Join PS Plus and get a copy of Star Wars Battlefront Premium Edition

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Join PS Plus and get a copy of Star Wars Battlefront Premium Edition

A 12 month subscription nets you a digital download of EA’s multiplayer shooter set in a galaxy far, far away

Thought about joining the light side (or the dark) of the Force and taking part in the galactic battle waging online in Star Wars Battlefront? There’s a good reason right now to give into temptation, as for a limited time only, if you sign up to PS Plus for 12 months, you’ll receive a digital code for Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4.

The Ultimate Edition of DICE’s fantastic PS4 multiplayer title includes all four expansion packs – including both the iconic Death Star and Rogue One’s Scarif map – which amounts to more than 30 maps, 14 heroes and 14 game modes combined. You’ll also get to handle 11 weapons (we favour Han Solo’s trusty blaster, the DL-44) from the sci-fi franchise and tap into 24 upgraded Star Cards to deploy on the battlefield.

And by joining PS Plus you’ll be able to make big savings on future game purchases with exclusive discounts, enjoy two PS4 games to download and play each month and partake in your games’ online multiplayer modes.

The offer’s available until 30th June at 23.59 BST, or while stocks of Star Wars Battlefront codes last, so whether you’re Rebel Alliance or Empire, now’s the perfect time to join! For more information, head here.*

* An eligible PS4 user who partakes in the offer will receive an email within 5 – 10 days containing one voucher code for Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition. Promotion only open to non-PS Plus members. Full T&Cs here.

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  • Yeah, why bother with loyal Plus subscribers, screw them. I’m all for such actions but only when it’s fair for all PlayStation gamers.

    • I was so happy when I saw this just to read “Promotion only open to non-PS Plus members”……….

    • Yup. Thanks for rewarding your loyal customers, Sony.


      Sony is doing a PSN Plus deal that is going to hurt members instead of pleasing them.

      Why Are Sony punishing already existing PSN Plus members? They could have made this offer available for them to stack up on their existing memberships just like how they allow this with the regular subscriptions

    • This is a famine mentality, others gain is not your loss. You are not being punished, others are gaining, stop making yourself a victim.

  • Why is there a blog post about it just now when this offer has been on offer in the store since the 26th May?

  • No. Well I mean I have Plus already but don’t you DARE ever add a meh game like Star Wars Battlefront to the monthly offerings on PS Plus. There is a reason I avoid games for a fiver in bargain bins for years like Thief or Watch Dogs.

  • Such a half hearted offer.

  • When I originally signed up to PS+ there was a AAA game available 12 months as well as the monthly games, why didn’t they just do that again but with battlefront, for everyone with a 12 month sub, new and old, it’s not as if Sony are short a bob or two is it?

  • So if I let my sub run out in June and wait one day until I resub again, will I get this or am I just screwed because I’ve been a loyal customer for years?

    • No, as you’ve previously used PS+.

    • @Max Where does it say previous users of PS+ are ineligibile?

    • It doesn’t, it says current PS+ subs, so if yours expires, you;re good to go. You may need to log out of the store (web usage) and back in to get it to work though.

    • I can confirm that this works.

      I was on a 1 month subscription plan that failed to update yesterday for some reason and I was eligible for the offer.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Am not even bothered. I don’t like Star Wars these days. :P

  • So if I cancel my PS plus today then rejoin tomorrow I get the Star Wars game for free!?

    Thanks for thinking of th loyal PS plus customers that have been with you from day one. Good to see Sony are supporting dedication. Every day I find myself drifting towards Samsung & Xbox1…..

  • Way to annoy your loyal fan base Sony, who do actuially pay for diminishing returns on this service already!

  • This is a slap in the face to those who have already given you money. Disgraceful.

  • So, let me get this straight, the only way to get AAA games is by being a non PS Plus subber? mmm ok!

  • Yeah sony good job, you’ve just wiped your ass with loyal subscribers.

  • Lame, would have happily purchased another 12 months to get a perk even though my subscription is still active

  • Sony: Don’t you already get crappy games monthly? So screw you royal subscribers.

  • So the loyal subscribers are screwed Because you already have our money… Good job Sony… ?

  • Chances of a Sony Rep replying to this thread?

    About the same as us getting any AAA games as part of PS+


  • Reminds me of bad phone companies who give new customers better deals that existing customers… funny how that has mostly disappeared because phone companies realised loyalty is quite important. I suppose in a duopoly (and when the other choice is Xbox) Sony can pull chump moves like this.

  • NOTHING suprises me with Sony anymore. Their attitude is “we have your money so eff you!!!”

  • To be fair, they have limited stock, if it was open to everyone then my guess would be that a lot of people would be complaining that they didn’t get the game because the stock was all gone.

    Although it would be nice if Sony included more AAA titles on the actual service…

    • It’s a digital download, so not really limited stock, it sonys choice who they’re offering it to, sure Sony aren’t short of money, still they have to look at their bottom line, but to be fair it not as if they’d be paying retail for each copy someone gets, in fact, it would do both Sony and the game publisher some good. Sony giving away a high profile game good karma for Sony, sequel of free game coming out, many more people have the first game and will probably. Buy the sequel. Sony have made their choice. Shaft existing users.

    • That is incorrect, even digital there is a stock, Sony made a deal with EA where they would pay “x” amount of money for “y” amount of keys to be used in this promotion.

      Could have Sony pay more for more keys (and allow existing ps+ users to participate in the promotion)? Sure, but the whole digital = unlimited only works if the publisher agree with it.

      And i’m sorry but neither Sony or EA need “good karma”, that only works with companies when they’re in trouble (ex. Microsoft got better compared with last gen, wanna guess why?).

  • Ohh thanks for leaving us loyal subscribers out again, we are very found of being let out again…

  • Sony could easily give loyal customers this offer as soon as they’ve milked it from new customers

  • Wanna know what I think about this story? I think it’s complete crap that us loyal customers are getting the shaft for being loyal. I don’t get it. Thanks for the non sense Sony.

  • This promotion is an attack to loyal customers. When my subscription ends I will not renew more, I will remember this.

  • For every new subscriber they get with this marketing ploy, they’re probably going to lose three of their current subscribers. And those new subscribers will only subscribe long enough to get the code before letting their subscription run out. Very dumb move for Sony.

  • Great for new subscribers, but a punch in the stomach for those of us who are committed PS+ subscribers. Let down.

  • Oh look. So you ARE still able to provide AAA Titles for PS+ Users…. just not for people already paying. Give us customers yet another bad 2D Pixellook Plattformer nobody wanted in the first place instead. Thanks for nothing.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      I’d take a ‘bad 2D Pixellook Plattformer’ over most AAA games these days. And this Star Wars game was nothing to get excited about anyways.

    • Don’t get me wrong: I’m the first in line for a great Indiegame. I love a beautiful pixellook. But honestly: We had our share of bad games of this kind in ps+. Stop it, already.

  • Sometimes Sony make think about buying a Gaming PC and sell my PS4… They really do!

    Great job on [DELETED] on your costumers head sony, great job.

  • Sony’s like: “If you already have a year subscription what the flipping hell you want here? We already got your moneys?! Now we only need some new sheeps (read subscribers) willing to pay us! MWA-HA-HA!” But seriously now, is it a fair approach from Sony, regardless to people already subscribed for a year? Why it’s not available for all year subscribers? Sony just doesn’t care because we have already paied them, which i guess isn’t enough, so maybe we should pay more, if we want to be treated like a first-class customers again! The real loyal customers supporting Sony for over years (no matter what) are the ones who should be well looked after or not?! They just take advantage of current state of market and milking it to the bone…until their sale numbers will fall down and finaly will come up with some decent PS+ games or separated MP, to bring up the lost lost sheep back.. i know what you want to say..”dude just take that small herdsman japanese fishstick and the shut up!” Oh boy and he did..Howgh!

    • I really hope Microsoft takes the lead next gen… Sony was better when they were behind their competitors.

      I’m really thinking about leaving them on the next generation and build a gaming pc. After all, I’m already a costumer, so they don’t care about people like me. And I won’t need to pay to play online.

    • They should treat better their long time costumers. They may make money today, but they may lost tons in the future.

    • Although I’m mostly a PC gamer, I don’t really recommend it unless you’re gonna throw money at it. It’s only worthwhile if you’re an enthusiast. Because there’s equally as many decent games as PS4 – but there’s x1000 more crap, indie games or generic cash-grabs.

      This is a kick in the nuts, but any and all free games make it worthwhile subbing, and I’d rather sub knowing I get some level of security – you don’t get that on PC. Best they got is poorly coded hyperactive anti-cheat systems that just ban anything and everything.

    • Yeah but when you subscribe to Humble Monthly Bundle you’ll get the best of those indie games and a few others, and in their regular bundles. Then you give EA £20 a year (£12 on promotion) and get unlimited access to all 90% of their offerings, including Star Wars Battlefront. Each day check Bundle Stars for star deals and GreenManGaming. CDkeys for retail games at not at full price but way cheaper than PS4. Next wait until Microsoft is desperate and writes off all of the games that makes owning their console for anything besides halo worthless. Then finally get on the Steam Sales every three / six months.

      Lastly, you make sure you have a decent local home network and a Dual Shock 4 wireless controller dongle and stream your PS4 to your PC through PS4 remote play over your local network, which is so good that you won’t notice any latency at all.

  • I’ve been a member for so long I do t even remember when I did not have PS+ must have been 2011 or 2012 when I joined, have not left to this day. But I’m not entitled to this. Utter nonsence this offer

  • Okay, since you insist, I will cancel my Plus subscription. Whoever thought of that is an absolute muppet.

  • Switched from Microsoft to sony to Microsoft n now currently sony just to get to F’d from all sides might just have to try pc

  • Nice one Sony. Just forget about your loyal members who sign up every year

  • That’s rubbish because I’m already a PlayStation Plus member I can’t get it

  • I think plus it’s a good service, but for me this has been a real disappointment. I have been subscribing to the service for several years now and think this kind of promotion that excludes many that are posting here is a real kick in the teeth to loyal customers.

    People complain about many things that are perhaps not justified, but in this case I think many have valid points.

  • is it avalible only on europe or on the us ?

  • Wow. You really don’t care about your customers at all do you? I didn’t think PS+ could sink any lower.

  • This is an absolute insult to PS+ regulars. How about you give Battlefront to everyone instead. Cheap moves like this make me want to stop supporting you with my wallet. How about retroactively gifting this to people who have signed up recently? I took out my subscription less than a month ago.

  • I’d be more disappointed if they were offering the PS2 Battlefront 2 for free. It’s ridiculous a 2016 game can have less content at release than its decade old predecessor.

  • All this whining is annoying. So many people immediately jump to the assumption that this is entirely free for Sony and that they are screwing “loyal” customers. If you were so loyal you’d empathize with Sony for half a second. Instantly turning on Sony at the first chance is the exact opposite of loyalty.

    Sony just had a conference discussing the concerning low ratio of PS Plus subscribers to monthly active users, and the need to make PS Plus more appealing for new subscribers. there is a lot of money to be made from the 50 million monthly users who are not subscribed, and in the end that increased profitability would result in further investment into the platform so it’s still a win for existing customers if the promotion is successful. It’s a surprise that it took Sony this long to offer an incentive program for new signups. Signup promotions are everywhere! A company entices you with a one time, awesome deal (that they couldn’t normally sustain) and that deal convinces you to take the time to check out the service. Then after you have had sufficient time to decide if the service is right for you, you get the standard offer.

    It’s very likely Sony is paying Dice/EA for each copy they give out, and that giving this game to all their existing users would be insanely costly. Even at just $1 per copy, that would be over $20 million they’d have to pay out of their pocket. That would be way more money than this deal is going to make them from new subscribers. If they pay $5 per copy it would be more like $100 million down the drain. With new subscribers, Sony gets new revenue, and shares a bit of that with Dice/EA, instead of just giving Dice/EA a butt load of cash. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    You already got the free games promised to you for your existing subscription. Sony doesn’t owe you $100 million in good will, and the fortune of others is not your misfortune. Just be happy for others that they can get an awesome deal and increase our online user base and push our platform forward. Grow up and stop expecting life to be perfectly fair.

    Call me a corporate apologist, but Sony, I’m sorry your “loyal” customers don’t understand anything outside of handouts. At least you won’t lose a single subscription over this, contrary to a the suggestion of a few of these ridiculous infants.

    • Well said KLEEBANKLIBAN,I’ve been a PS Plus subscriber for the past 10 years and completely agree with you

    • There’s a difference between loyalty and being fair enough to bring up the bad truth, and naive fanboyism. If you think being loyal is all about being a yes man brown nose you couldn’t be more wrong.

  • It’s not like us ps+ users want it to also the games for free every month suck lately to

  • If you throw your money into the Sarlacc Pit, nothing is going to come back out, except sand and poop.

  • F me for having a ps+ sub since the day it was available i guess.

  • –PLEASE HELP– To get the game I need to buy a 12 month ps plus subscription,I understand that. But in what way do I need to buy it? Does it need to be in the online store or can I buy a card in my local game shop???? PLEASE ANSWER

  • Absolutely fine. I already paid, got month of crappy games. Some good old ones I already had. What should I complain about?

  • This game is crap anyway but this is indeed a slap in the face to all ps+ subscribers. Im unsure should I continue my subscription.

  • Ich finde das wirklich nicht fair… Wir die schon Stammkunden sind bekommen das nicht? Da ist zu überlegen doch mal zu Microsoft zu wechseln…

  • So what about the people who have been giving out almost £50 for indie games each month but when a decent game comes along we don’t get it! Cheers PlayStation.

    Yours Faithfully a loyal customer

  • This distusting me and all users this is my acc for ps4 and i never see a big game like sw bf and sony with ps plus you make the same dirt like Xbox and i hate Xbox i dont wanna ps plus to play online ore alone. Why i need ps plus to play alone why tell me pls. Sony we users gives you ours money for bugy games every game for ps4 have more Bugs as for ps3 and im apologies for my bad english ps3 was the best console from sony and tell me why.

  • Also so sony jetzt sogar besser auf deutsch ich erinnere euch an die irreführende werbung von euch für ps3 mit resident evil directos cut was für deutschland nicht erlaubt war weil das spiel in deutschland verboten war hab mir damals extra plus geholt für nix aber egal es ist Vergangenheit. So zum punkt also wir treuen kunden werden wie das letzte dreck behandelt weil wir schon kunden sind das macht man nicht was mit uns warum gib ich euch jedes jahr 50€ ich hab dafür nur dreck bekommen. Sony mit ps plus macht ihr denn selben dreck wie xbox und ich mag xbox nicht warum muss ich ps plus Mitglied sein um alleine zu spielen oder online warum sagt es mir denkt ihr das aller gamer Reiche säcke sind früher war so das arm und reich gleich berechtigt waren und es hat kein interessiert ob du ein 60€ pad hast oder ein teuren skuff pad. Aber bei euch japaner interessiert nur geld das habt ihr euch von euren sklaven treiber Freunden der USA abgeguckt und an geeignet. Die ps3 war die beste Konsole die ps4 dagegen hat zwar nette grafik kann aber nicht mit eine Skorpio mithalten nicht mal ps4 pro und jedes Spiel was ich auf der ps4 zocke hat mehr bugs als damals auf ps3 warum, selbst das ps4 System kriegt ihr nicht ordentlich stabilisiert. Trotzdem will kein plus Mitglied sein um nur online zu spielen oder alleine.

  • Shameful Sony….

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