Cult classic Outcast returns with PS4 remaster, out this autumn

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Cult classic Outcast returns with PS4 remaster, out this autumn

The studio behind Second Contact explains how it has overhauled the 1999 open world adventure

Travel broadens the mind, right? This is our motto at Appeal and we dedicate ourselves to create fun and living worlds for players to travel to. Today, I’m very proud to present you our adventure game, Outcast – Second Contact, coming soon on PS4.


Outcast is an open world action-adventure game taking the player on an epic journey to Adelpha, an alien planet as dangerous as it is beautiful. In the game, humanity has discovered that it is not alone. Unfortunately, the first contact with intelligent beings has taken a disastrous turn. You are Cutter Slade, a Special Forces soldier sent to Adelpha on a last-ditch mission.

Lost in a foreign world, you will have to earn the trust of the natives, master a powerful arsenal and unveil the mysteries of an enchanting world in order to complete your mission: save Earth from total destruction.

If this looks familiar to you that’s because Outcast was originally released in 1999 and was one of the very first 3D open world action-adventure games. It used software voxel rendering techniques to create a vast and immersive 3D world, offering a movie-like experience with 15 hours of dialogue, a symphonic soundtrack and 50 hours of thrilling adventures!

With Outcast’s never before seen level of freedom, it was something truly extraordinary for the time.

Ever since, Outcast fans have been asking for another trip back to the alien planet of Adelpha. Now is the time! We, at Appeal, are very excited to present Outcast – Second Contact, the full remake of the original game which will be coming, for the first time, to PlayStation 4 this autumn.
Check out our new trailer below and see just how far we’ve come:

There have been a lot of great remakes recently and the bar has never been so high when it comes to open worlds. In order to deliver the same awe-inspiring experience and to create a world that feels alive even today we really pushed the boundaries of the original code.

Long story short, the source code is still there, in C++ coding language, but it then uses the Unity game engine to improve the graphics and audio, the physic system as well as the interface. This has a lot of implications and served our main priority: create state-of-the-art visual rendering of the environments and breathe new life into this world.

This technique really shines in the details. For instance, the location of each tree has been respected, but we re-sculpted everything by hand, from the bark, the growing alien roots, the Adelphian ivies, to the leaves illuminated by our dynamic lighting.


Being able to work on this project again and bring it to modern standards has been a dream come true. Not only have we remade all the environments and the character models, but we also revamped the audio, the user interface and have ensured the gameplay is more dynamic and fits modern times and audiences.
Let me show you what our heroes, Cutter Slade and Marion Wolf, look like in 2017:


Thank you to all the Outcast fans around the world, we will be back in the coming months for more news about Outcast – Second Contact so stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Until then, may the Yods be silent!

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