PES 2018 announced for PS4 and PS3, releases 14th September

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PES 2018 announced for PS4 and PS3, releases 14th September

Improvements detailed for the return of Konami’s football series

Featuring the biggest advances in the series for over a decade, PES 2018 is set to launch on 14th September on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. No part of the game has been left untouched.

The high quality gameplay PES is known for has been finely tuned, with the addition of contextual shielding to protect the ball and Real Touch+ adding a new dimension to ball control.

Complimenting the fluid gameplay, set pieces have been reworked, including a new free-kick and penalty system. There’s also the option to start a match with the new one player kick-off.

Additionally, the game has been refined to reflect a more realistic pace.


Random Selection Match and Online Co-Op offer up two new modes where you can experience PES 2018’s stunning gameplay. The former sees the return of a classic fan favourite, with the latter’s inclusion bringing with it the ability to play 2v2 and 3v3 (supporting local guest play).

Elsewhere, PES League integration and the addictive Master League mode has been improved, featuring pre-season tournaments, an improved transfer system and pre-match interviews and locker room scenes!

A new user interface and greatly improved visuals bring all above the above together, recreating the authenticity of football, all the way down to the little details. Thanks to Real Capture, PES 2018 will include true-to-life stadium lighting, pitch turfs and player tunnels that were recreated from more than 20,000 intricate elements of genuine data that was collected at the Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park.


Players have also been motion captured in equally realistic environments, allowing for a complete rework of the animation system, starting with core movement such as walking, turning and body posture. Finally, player models have been completely changed, with special attention paid to kit fitting and short size.

That’s PES 2018, where legends are made.

That’s not all though, there’s so much more amazing information to come, as on 13th June we’ll be revealing the full trailer. For now, stay tuned to our Twitter channel  and the PES Facebook page for all the latest news. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

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  • Where is the trailer. It is set to private??

    Really hyped for a new PES. 2017 was exceptional!


    • Gillen McAllister
      Gillen McAllister

      It’s so dazzlingly hot mortal eyes must be protected. (Switch flipped, it’s live now.)

  • Please, please, please just skip (or greatly improve) the Become a Legend mode this time around, or at least make sure there are no trophies connected to this mode. Worst game mode ever in it’s current form (while it does have a lot of potential).

    Master League is still my all-time favorite game mode, although I didn’t feel the ‘improvements’ you made for PES2018 were real improvements. Having a seperate transfer and salary budget is BS imho.

    And while I’m complaining anyway: please stop all the online connection crap when starting the game, or speed up this process. It takes me 10 minutes just to get into my ML because of this.

    Other than that: just keep up the good work…. :D :D

    No, really: I usually just stick around thanks to ML, but last few years you have improved on yourself a lot!

  • Wait is this not exclusive to PS4 only? Why are you even posting this Sony? This is terrible and the downfall of gaming as we know it. /s

  • Is this still using the Fox engine?

  • teamNIGHTMARE759

    Needs more 2 player options cup competitions etc and still the stupid category for ones disconnected is false ones with triple a are worst lag cheaters b and c just means they disconnect due to playing a cheater its about time a speed test is set up for whole game and if its been poor to quit game with no points lost but i dunno what they can do for cups maybe monitor both commections to see who loses more m.b

  • did they remove region recstriction?

  • IIn PES online if you are winning and the other person disconnects the game is void and no one gets the points. If this happens in Fifa whoever didnt disconnect gets the points. Until PES sort out this cheating online tye game will always be inferior to its competitor imho

  • PS3 Version Thanks!!! Super OK!

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