New PlayStation Store discounts start today, save on Prey, Fallout 4, Nioh, more

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New PlayStation Store discounts start today, save on Prey, Fallout 4, Nioh, more

Deal of the Week, Add-On Deals for season pass discounts go live

Enter a sci-fi world of intrigue and deception in this week’s Deal of the Week: Arkane’s futuristic horror Prey.

Available on PlayStation 4, you can explore the space station Talos I and try and survive an alien outbreak at a discounted price for one week. Visit PlayStation Store today!


Add-On Deals (until 14/06/17)


You’ll find a fantastic range of additional content for your favourite titles in our Add-On Deals starting today. Save big on season passes for Fallout 4, Nioh, Star Wars: Battlefront and more*! Below is only a sampling of what’s on offer. Head to PlayStation Store for the full list and regional pricing!


*Some titles may not be available in your region.

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  • Finally a price I’m willing to pay for the Fallout 4 Season Pass!

    • While it is a bit of a discount, it’s still not great, it still means having to pay €40 for the full Fallout 4 experience.

      As i mentioned in last weeks’ story on the current sale, the slightly newer Just Cause 3 is available for €15, while its’ deluxe “XL” edition is only €20. Similarly the only nine month old Deus EX: Mankind Divided was only €15 last week, while its’ Deluxe Edition was only €20.

      I might have paid €30 for the full Fallout 4 experience (even then i’d feel kind of ripped off when that’s how much i recently paid for Mafia III’s complete edition, which still hasn’t released all its’ content), but €40 for a more than 18 month old game is still too expensive for me :_ .

  • Getting Nioh and LBP 2 DLC, thought they took away LBP 2 DC DLC, but it was placed in LBP 3.

  • the link for the ac syndicate season pass discount takes you to the ac black flag season pass

  • Be aware that Prey is NOT optimized/enhanced for PS4 Pro, even though they have claimed so. The developer says a patch is coming, which adds proper PS4 Pro support, but considering they have already lied once, I would stay clear of the game, until they fix the mess. Also Sony needs to come down hard on this, or else the PS4 Pro are going to face some tough times.

  • The halcyon days of story dlc’s with longevity (Oblivion Shivering Isle/Borderlands General Knoxx) is long gone. I’ve heard Witchers 2nd one was OK but most these aren’t even worth the sale price.

    • Blood and Wine is not “OK”, it’s the best DLC in the history of DLCs. And Hearts of Stone is not bad either.

      General Knoxx is not my definition of a stellar extension. It was a fun affair, albeit extremely linear with a lot of backtracking along what was essentially an endless motorway.

  • Does that mean last weeks sale has ended a week early?

  • Paid only £25 for Prey at Grainger Games. It seems their sales aren’t even improving.

    • Agree this is why ill never go digital. The digital prices are a rip off, You can get the games with extras way cheaper from a shop. Digital should be way cheaper than retail by now.

    • “I’ve seen so many complaints online about the digital price being ridiculously high compared to the physical medium. The reason is stated above – physical fills a space in a store that needs to rotate it out while the digital does not. In a way, the digital version of the game is devalued because the stores need to cut the price on the physical version, as many see the digital being less than a physical version.”

    • @Twinkling82

      The ‘old stock’ routine can account for some deals but it doesn’t explain why brand new games are cheaper off the shelf or online/mail order than they are in the Playstation store as digital releases. It also doesn’t explain why new stock of older games (say 6-12 months old releases) will come down in price as expected only for PSN to stick to their inflated prices (sales excluded).

      You can go down the ‘bandwidth’ route I suppose or PSN maintenance costs but ultimately it comes down to digital sales being their own little monopoly. Publishers and Sony can charge customers what they want because they can.

      All that said, there are still good deals to be found on digital games in some sales so I put my money into those. We need European gamers to buy digital releases but to be more selective in what they are prepared to pay. Maybe then we’d start to close the gap between the Euro and US market.

  • Alienation season pass just in time. Pity there are no discounts for Hatsune Miku games. Well, maybe there’s a Big in Japan sale coming soon? :)

  • matkingdomhearts

    Was hoping for FF XV season pass discount, too bad :/

    • Me too, give us a good one before I uninstall and lose interest ?. No need to wait for it to be complete before it’s put on offer!


    Why games that were given in PSN Plus instant collection never get their DLCs or their Season Passes discounted like i.e: Lords Of The Fallen etc..? I know PSN Plus can’t give the full game but at least they could put their DLCs and Season Passes on sale even once. TBH, DLCs rarely get discounted on PSN. Some DLCs never got discounted.

  • I just got 2 lbp3 packs and the season pass for Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Its acting like i’ve not purchased either. The season pass still has a price and so does the addon content that should now be free. The Lbp packs are acting like they haven’t even be purchased. The money has come out my account so I know it went through.

    • I have just purchased the Deus Ex season pass also. The funds have been taken and I have received an email thanking me for the purchase but the Season pass still shows as not purchased and the two add-on packs are still showing as costing; they should now show as free. This is a serious issue and by the looks of it is not an isolated one.

      Please can we get some clarification that this is being looked into?


    • Verify on your PC psn account! Is surely there..this issue is here after this last ps 4 update (lol sony yu make great things every day) !

      offtopic: Sony where is my.. money gift after i spend 50 in march give back 10 in april ? profesional attitude about your customers my hat off

    • @deathbebe I got my money just fine from that offer.

  • How is £35 a deal? What planet do you live on seriously!?

  • Prey is already going for £27 in Tesco and sainsburys. Even GAME have it for £30!!!!!

  • I’ve just bought the Deus Ex Mankind Divided season pass and I’m not very happy. The two major DLC story packs are not showing as being purchased. Anyone else had this?

    • As deathbebe said, if you log on to the PSN Store via a pc the Deus Ex content is free as it should be to purchase. Fixed.

  • Bought season pass to ride, Nioh, Assotto Corsa and several Little planet dlcs. Money taken but not registered in the store. I can not download any of them. I see others have the same problem. Is this something Sony will fix? How do i verify my psn account?

  • Any chance that Destiny: The Collection will be on special again for $40 on the Australia PS store.. I missed out back in March

  • Finally a sale on Deus Ex season pass! Now just need one for FF15 and maybe Dishonored 2 and I’m pretty much covered on passes I needed for now.

  • I bought the 12month subscription to get Battlefront, but it did not activated the promo for some reason. I need help to solve this problem since PlayStation Portugal support phone numbers are not working and no one is answering my mails. Help me…youre my only hope.

    • Ok two questions

      1 are you sure it’s in your country?

      2 have you checked the store to see if star wars shows as free?

    • Im pretty sure of that, as i followed the store links all the way to the payment starting from the promo image on the store. Also sure that Portugal follows all the deals in the SCEE region just like UK. Prices are obviously different, but the store content is the same. Anyway, theres no reason to leave me haging for an answer. Portugal playstation support is well known for its low standards, so im trying the blog to see if i can get some proper professional help. Star wars Battlefront is showing sale price of 34euro. When i tried it, it asked for the payment. Thanks for asking.

    • Going by the new blog post about it you had to be a new sub who did not have plus already and then they will email a code to you

    • And make sure you’re looking for the complete version with all dlc, that’s the one that should be free.

  • Any word on Persona 5 discounts soon?

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