I can only ask!!

  • This isn’t avaible in Ireland but from the feedback (that I HOPE you are taking into account here Sony unless you truly do not listen to your fans) thank god it isn’t available.

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