New Horizon Zero Dawn Photo mode update rolls out next week

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New Horizon Zero Dawn Photo mode update rolls out next week

Plus, Guerrilla highlights some of its favourite community photos so far

Since the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn we have seen an enormous amount of fan activity. Not only in the form of fan art but also in the shape of photos taken with the photo mode. Over at Guerrilla we enjoy scrolling through our Twitter timeline seeing all of the beautiful pictures the fans have been sharing on forums and we want to give something back.

The sheer beauty of the photos you have been sharing has been a huge compliment for us and we have seen some amazing pictures being shared. We have asked Roderick van der Steen, our lead lighting artist and in-house photographer, to select a few of his favourites and add some details on what makes these stand out.


“This is a lovely composition with an almost duotone color palette, giving the screenshot an almost illustrative ‘cover art’ look.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode


“This is a great example of a very realistic and cinematic shot using depth of field to eliminate any distractions and leaving the eye to focus on Aloy.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode


“Night time was designed as having a “long exposure” look, this image shows this off very well with a lot of range in lighting in combination with a great composition.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode


“This is a very striking and dynamic image. Everything feels in motion and the sparks add to the feeling of this being a split second of action.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode


“The Cauldrons, an almost alien environment as this image shows clearly. This is a great Iconic picture that fills you with a feeling of foreboding.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode


“Aloy responds to weather in a natural way, and as this image shows it can fill you with a feeling of wonder. Beautiful use of depth of field, and the right time of day for the lighting.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode

We would like to thank you all for these amazing images and our way of doing that is by adding more ways for you guys to express your artistry. Therefore we are very happy to share with all of you that our upcoming patch will include an update for photo mode.

We are adding three new filters, the ability to show a grid, option to add ‘greetings from’ to the image, the ability to select different poses for Aloy, select a facial expression and make her look into the camera. We already created some images for you to get an idea of what we are adding and we cannot wait to see what you can do with these new additions.

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode Horizon Zero Dawn Photo ModeHorizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode


These added photo mode features are just a small portion of the enhancements we have made to the game. Over at Guerrilla we feel that is very important to listen to the community, so the patch will also include a lot of feature requests straight from the community.

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo ModeHorizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode


Version 1.20 will include a slider that will adjust the camera/aim sensitivity, supports a Map legend where you are able to filter on icons, more HUD customisation options (hide enemy stats, quest markers and tutorial tips), the ability to hide head gear, and more. For a detailed list of patch notes please follow this link.

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode

We will keep listening to all your requests as we feel it is important that you have the best possible experience when playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

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To see more great Photo Mode images check out the community wall on Tag any images you share on Twitter or Instagram with #HorizonZeroDawn and we’ll add the best of them to the page!

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