Mass Effect: Andromeda is discounted on PlayStation Store this weekend

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Promotion includes both the standard and deluxe editions of BioWare's sci-fi adventure

Travel far beyond the Milky Way, deep into the Andromeda Galaxy in our latest PlayStation Store weekend promotion, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

You can save on both the Mass Effect: Andromeda standard edition and the Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe edition on PS4 until Monday 15th May.

Save, download and play with PlayStation Store today!

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  • This has dropped in price crazy fast presumably due to less than expected sales. I expect this to drop a lot more within a few months like Mirror’s Edge did last year

  • They’ve just released patch 1.06. From what I saw in comparison videos, at this pace patch 1.07 or 1.08 should be a good spot to buy and enjoy the game.

    • You cannot patch good writing and story, though

    • WayfaringWalrus

      Each to their own, but I loved this game for what it’s worth (it’s probably not worth buying for £38.49 when I preordered the physical copy about 4 months ago for £39.99 though).

  • This game was a little buggy on launch but I enjoyed it – I think if you get this on sale you’ve got a lot of game to keep you happy for a long time (I think my save says 75 hours or something crazy).

  • ThePhantomArtist

    Price dropped twice in a fortnight? That doesn’t bode well, especially with EA and #bioware saying any future Mass Effect games are being mothballed for now.

  • A lot of folk got an email a for night ago for a 30% off. Wasn’t tempted then and still not now.

  • I read that as “Mass Effect: Andromeda is discontinued on PlayStation Store “

    true story

  • Sad thing is its never been a broken game, and its problems have been blown way out of proportion by your typical anti EA mentally (mostly PC playing elitists who hate-on games that aren’t mouse+keyboard friendly) and clickbait gaming websites who rely on generating unattainable pre-release hype then overblown post-release controversy, because it brings in their mindless readership.

    Regardless of full price or at 30% discount, you get a massive entertaining game for your money. Sad if Bioware & EA mothball the franchise. Andromeda still has so much potential, be shame if it doesn’t get dlc (Peebee & Drack deserve more, hell I want an underwater Nomad and planet). Plus they could easily add modifiers to the campaign & mp and do a scaling adventure mode akin to Diablo 3’s (maybe even bi-monthly seasons offering new challenges & speedruns and rewards).

  • As a standalone game it is average at best, as a mass effect game it is an insult to the legacy the trilogy created, crappy story with dull characters is not what is expected of a game with the mass effect name. And it’ definitely not about mouse+keyboard, lol.

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