WipEout Omega Collection’s full soundtrack revealed

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WipEout Omega Collection’s full soundtrack revealed

28 new and classic music tracks confirmed for the anti-grav racer’s return

With two weeks to go to until the 7th June launch of WipEout Omega Collection, we’re stoked to finally reveal the full soundtrack, featuring a mix of WipEout legends like The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers, through to unreleased tracks from breaking artists.

Electronic dance music has always been part of the DNA of WipEout and the original games were key in introducing new artists to a worldwide audience. We’ve kept true to that philosophy on Omega – tapping into the wealth of exciting artists out there.

From the raw drum n’ bass of Memtrix to the stripped down electro-house of Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE, all with the energy to propel you even faster around the track!

Check out the full track list here:

  1. ADDIKTION – Shake It (WipEout Omega Instrumental Edit)
  2. Airwolf – Talking Bass feat. Stace Cadet (Taiki Nulight Edit)
  3. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Kill That Noise (WipEout Omega Edit)
  4. Boys Noize – XTC (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
  5. Brodinski feat Louisahhh – Let The Beat Control Your Body
  6. Carbon Community vs. Burufunk – Community Funk (Deadmau5 remix)
  7. David Tort & Danielle Simeone – You Got To (WipEout Omega Edit)
  8. DC Breaks – Breathe (Instrumental VIP Mix)
  10. Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You (DJ Hanzel & Drezo Remix)
  11. DJ Kentaro feat. Matrix & Futurebound – North South East West (Tha New Team Remix)
  12. Emika – Double Edge (GeRM Remix)
  13. James Talk – Remote (Deadmau5 Remix)
  14. Jerome Isma-Ae & Paul Thomas – Tomorrow (Luke Chable Remix)
  15. Krakota – Lust Thrust
  16. Matrix & Futurebound – Glow Worm
  17. Matt Anthony – Headlights
  18. Memtrix – IC YR PAIN
  19. Metrik – Bring It Like That
  20. Movement Machina & Timo Vaittinen – Upsides Have Downsides (WipEout Omega Edit)
  21. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit
  22. Red One – Born Free
  23. Soundprank – Obsidian
  24. Swanky Tunes – Give It
  25. Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote (Swedish House Mafia Dub)
  26. The Chemical Bros – C-h-e-m-i-c-a-l
  27. The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
  28. Warden – Get Down

You can listen to the WipEout Omega Collection soundtrack on Spotify now:


WipEout Omega Collection is released on 7th June 2017 and is available for pre-order on PlayStation Store now.

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  • Sounds great!! I’m looking forward to hearings these tracks while playing the game at launch!

  • I’ve always been a sucker for WipEout! Can’t wait!

  • Pity none of the three classic tracks from previous games that they opened the stream with tonight – ‘Loops of Fury’, ‘We Have Explosives’ and ‘Atom Bomb’ – are actually on the soundtrack to the new game. Bit of borderline false advertising that.

    • I’m also very curious as to why this is. Several tracks played during that “preview” stream are not mentioned at all here. Can we get some clarification?

    • Gillen McAllister
      Gillen McAllister

      Hey! UK producers Metrik and Krakota played their favourite selection of songs from the all new WipEout Omega Collection soundtrack alongside tracks from classic WipEout games.

    • Not going to lie, but I think everyone was heavily under the impression that all the songs played during that stream would be on the Omega collection soundtrack. Disappointing that this is now no longer the case.

  • Enjoyed the wipEout Live event tonight, the soundtrack is on point. June 7th is not far off!

  • Epic FAIL ……no music of CoLD SToRAGE aka. Tim Wright

  • For me M.I.S.T – Smart Systems was the most iconic and representative Wipeout track ever and it is not present. Too bad.

  • Invaders Must Die should have been the Chase & Status remix. Some of the new tracks work well but still prefer the 2097 soundtrack.

  • All I want to hear about WipEout is that it has full PSVR support.

    • I keep telling you, It’s called Redout: Enhanced Edition and it’s on the PC in VR and 8K

      You’re not going to get PSVR support in what is essentially a port.

    • And I keep telling you I have PSVR, doesn’t work on PC.

      Why would I want to play a sad little Wipeout clone anyway?

    • ultravioletblade


    • Well. you can still play Formula Fusion on Steam.

      The graphic design was made by the Designers Republic (They have done Wipeout 1 to 3..).

  • necrophilissimo

    Will there be a physical copy of the album? As a soundtrack collector this would be a must purchase

  • Hey, will the game have a custom soundtrack feature by any chance? I’d love to be able to rip the soundtracks from my old PS1 discs and use them in this game, particularly the Wip3out soundtrack.

  • great music but…… argh no online split screen mode…….

  • Interesting choice of tunes alright.

    The tune that is WipEout for me, is Grid – Rollercoaster, it has never been in any of the WipEout titles, and is an absolute beast of a tune to play the game to.

  • It’s not like you guys can’t just mute the music and play AAC files or Spotify if you’re that bothered.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Yeah. I often do that anyways but by using Winamp on my PC (I tend to play with earphones on and my PS4’s TV is connected to my PC via line-in anyways so both the PC and PS4 sounds come through my earphones together without having to unplug). Spotify tends to disable when playing a game online maybe for license issues or connection? I dunno. But having all my actual music on my PC (and shared via media servers with my other devices) is fine for me anyways.

  • Nice. I’ll be adding a few of my own, Wipeout’s just not the same without P.E.T.R.O.L.

  • I hope we have the ability, like PS3 wipeout where you can select you own playlist from the HDD (external music on ps4) so when you use shield, go over jumps, on low damage it adds effects to the music, such as music muffles when shield is on, bass is removed when going over jump and crackly when low sheild. That was so impressive, especially listening to my own playlist (I like rock music)

    • Nope ….. Well to be fair, YES, but you need to trick the system with Spotify app on PS4… and listen the music like that…. waouh ! thank you Sony ! I don’t have a spotify account (yeah , I’m old fashion…)

  • Pfft! Not great tbh but custom soundtracks make it a non issue.

  • No Fluke or Cold Storage? I am disappoint.

  • And frankly, I’m disappointed of choice of the games : Wipeout Collection ?? NO PSX or PS2 version at all ?

    I really enjoy Wip3out… too bad… And I guess those new tracks is only becasue of Money deal ??

    Sorry but most of the tracks are… “flat”.

  • Ultrakillertron

    I like the game but the soundtrack’s a little too soft sounding. It’s missing the edge that the original games had.

    It’d have been nice to be able to make a playlist from the soundtrack too.

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