Days Of Play discounts start today on PlayStation Store – full list of savings

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Days Of Play discounts start today on PlayStation Store – full list of savings

Save up to 50% on Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Battlefield 1, Uncharted 4, more

As announced earlier this week, the PlayStation Days of Play promotion sale kicks off today, bringing with it big savings on consoles, bundles, accessories and, of course, games. Starting today and running until 21st June, PlayStation Store has slashed prices by up to 50% on a huge range of titles, including the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Battlefield 1 and Nioh.

See below for the full list of deals and click through to PlayStation Store to see local pricing for you region.

Days Of Play

In addition, also look out for discounts on a wide range of TV and video content in select markets (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Australia).

Save up to 60% on PS3 and PS Vita games (until 21st June)

As well as the Days of Play sale PlayStation Store also has a range of new discounts on classic PS3 and PS Vita games, including The Last Of Us, God of War Collection and Ratchet & Clank Trilogy. See below for details:

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  • Can wait another 6 month!

  • Those Pricetags are a joke, right? Is there any game, that wasn’t already cheaper on sale in the past?

    Very disappointing.

    • The plus side of that is when you see “purchased” from a previous sale, and you see you got it cheaper :P

  • I don’t want to be negative, but I must admit this was a bit underwhelming.

    The discount for a year of Plus wasn’t too shabby though, closer to a true value for money price tag these days anyways.

  • Great for the playstation plus discount but come on if you want to sell lots of VR games lets have more discounts other than 2 that where already on sale and can be purchased cheaper in physical versions. I want lots from psn but i am waiting for you to cut some titles like Rez maybe some apps that are more experiences than games.  I was going to go for the Rhombus of Ruin but you just put that back up in price!

  • I will have a look a bit more about the new one thats been added Mortal Blitz i think , but i am really wanting a good discount on some other VR titles and as these are only digital only its upto you Playstation!

  • PS+ subscription is good but the rest…. not so much.

  • Is the PS+ subscription live yet? When I try to add it to the cart, it says that it wasn’t successful.

    • It’s not working for a lot of people. Mainly people who already have PS+ are having problems. Maybe it’s only for people who don’t have a sub or their sub is nearly finished.

      Also what a crap sale.

    • £29.99 in at the moment.

    • Can’t buy the subscription through the PS Store either. Crappy promo. I bought funds only for this promo subscription and it’s not working haha!

    • £27.85 at

    • It’s only letting me buy it if I add a PayPal account or Credit Card. It won’t let me use my wallet :(

    • Amazon change their prices to price match usually

    • How much is the ps+ subscription reduced to?

    • Last time they discounted Plus it was for new customers only. I rang about it but the call handler didn’t even know you could stack memberships, her manager then confirmed the situation.

      I haven’t subscribed since.

    • Well I managed to buy it through a local online retailer and it stacked just so you guys know.

    • Can’t use it in Ireland, so Amazon codes are useless here.

      The PS+ subscription sale is live here.

  • Not much of a sale when the reduced prices are still more than you can buy a physical copy for.

  • 25-50% off from heavily overpriced games and you calling this early xmass?you joking right?shame on you Sony!

  • Is it possible to combine the two PS PLUS offers?

    I mean, get the 12-month membership at the new reduced price AND get Star Wars Battlefront?

    Or is the latter offer over? (can’t seem to find the appropriate banner online)

  • RodrigoSharingan

    I hate to say this but…. I told u guys.

    Mediocre sale at best.

  • God of war 3 for 25€ ?! I Think US store during flash sale had this for 8 USD. Do you taking us for stupid? Even most expensive shop here offering physical for 14.99€ and even without your epic ps+ discount.

  • They could at least explain if the 12 month subscription is available for current users, by extending when our current period ends. But unfortunately, as usual, all this is badly explained. Sony should be really clear about who can buy or not and the caveats.

    • Even worse, they “removed” PS3 and Vita games from PSPlus, without telling current subscribers. At least the store page specifically only says 24 PS4 games for a year.

    • What do you mean by “removed”? The text?

    • Read the description on the store. I think it’s quite clear.

    • Quoting:

      “PlayStation®Plus is home to the world’s largest community of new-gen players.Join us today to discover:PS4™ Online Multiplayer: whether you’re looking for opponents or teammates, PlayStation®Plus is the only way to enjoy PS4™ games with others online.Monthly Games: download 24 hand-picked PS4™ games every year at no extra cost.”

    • They have brushed aside the PS3 and vita games for a while now, concentrating on the PS4 ones, so that’s all it probably means, even the ps plus updates just mention them in a oh btw kind of method.

      However it wouldn’t surprise me if they do take them off at some point or even reduce it to just one, who knows may be an e3 announcement

  • And all of this critique here in the comments is, why we, as playstation owners, should hope that Microsoft kicks ass with Scorpio this E3. Sony is feeling way to sure about this generation.

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    Well this is disappointing. Also a 10% off code on the PS gear store isn’t much of a sale. Yay, I can save 80p on an Overwatch mug…

  • Wop I hate to Computing, but this is the first time I’m shocked about the pricing. In many cases the price is now still higher then the version. With the announcement it sounded that we would get great. I think that Sony has to explain and finally listen to their loyaliteit fanbase. Even I am really dissapointed in Sony.

  • Complain I meant to write

  • Your ‘deals’ are pure mince

  • Extremely disappointed by this “sale”, especially with all of the hype surrounding it. Wasn’t FIFA cheaper to purchase last week in the games under €20 discount?

    Purchased Dishonored 2 & This is the Police for €25 total from GameStop instead.

  • hi to sony

    i want to buy 2 jear ps+

    but i need to link a card = never

    i have a normal bank card where i pay al mi games whith

    = i want to use same card to buy 2 jear ps+ abbo

    rest of prices are indeed a joke

    i can find games u price like far cry 5 delux ( preorder ) ath 59 €

    steam = great ONLINE DIGITALE sales

    • 1st. dont preorder Far cry 5

      2nd. you can buy ps+ coupons from almost any shops around you,

      3rd. dont preorder Far cry 5

      4th. Steam is love steam is life.

    • Steam is great and all but damn, you walloonians need to learn English dammit. The flemish could do it! Also bancontact is not a normal bank card. I have a normal bank card on steam and the same normal bank card on psn and have no problems. Especially since I’m not buying much on psn due to the [DELETED] prices.

  • This sale is a JOKE! Just tried to get Nioh…. Guess what it’s still $59.99. This is the last sony console I will own! Your milking money from long time supporters.

  • the only good deal is PS Plus. otherwise bad deals all around.

  • why do we get differnet games than the US store and differnet prices?

  • ThatLadPrecious

    Disappointing, feels like they’re inflating these prices before putting them on sale to get their 50% off

    headline. No different to what Tesco and Asda have been caught doing and told off about.

    Either way, if you’re going to make a big sing song about it at least have one or two deals that blow you away. This is all pretty weak aside from plus

    • Totally agree. I really feel ripped off by Sony. Even Horizon is in retail below eur 35.- (without this so called sales) dissapointed and thinking of not using my Ps4 as primairy console. To be honest, I hope Scorpio or Switch (eventhough Nintendo isn’t known for their best deals) will teach Sony a lesson and Sony will see they should not be this arrogant.

  • sony made such a big announcment for this sale but at the end it was nothing special no big difference from the last sale

  • So why can´t i buy ps+ discount when i have money on store. But i must add credit card or paypal?

    Is this an error or none funny joke from Sony

    • A lot of us are dealing with the same issue.

      I hope they sort it out before the offer ends.

    • All you need to do is add a card buy plus then delete card. Ps plus has always required a card or PayPal it is nothing new

    • I don’t want to spend extra money, I’ve already bought a 50 euros PSN card.

      It should work as always. But at the time… it doesn’t.

    • It’s not “all you need to do”, sony has region locks, and for some people who moved countries, adding a CC or Paypal account isn’t even possible anymore, since you need an account from the country of origin.

    • I have a UK account, but live in the Netherlands. I added my Dutch credit card and put in my Dutch address (apart from country, which was fixed to United Kingdom) and the store accepted it. Then I was able to use my wallet balance to extend my PS+ subscription and my credit card of course wasn’t charged.

      So you could try adding a credit card from the country where you live; it worked for me, and might work for you too.

    • Finally, it seems to be working now!

      I just extended my membership on the store via laptop.

  • Why no announcement that ps3 and vita games are taken from ps+ but instead only in store I can read this? Funny, sony is charging online, for pc online is free so I end up buying all multiplatfom titles for my pc and only exclusives for ps4.

  • I was excited like a kid on Christmas morning, but that quickly faded ?.

    This sale blows!!!!

    Hope there will still be a flash sale this month.


    I didn’t get it. When does the discount for one year of PSN Plus end?

  • Fred,

    Me and my friends can’t extend our PS PLUS memberships.

    The store asks for card or paypal info.

    I’ve topped up my wallet and now cannot use my funds, like many others.

    Please look into it… Thank you!

    • Do you have a card linked to your account? Most easy work around is add one then delete it after payment has been took

    • Too late for that, I’ve already bought a 50 euros PSN card and I don’t want to also charge my credit card.

      But thanks anyway!

    • Same issue here, this is utterly [DELETED], aditionally, i’m not even in the country of origin anymore, and it’s actually impossible for me to add a CC or Paypal account, forced to buy psn cards online, only to find out I can’t even use them for the intended purchase purpose! -.-

    • have you already tried to buy it from the online store maybe it works there

    • have you already tried to buy it from the online store maybe it works there .

    • Already tried that. The issue remains.

    • Guys, it worked for me, just now!

      I finally managed to extend my membership through the store site.

  • I added cash to my wallet but can’t buy the PS+ discount. Why do I have to add my credit card? It wasn’t like that before. Be more clear in the info text if its supposed to be like this, or else fix it.

  • Wow just gone through the. Sale and um yeah you can buy physical copies cheaper then resell value games under £16 and digital discounts(can’t find on deals section now) alot better value :(

  • Romero_Carpenter

    Why is it always the bigger the promotion the worse the sales?

  • Please Fred and playstation crew give us all some better savings these are DIRE! especially the non-existent VR sales.  Was looking forward to heavy discount on Rez etc.

  • This promo sux. Only reasonable choice is to buy 1 year subscription and extend the time, but it isn’t working with the funds from the wallet – big joke for current ps+ users. And i remember earlier i bought ps+ with the wallet funds normally and it worked, but it didn’t work now haha They made some mistakes or what with it or it is on purpose?? There is not even any technical support here on the blog that could anwer to that questions and their failures :D

  • II just want the camouflage controller …

  • Has everyone gone to e3? or does no body give a damn about this sale anymore?  Looking to buy Vr content but just want some sale titles please.

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