Card-based strategy game Pox Nora hits PS4 on 23rd May

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Card-based strategy game Pox Nora hits PS4 on 23rd May

Cross-platform play as well as exclusive cards for PS4 players

Pox Nora, the strategy game with collectible card and fantasy RPG elements, will arrive on PlayStation 4 on 23rd May. To celebrate the console debut, Desert Owl Games will simultaneously deliver exclusive content to the PlayStation community and support cross-platform play with PC, Mac, and PS4.

In Pox Nora, players command Champions who battle across a battlefield where tactical-thinking and strategic movements are necessary. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s shrine while capturing Nora fonts, which provide more resources and act as new spawn points for your Champions. But there’s a twist: each Champion is one of over 2,700 you can collect and choose from when building your deck before each match.

To celebrate the console debut, Desert Owl is giving PS4 players an exclusive pack of eight unique versions of venerable Pox Nora hero characters, while PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive exclusive versions of eight Pox Nora Angels, a collection of extremely powerful cards.

PC players wanting to make the switch to PS4 can easily copy their data. Whether your friends are playing on PS4, PC, or Mac, cross-play is supported.

Pox Nora

Pox Nora comes to PS4 on 23rd May, so get ready to throw your cards on the battlefield and defeat your friends.

New to Pox Nora? This will get you started

Players can take their deck of Runes (cards) and go on an adventure against other players or AI in the many single player campaigns, skirmishes, and multiplayer matches.

What’s the goal of Pox Nora?

In Pox Nora, your goal is to defeat the opponent’s shrine before they can destroy yours. Each turn you will earn “Nora,” the resource with which you will use to deploy runes and help you achieve your goal.

Pox Nora

What are runes exactly?

Runes are the “cards” of your deck. Runes come in 8 different factions and each deck consists of exactly 30 runes (either 30 from one faction or 15 from two factions). Runes come in 4 different types, each with their own uses and characteristics.

Pox Nora

What are factions?

Factions are the major parties of the Pox Nora world. Each faction has their own strengths and weaknesses. Factions have traditional fantasy races, as well as some that are unique to Pox Nora. It is recommended you try a few factions before you decide to settle on a favourite, and most veterans play multiple factions!

Pox Nora

That’s great! But how do I get runes?

When you first launch the game, you will be provided with a free deck. Be sure to complete the Faction Training Missions to earn 8 additional decks.

As you play Pox Nora, you will earn runes, as well as Gold and Shards. Gold is used to redeem for packs, avatars and other goodies. Shards can be used to create runes directly. You can sacrifice most excess runes earned for additional Shards to create your own runes.

Pox Nora

Those are the basics! Pox Nora is a game with dynamic depth and tons to explore. If you get stuck or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the community through our official forums.

See all of you on the battlefield 23rd May!

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