New PlayStation Store discounts start today, save on Fallout 4, FIFA 17, Assassin’s Creed, more

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New PlayStation Store discounts start today, save on Fallout 4, FIFA 17, Assassin’s Creed, more

Games Under €20, Digital Discounts and Deal Of The Week promotions go live

Shoot and loot as you explore the mayhem-filled world of Pandora in this week’s Deal of the Week, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection!

Available on PS4, you can play Borderlands 2 and enjoy the lunar madness of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel at a drop down price for one week. Visit PlayStation Store today!


Games under €20 (until 09/06/17)


You’ll find plenty of top titles for your PlayStation 4 in our Games Under €20 promotion starting today.

You can save big on the likes of EA Sports FIFA 17, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, EA Sports UFC 2, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year edition, Fallout 4 and more*!

Head to PlayStation Store for regional pricing, but here’s a list of what’s on offer!

Digital Discounts (until 07/06/17)

Digital Discounts is back on PlayStation Store! Whether it’s Euro Fishing, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Super Meat Boy or DYING: Reborn, start your next adventure today*!

Save on PS3 and PS Vita games (until 09/06/17)

Starting today, we also have some great savings on top PS3 and PS Vita titles too. You can grab discounts on the likes of Batman Arkham Collection, Dead Island Riptide Complete Edition, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 and more until 9th June. Save, download and play with PlayStation Store*!

*Some titles may not be available in your region.

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  • I’d recommend Cursed Castilla if you like games like Mega man, Shovel Knight and Ghosts and Goblins. Very cool game that’s really overlooked

    • Yeah it’s like Ghosts & Goblins but without the tons of frustration that darn arcade game had. Good game. :)

  • madmanwithabox12

    These sale posts are really in need of an overhaul.

    I get that there’s a bunch of different currencies and regional pricing to deal with so we don’t have the prices. Fair enough, I can at least understand that aspect.

    But it’s not even clearly defined which games are for which platform. You don’t tell us if a game is cross-buy or not either.

    • These need a gigantic overhaul. For every title there should be an image, small description and basic information like cross buy, singleplayer/multiplayer , percentage discount etc.

      And they should just let you enter your country (or read it from your profile) and show the prices on each title based on that.

  • Ah well might as well get the Transformers game. And just looked up Slain so that was perfect timing :)

  • The discount for The BIT.TRIP doesn’t actually show up – anyone else notice this? It’s listed on psprices with a decent discount, but shows up on the store without any discount.

    • Update: doesn’t show up in the desktop version of the store, but did show up on the Vita itself – alongside another entry for the same product, but with a different price ;)

  • Watch dogs and assassins creed black flag discount… Lol they are free on Xbox…

  • Got excited for the NES Disney pack thinking it might be at least half price off but only £3 off? Still expensive.

  • What’s happened to the Deals & Offers section of the PS Store when you open it from the Android app? Plus it keeps showing me out of date content, that is no longer available eg. Dying Light at 59£.

    • I get that too sometimes. Sometimes it shows the full side menu, sometimes it doesn’t. Best to use web browser on Android for getting to the deals section.

  • Hm can’t recall playing Fall of Cybertron but if it’s anything like the tedious War for Cybertron I may pass despite being £9.99. Maybe I’ll get Darksiders games. Had Never did play the 2nd one. The Fury Collection is both together for £15.99 though, right? so may as well grab that to get the first game on my PS4 (I had it on PS3).

    • Before you buy the Darksiders Games, be aware that DSII on PS4 hasn’t had a single patch yet (and there are humongous issues, especially frame rate, only somewhat mollified by boost mode on PS4 Pro – the Pro-Patch they announced months ago never happened). There are also some very annoying control options mission, like a toggle for lock on – holding the left trigger in big fights with many enemies gets tiresome real quick.

      And both remasters – but again, it’s especially bad in DSII, as it’s a much more vertical and open game – feature the worst camera in my personal history of 30 years of gaming. The FoV is very narrow, and you CANNOT move and look upwards, unless you keep the camera moving, meaning you cannot move your character and keep looking at a steady upwards angle to take in the scenery – the camera will auto-center with a vicious jerk.

      It’s so bad, sometimes the camera auto-center moves platforming points off screen so you don’t even know where you want to jump to. You basically have to stop, look around, move, stop, look around etc. The PC versions got patched with a “disable auto-center” option – it was the single most asked for feature back when the game originally released – but the devs didn’t bother to put it into the console remaster (which, weirdly enough, is an upgraded and updated port of the original PC version). In combat it’s even worse.

      I love the franchise, but the DSII “remaster” is mostly a sad cash-grab that was abandoned the second it released.

    • Also, DS2 seems to lock down PS4 Slims. If you want to see how Nordic and Gunfire Games respond to their customers and support their games, look here:

    • Carnivius_Prime

      hm ok. I haven’t got a Slim so that shut down problem ain’t an issue but yeah it does seem odd that they released a double pack of the games what seems to be ages after they’ve been told again and again that the games are broken. I kinda liked the first game on my PS3 but only got about halfway through. think i’ll buy that geometry wars for £3.99 cos i feel like some shooty fun and i may also get slain cos while it got some bad reviews i kinda liked it on my friends pc and for also £3.99 it’s worth a shot.

  • ImmovableTonyG1

    Can anyone recommend Alekhine’s Gun? Seems a good price at £7.50 but it got delayed on release last year

  • ImmovableTonyG1

    *slated not delayed!

  • Aren’t some of these games exactly the same price they were when on offer only 3 weeks ago????

  • Yo, dudes! I had hoped there would be some sale for individual Division DLC’s? after that recent f2p week. I refuse to buy gold edition or season pass because i already have the base game :( hope i’m not waiting on Godot here.. :D (sorry for grammar)

  • Why does Shadow of Mordor GOTY edition seem to go on sale every week but never the DLC/Season Pass for the original version of the game?

    Please can you ask the publisher about this? It’s frustrating being an owner of the original game and waiting for the same DLC included with the GOTY edition to go on sale.

    I am not going to buy the same game all over again in the GOTY edition just to get the DLC discounted, especially as the saves and trophy lists are separate.

    • To be honest, DLC content isn’t anything special. I have GOTY, plated the base game and rest two story DLC’s are just short fillers with incredibliy tedious timed missions. Haven’t even finished ’em.

    • Regardless, I would like to play the content.

      It’s scummy that we’re expected to buy the whole game over again just to get the DLC discounted. Original game owners are left out with no discount.

    • Aye i understand. Actually noticed this shady market practice is pretty common. I’ve had same “problem” with Dragon age inquisiton…. So Either you buy it 2nd time event though that the goty is actually cheaper than season pass for your vanilla game or keep waiting for eternity, sorry mate.

  • Why have the last sale items disappeared? The previous sales always ran till midnight on the Wednesday when the new sale starts. Was going to get a game or two but they have gone back up earlier than expected.

  • Think its finally time to pick up the Wolfenstien games, 7 quid for the pairs a no brainer. Even though I played Borderlands 2 on ps3 I might pick up the hansom collection just to have it on ps4 (bonus being I’ve never played the dlc’s or pre-sequel)

  • Let’s Sing 2016 doesn’t exist. The link doesn’t work & searching for it brings up no results. That’s real convenient.

  • Telltales game of thrones seems rather tempting with season 7 just around the corner, might have to pick that up

  • Where the hell is the Goty/Complete Edition of Fallout 4 – the game is 18 months old and there hasn’t been a mention of one?!

    In relation to that, while the main game has been discounted to a pretty reasonable €20*, that’s pretty pointless when its’ season pass isn’t discounted – you’d currently still have to pay €70 for the complete Fallout 4 experience :( .

    Even though the season pass is discounted on the U.S. store, it’s only down to $20, even if we got the season pass discounted to €20, that’s still mean paying €40 for the full experience – it should be down to €10 extra at least.

    (*Though, the slightly newer Just Cause 3 is available for €15, while its’ deluxe “XL” edition is only €20.

    Similarly the only nine month old Deus EX: Manking Divided was only €15 last week, while its’ Deluxe Edition was only €20.)

    While i or anyone else interested in Fallout 4 could pay €20 now and hope the season pass is soon on offer for €10 or less, i think i’ll wait ’til the complete experience in available for €20 or so, hopefully sooner rather than later :_ .

  • howboutthisthen

    Is the Vita version of Odin Sphere on the store meant to be on sale as well, or is it just the PS3 version?

  • I don’t understand why there is a major discount on Killzone+season pass, but not on the season pass alone. I already have the game :(

  • I already own Lords of the Fallen and I cannot buy the complete edition because it says unavailable. Yet the complete edition is cheaper than the DLCs! Can’t you put the DLCs on sale as well?

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