New on PlayStation Store this week: Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, Edith Finch, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, Edith Finch, more

Plus, Statik, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier ep. 4

First and foremost, apologies for the late arrival of this week’s PlayStation Store update – normal Tuesday service will resume next week.

If you aren’t already up to speed – it’s a furiously busy week for new releases. We welcome gleefully gruesome PS4 adventure Little Nightmares, fiendish PlayStation VR puzzler Statik, acclaimed narrative-driven mystery What Remains of Edith Finch from the team behind The Unfinished Swan, and terrifying survival horror sequel Outlast 2, to name but a few. What are you picking up?

Check out the full list of new releases below…

PlayStation StoreOut this week











25th April

  • The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
  • Episode 4
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Mega Pack (Not in Middle East)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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  • dear fred, why isn’t deformers in the saudi store??? will it be released in saudi arabia? please answer me fred.

  • Apology accepted. By me anyways. Some people are just angry folk. :D

  • At least you didn’t disable comments like last time

    • They should have. People who usually post their mad stuff are mental and should be shut down. The only way is through disabiling comments.

    • mh637099 have you even considered that they disabled the comments accidentally and enabled them once they realised. FYI this has also happened once before and again they enabled them although it took a lot longer.

      Not everything is a conspiracy! Mistakes happen.

  • Seriously though. Disabiling comments was a must. People need to understand that this blog is not the support. If something is wrong contact the support about it. It’s that simple. And if the support can’t help you (like most cases) then cool it and complain again some day later. There’s no need to lay waste on Fred or the others. Their job is to post on the blog and comment on issues related to the posts. If he does it on a regular basis is whatever, the fact that people are blaming someone for an issue that they’re not responsible for is beyond me.

    Now Fred or the others might not be on here as frequent as one would demand. But let’s be honest. What makes you think that your anger will be answered upon in a blog post? If you need to complain about something, take it up with the support. It’s useless slander here.

    • Here here! What a pleasant voice of reason…. good post. The level of vitriol on some people’s posts on this blog astounds me at times.

    • The Kool-Aid does wonders on this blog as well.

      As a community leader, Dutton’s part of the customer support. It’s his job to be put on the customer’s front line, otherwise he’d be not much of an asset. The quality of service (which we pay for through our purchases and subscriptions) has been terrible lately.

    • @Chijatsu, well said. I’m always amazed when people have a fit because Plus announcement is one day late. Even though they’re still not going to be getting the game for another week regardless. People need to remember that we’re talking about games here.

      @Ryusenin, his job title is at the top of this page. It says he deals with editorial and content matters. Nowhere does it say or even imply customer support or ‘community leader’. That’s a role that you’ve assigned to him. Even if being in contact with the public did effectively make him Sony’s PR guy, giving him abuse still isn’t justified.

      You wouldn’t (if you were a reasonable person) abuse and berate a cashier in a supermarket because the later batch of milk wasn’t delivered to the store would you?

      Perhaps you and other are that person. Is it any wonder he no longer responds to comments?

  • Good week for myself – What Remains, Little Nightmares tomorrow & Prey demo.

    The Prey demo is fun but I find the music very intrusive. It’s meant to be pulse quickening, ratcheting up the tension but I’ve found it distracting. A while games worth of it doesn’t appeal. Will have to futter about in the settings I think, lower the volume.

    Can I ask those more knowledgeable than myself, how do ratings work in the store? Can anyone explain? E.g. Games that are available on pre-order already receive ratings: little nightmares has 86 ratings, while CoD:WWII currently has 6 people rating it at 5stars..?? Not a big deal, it’s just something that’s perplexed me about the store for a while now..!/en-gb/games/call-of-duty-wwii/cid=EP0002-CUSA08630_00-CODWWIIGAMEPRE01?utm_source=google

  • Hey Sony Europe,

    I just want to say thanks for fixing 96% of all Rock Band Entitlements and seems all issues are now in the past.

    So can we have the weekly DLC showing now in the weekly blog since they are now being updated on time on the store?



  • Would love to know whats happening with suikoden 4, two weeks now,not worked since arrived on psn store, now been pulled from sale,sony support said not our problem contact konami, and they said two weeks ago looking into it and heard nothing since, do we need to be getting refunds or is a working copy going to materialise at some point

    • I would ask for a refund immediately. It’s not like you aren’t allowed to buy it WHEN it comes out. The way Konami has been handling things lately, I wouldn’t trust them.

    • Sadly it seems your correct, still no response from konami as to what’s happening, put refund request in now, will buy again if ever fixed

    • i am over that “its not our problem speak to the dev” bull they give us. In some cases it is reasonable but when a refund is required sony could handle it……if they chose to. When I buy a game the receipt is from sony, not the dev. If I buy a faulty product from the supermarket they give a refund, not the manufacturer.

  • Any reason regarding the lack of the digital release of Puyo Puyo Tetris for PSN EU while NA and the Nintendo eShop got both versions while us European only gets the physical copy from Deep Silver? I got on touch with SEGA and Puyo’s official twitter page, no reply, Then I got in touch with Deep Silver, physical copy only! What’s going on?

    • That’s crazy! I was hoping to buy it today on digital. This is not the sort of game I want a physical copy of. Very disappointing.

    • It’s not digital on any region of PS4. Ubisoft has digital distribution rights for Tetris. This is a SEGA game featuring Tetris. No digital. Want to whine about it? Do your research and whine to the right people – Ubisoft.

      You can get it digital on PS3 on JP store if you must.

    • It’s not whining, it is discussing you judgemental tool.

    • Oh, really? Darnit. I was kinda looking forward to getting that digitally. I don’t buy discs anymore. frickin’ ubisoft annoying me even when it’s not their actual game…

  • DarkMagician035

    Sniper 3 looks cool

  • Hey, Finland here. Still waiting for that Double Dragon IV that was released in, what, January?

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