Celebrate Tekken 7’s launch with this LittleBigPlanet 3 costume pack

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Celebrate Tekken 7’s launch with this LittleBigPlanet 3 costume pack

Customise your characters as The King of Iron Fist Tournament comes to LBP

The King of Iron Fist Tournament arrives in LittleBigPlanet as six new challengers get ready to fight it out for the title in the Tekken 7 Costume Pack.


Asuka Kazama, King, Jack-7, Alisa Bosconovitch, Yoshimitsu and Devil Jin are all available for purchase individually from PlayStation Store or you can pick them all up together in the complete Tekken 7 Costume Pack.

Community creations on LittleBigPlanet

Want to take a break from the tournament and explore what else the community is up to? Let’s take a look at a couple of amazing levels recently published within the community!

I AM M-98 by bigsurf77

Take control of your very own 3D-Walking Mech and avoid obstacles for as long as possible in this endless runner-style level. Complete achievements to earn level trophies and unlock more customisations for your mech.

Sack Knights: Curse of the Dragon King - Prologued Adventure

Pick up your sword and shield for an epic adventure in this prologue chapter to Curse of the Dragon King. Run and jump over dangerous obstacles whilst battling all manner of baddies with your trusty sword… Can you defeat the boss and save the princess?

Bandai Namco costume packs available on PlayStation Store

You can also pick up even more Bandai Namco costume packs on PlayStation Store featuring some great costumes of Soulcalibur, Dark Souls III and even some Namco Classics characters.



Each of these costumes packs contain a range of costumes to fill out your Sackboy or Sackgirl’s Popit with all-sorts of new costumes and costume pieces to help them play as their favourite Bandai Namco characters.

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