Digital flash promotion on PlayStation Store this weekend

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Digital flash promotion on PlayStation Store this weekend

Save on digital favourites like Virginia, Limbo, Megaman Legacy Collection and more

We’ve got an amazing weekend Digital Flash promotion starting today! There’s a host of digital only titles available on PS4, each for under €5*.

Make a saving on digital favourites such as Virginia, Megaman Legacy Collection, Limbo, Goat Simulator and I Am Bread, until the 22nd May.


Head to PlayStation Store and start your next digital adventure today!

*Regional pricing may vary.


Deal of the Week (17/05/17 – 24/05/17)


Just a reminder of the PlayStation Store Deal of the Week this week, Mad Max!

Fight to stay alive in this action-packed, open world action hit on PS4, available on offer until Wednesday 24th on PlayStation Store.

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  • About time Europe got something like this… the US store has had them for years.

  • Awesome to finally have a flash sale in the EU but shame about the games tbh. Nothing wrong with them, but they’re hardly expensive to begin with.

  • Could someone look into why the new Warframe Octavia theme isn’t on the store yet, Digital Extremes posted it was released on the 17th on their forums, US have it but we don’t. Thanks.

    • Octavia isn’t in the Prime Access pack, you need to buy her in the in-game Market or obtain her parts in game and craft her.

  • Kinda off topic, but when I was browsing the sale, I’ve noticed that Dungeon Defenders is still marked as Early Access. Why is Sony tolerating such a scam? This game has been out on Steam since 2014, and on PSN since 2015 as “early access”, despite already having pretty much everything there is. There’s a pletora of paid dlcs, classes, bundles, etc. on the store, even a Year One dlc pack. It was promised to be F2P, but they just decided to keep it as a fake “early access” to extort as much money as they can from all those “founders packs” and dlcs that openly scream that their early access is a lie. There really should be a rule on Sony’s store, saying that early access can’t last longer than X, or that no packs/dlcs/microtransactions can be sold until the game is “officially” released.

    • Ark: Survival Evolved is also an Early Access game, was supposed to release as a full game this spring…. but too much success means it’ll never leave. Early Access should be banned.

  • Finally Europeans will be able to afford a videogame too.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Dang. Got all the ones from this list I would have wanted and the ones I do want aren’t in the sale. :P

  • Many of them are cross buy, but no mention about that in your text.

    Well done Sony, well done…

  • I hope this is the first of many EU flash sales! I’d like to see some full retail games at lower prices, like they get in the US. Don’t see why we can’t get the same? Especially if it’s only running for 2 days, not like companies would lose THAT much profit!!

  • So sick of seeing these titles that no-one cares about (except streamers who have played every game in existence to death). They aren’t even games, they’re just PSN garbage.

    Just my opinion, I’m entitled to it and you won’t change it, so don’t try.

  • я надеюсь эту игру получить в подарок надоело тратить деньги на игры пусть сони подарят мне игру

  • ps3!? Why is it getting dumped on!

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