Alienation and Tales From The Borderlands are your PlayStation Plus games for May

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Alienation and Tales From The Borderlands are your PlayStation Plus games for May

Blood Knights, Port Royal 3, Laser Disco Defenders and Type: Rider also join the line-up

So, that’s April almost in the bag and a third of the year already put to our rudder. However, no month slips under our radar without us taking time out to unveil which games PlayStation Plus owners can look forward to in the month ahead.

So, without further ado let’s bid ‘bon voyage’ to April and find out what’s in store for May:


Like blasting aliens? Who doesn’t? Take control of a new breed of super soldier – specially enhanced with xeno technologies – and tear through frozen research bases, radioactive ruins, top-secret military facilities and even the odd mothership or two.

From the creators of Dead Nation and Resogun, Alienation combines classic twin-stick shooting with a deceptively deep loot system, procedurally-generated end-game maps, dungeon raids, weekly objectives and a global league table.

Wrap all this up in the most bombastic pyrotechnics and particle effects of the generation and you’re guaranteed hours of E.T. hunting fun.

Tales from the Borderlands

Buckle up for a fresh new take on Gearbox’s brilliant Borderlands universe as Telltale Games bring their signature style of action, consequence and storytelling to the lawless, gun-toting world of Pandora.

And where would a good Borderlands story be without a Vault to hunt? Yep, series aficionados will feel right at home as they join a corporate suit and a cheeky con-woman in search of a stolen fortune and the keys to one of Pandora’s legendary hidden vaults.

Told in five parts and featuring the voice talents of Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Nolan North and Patrick Warburton, Tales from the Borderlands rounds off our PS4 offering for this month.

PS3 and PS Vita owners can also look forward to two new titles apiece, leaving the full line up looking like this:

May’s titles will be available to download from PlayStation Store from Tuesday 2nd May. Until then, you’ve still got a few days left to pick up any titles from last month’s line up you might have missed. Here’s a handy reminder:

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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • We should have a third option for ‘largely indifferent’.

    • Refresh refresh refresh refresh click paste….first!

    • I like the fact that his survey is always first.
      It can be seen as being a bit sad but it ensures that Sony PlayStation gets
      feedback on their IGC and beside he might be a Sony insider and that’s why he gets to post so quickly! Who knows and more importantly, who cares?

    • PS4 / Vita games look great.

      PS3 games are atrocious

    • Happy to see PS+ offering content of this calibre. Happy to see that more subscribers are satisfied than not with this update. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to playing the games (I still haven’t played Borderlands 2 GOTY despite owning it for years), but I just want to acknowledge a good month when I see one in the hope Sony find the feeback useful.

      TLDR: More of this kind of thing please Sony. ;)

    • @MaxDiaHard what do you mean “This guy just wants likes.”? Is he going to cash in these likes for money or something? I like this comment, that way Sony can see how trash/OK their monthly titles are every time.

  • Awesome! Two games I actually want to play this month!

  • Loved tales from the Borderlands, unfortunately that means i already have, not interest in the rest by the looks of it. Glad more will get to play though

    • Agreed, have tried a while now to get a friend to play it. Now he has no excusr as it’s free (as he has plus)! Loved the game, enjoy to all who disn’t have it before.

  • Pretty decent line up, I must say.
    Tales from the Boderlands is one of the best TellTale’s games and Alieanation looks fun with friends.

  • I’ve wanted to check Alienation for a while, and I’m not a big fan of Telltale games, but I love Borderlands so I’ll try Tales from the Borderlands (at least we get all the chapters, unlike that time with King’s Quest).

    • Tales from the Borderlands is good, Telltale or not, definitely play it if you enjoy Borderlands! It’s funny and captivating enough to have fun with even if you’re not a fan of Borderlands, that especially concerns all folks who are on the fence about giving it time of day.

  • Not complaining, since I actually enjoy this month a lot, even Port Royale 3 on PS3 got my attention! But wasn’t it supposed to be Abzu instead of Alienation like you announced on youtube? that’s odd :|

    Still, an epic month! can’t wait!

  • Good line up loved tales from the borderlands. Will definitely be trying out alienation.

  • Weird how NA got Abzû instead of Alienation. Won’t the PS+ titles be the same anymore?

    • There are regional differences from time to time!

    • Thanks Eric!

    • @Eric Whelan – this sounds a lot like how I justify expensive electronics purchases to my wife. “That network music streamer? Oh, we’ve had that for ages!”. The only time there’s been a difference between EU and NA in the PS4 era is when we got a replacement for Retro/Grade, and that was only after three solid weeks of complaining

    • There have been times where there’s been differences before, beyond Retro/Grade. We work hard to have the offers aligned but it’s not always possible.

  • Excellent mois PS Plus, merci beaucoup Sony d’avoir enfin écouter votre communauté, je suis très satisfait, chaque jeux pratiquement m’intéresse pour chacune des plateformes. C’est ce que demande au minimum la communauté, ne pas avoir que des jeux indés pleins de pixels et avoir au moins un ou deux bons gros jeux dans les jeux du mois, c’est beaucoup mieux que le mois précédent :-)

  • Tales from the Borderlands is the highlight for me, and I guess I’ll give Alienation, Blood Knights and Type: Rider a try.

  • Sweet. Played the first episode of the Tales from Borderlands and loved it. Alienation is also something I was keeping an eye on if it ever dropped very low in price.

  • Rubbish for Vita again.

    • Seriously do we need yet another black and white artsy puzzle platformer from mobile, i’ve lost track of them now.

    • Give games a try and play before calling them rubbish, there is little justification to call them as such otherwise. If they don’t fit your personal tastes or interests, it doesn’t make them bad. There are 6 games to check out every month.

    • I do try them. They’re usually trash. We get far too many mobile games on Vita for plus.

    • ‘We get far too many mobile games on Vita for plus.’

      Fair enough, I really wish we’d get more Vita-centric games native to the platform. I purchased Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth today and it made me remember the days when PS Plus actually gave out the types of games its userbase constantly asks for.

  • Great looking month for PS4! Tales from the Borderlands is truly excellent, arguably Telltale’s finest, absolutely loved playing it. I’ve heard good things about Alienation, so I look forward to giving that a go. PS3 and Vita look underwhelming, but I’ve come to accept that. More months like this on PS4 please Sony. :)

  • Great PS4 games which I already own, honestly never heard of the others. Would have preferred Abzu, what’s the deal with that?

  • Oh damn, I just remembered, its that time of the month when loads of people’s PS Plus somehow are “expiring this month for good” yet again lol.

    • Yup.. Quality (for ps4 at least, last gen never even worth mentioning) won’t stay at this level, I’m guessing. I sadly had to renew so I’d love to be proven wrong, but I think we’re all starting to know Sony and their ways of lately by now.

  • One different game between NA and EU? Surprising.

    • It’s been so long since this happened. I’m interested in both, so I hope US gets Alienation and we get Abzu in the future.

  • PS4 selection is decent this month, I’m interested in Alienation, and Tales of the Borderlands is possibly the best Telltale game along with The Wolf Among Us, definitely the best Borderlands spinoff. Laser Disco Defenders is relatively obscure, and Type: Rider is something I’ve seen before but never got to. Did not expect either but not opposed to giving both a try. PS3 games are very hit or miss [Port Royale is worth looking into if you like the genre]. Could have been better…or much worse.

    Be aware, Blood Knights is not available on Russian PS Store and Type: Rider link redirects to Laser Disco Defenders, not seeing it on the store either.

  • I really don’t care for Telltales games or Borderlands so I can’t get excited about that one but Alienation is one I’ve been tempted by before but never bought despite liking Housemarques other games so that is definitely a welcome freebie. Thank you. :)

    • If you like good humor and engaging storylines, Tales is still good. Housemarque knows how to make fun and flashy games that keep you engaged.

    • I’ve played first chapters of stuff like Walking Dead (even though i dislike the show) and Batman and didn’t really like them. However I did play lots of their earlier games Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future which I did enjoy despite my lack of patience for that kind of game genre. Helped I already had fond memories of the old Monkey Island games and also I love Back to the Future movies.

      Re: Housemarque. I actually have Resogun, Dead Nation and most versions of Super Stardust (not the VR for obvious cost reasons) including the original Amiga 1200 game of the same name (which I would still loved as an extra game mode in modern Super Stardust sometime if possible, they’ve often had the original Amiga game’s music as optional soundtrack which is always very welcome). :)

  • Pretty weird that we’re back to having different Plus games… Why is it different anyway? I would love to play ABZU and I hope that shows up for us in Europe. But I’m glad for this awesome month with Alienation and TFTB :)

    • Make yourself a US account and make it a slave account to your EU one. You can then download the US version on that account and play it with your master and account.

  • Good PS4 games, I’m not really a fan of TellTale games but Alienation looks good (Housemarque makes great games btw). Also finally, no online multiplayer only titles for once.

    As for PS3, another terrible selection. It has much better games, why not GTAIV or even Doom (I’m talking about the classics) for that matter.

  • Very good games especially Alienation actually this PS Plus Update make me forget a little bit the bad 24h in this blog with no PS Store update and the bad sells.

  • Loving this month, thank you!

  • Not interested in the two PS4 games and the PS3 and Vita games are absolute trash. Disappointing month for me.

    • The only game I find off-putting from gameplay videos alone is Blood Knights, looks like a questionable port with performance issues.

  • Nice but I do wish NA would’ve gotten Aliennation too.

    • This 100%. It’s great that we get Alienation and it’s a FAR better option than Abzu, but I know a few Americans that are going to be disappointed… Sucks seeing that Alienation is co-op and I probably won’t be playing it with them. Hope you guys get it next month. Can’t complain personally though. This is a very good month for PS4, though it has to be said, it’s a substantially better one for Europeans…

  • It’s an improvement on last month.

    Alienation looks pretty good and TftB is awesome, although I have already played that.

    First time there has been a difference between Europe and the US for quite a while. Wonder why that is, although I’m happier with Alienation over Abzu.

  • @Eric Whelan: is it feasible for us to expect Abzu show up on EU PS Plus in the future?

  • Damn it. Just bought tales… Best +game I’ve seen on here ????

    • It’s the worst when you only just purchased the digital version, isn’t it? Not as bad when your purchase was physical, at least PS Plus version can serve as ‘digital backup’ of sorts.

      Store management needs to work out a specific quirk PS Plus users have when you can’t buy any version of the game if your Plus sub is active. i.e. what if I’ll choose to purchase complete bundle for Alienation but my sub only lapses by the end of this year? No bueno.

  • +1 for wanting to know this.

  • I guess nobody knows if the two Vita titles are crossbuy with the PS4 versions. I know they’re for the US, but things like that are subject to change, usually for the worst.

    • I didn’t know that even existed for either of these games, thanks for the tip. If it doesn’t have PS4 mention on the store page under price, then probably not cross-buy for us, but there are exceptions, I believe. Would be nice if somebody could clarify. There are certain cases where games are cross-buy for us and not for NA as well.

    • Well, there’s a Vita-only version of LDD and a cross-buy one, too.

      Type:Rider doesn’t even seem to exist for whatever reason. I wonder why they always announce 6 games and only 5 are immediatly available in the Store, for purchase (in case one doesn’t care about PS+) or just to add them to the Wishlist for when they become free, as a reminder.

    • There are two versions of Laser on the store, Vita specific one isn’t cross-buy [the one we have in blog post, unless link got messed up with wrong one].

      I can confirm that Type: Rider IS cross-buy!

    • Cool, thanks. Still wondering about LDD.

  • To everyone who hasn’t yet played Tales from Borderlands, go play it. Telltale makes awesome games, and this one is great as well, really close to The Wolf Among Us in being no#1. I myself will check out Alienation, I was wondering what was that buzz about that game when it was released.

  • Type: Rider confirmed cross-buy with PS4, in case you want to play that version. No wonder I couldn’t find it on the store since search is wonky and you need to remove space between colon and second word. Link is also fixed in the post, thank you.

  • Two very nice PS4 games this month but seriously that Vita selection is gross. I find it hard to believe that between few hundreds of relative niche but solid retail games released for the system Sony can’t find even one publisher willing to give their game cheaply.

  • I’m gutted we don’t get Abzu over here!
    After Super Stardust I bought every Housemarque game (except Resogun as it launched on Plus) so I’ve already got Alienation.
    Abzu also fits the “good Plus game” tag as it’s one of those interesting looking games that your probably missed when it came out.
    Tales is great (but again I already have that too) and this month the PS3 & Vita games don’t look that interesting unfortunately.
    Looks like I’ll be waiting for June’s Plus update.

  • it’s a pretty good month for a change.i ll definitely be downloading tales from the borderlands :D and i ll give alienation a spin,Abzu would of been nice but maybe next month :)

    • I reckon, it’s alright. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was the only game I’m interested in playing from April.

  • Excellent month. You really can’t go wrong with Housemarque. Those guys know their craft.

  • Alienation is a fantastic game, anybody who hasn’t played it will enjoy it immensely, tales from the borderline interests me as a borderlands fan so i’m relatively happy. The rest on offer is just utterly utterly pointless and not even worth the time it takes to put it on the download list.

  • wait so every region has their own games? in that case I should check the games on my brother’s account since he lives in France and has an EU account, I wonder how many games I missed! how different is it from NA? is it different every month or is it just sometimes!

    • It used to be different on a monthly basis a long time ago, but they’ve made an effort to match them since. This is the first time NA and EU differed since many months and I’m honestly gutted we’re not getting Abzu :( I was totally into re-subbing to get Abzu+borderlands+port royale except now I’m not so sure anymore.

  • A better month than April but still not quite hitting the mark. We are still waiting for the AAA title that IGC should be delivering intermittently. Sony, you are a mere shadow of your former selves.

  • Good titles for a change! *is shocked*

    Sadly though, I bought Tales from the Borderlands on disc last month…

  • Whoa whoa, wait wait, i expected something like I am bread or Goosebumbs the game… i migh actually play some of these.

  • I have the ps4 ones, alienation is okay and tales is my second favorite telltaleafter wolf amon us. As for the other games, it will be at least another month before i renew.

  • I already have Tales from the Borderlands and I loved it! I’ll be sure to try out Alienation though. All in all a good month for PS+. Keep the flow going

  • Alienation is utterly brilliant and is a nice inclusion with New Machina coming soon.
    Tales from the Borderlands is another good title, anyone who likes either the BL series or any Telltale games will enjoy it.

    Only downside for me is that I already own both but still good to see titles of this quality

  • I’m very disappointed that we’re not getting Abzu like the US PS+ are getting, but Tales from the Borderlands and a pirates strategy sim game are tempting me a lot to re-sub… Abzu would’ve sealed the deal but now I’ll think about it :( could be a great game but I’m not into anything alien or space related so I won’t comment about the replacement.

  • Alienation is a pure gem. Great gameplay, decent loot system, good variety of upgradeable characters, powers and weapons, Hardcore Permadeath mode, leaderboards and league system, daily and weekly challenges, different difficulty levels for better loot and randomly generated dungeons and endgame dungeons (that, unfortunately, all look the same, but still are very fun).

    If you try it and like it, I highly recommend buying the season pass (6.49 GBP), as you will get the soundtrack, some cool cosmetic stuff, a few great new weapon types, instant level 15 characters (if you so choose), and, most importantly, you can now equip primary weapons between all classes (normally classes are limited to use only their primary weapon class). You can also buy that stuff separately, but it’s a low price for lots of content adding to your experience and it supports a great developer.

    Yes, it’s not “perfect”. There aren’t that many maps and the story is not to be taken seriously (if you don’t take it serious, you’ll notice all the funny stuff), but it’s about the gameplay with this one, especially in co-op (local and online).
    It’s pretty much the best combination of skill-based top-down shooter and loot fest out there.

    Sadly, it never got PS Pro support – but who knows, that might change, now – and it’s not really playable through remote play due to some very strange controls (shooting is on the top right corner of the touchscreen, if I remember correctly).

    But it is an amazingly addictive and very fun game, especially with friends :)

  • Did I just hear the toilet flush?
    Oh wait it’s Sony with yet another bad month.

  • My PS PLUS really did expire last month and this lineup won’t be convincing me to renew, I barely play online anyway so just wasn’t getting my money’s worth. I’m glad others are happy with this lineup though, anything has to be better than last months!

    • I’m the same, had PS4 since day one – never played the free game, any multiplayer and now my 10GB online storage is full.

  • Oh, this is just unbelievable.. Had to renew against all will because of Andromeda co op. First time this entire gen that the ps4 selection is admittedly good and obviously I own both! It seems I’m destined to hate this service until the very end. I find myself constantly thinking how much nicer-not to mention fairer-a basic online service would be and how I could get 5 years worth of it for the price of 1 year of this ridiculous online/PS+ combo.

    • There’s no way it would be that much cheaper, in fact chances are it wouldn’t be any cheaper.

      £3.33 (in my currency) a month is hardly an excessive amount even just for online multiplayer.

    • @ajnspencer I used to pay more than double that just for WoW & Runescape back in the day!

    • Their ongoing strategy has only been advantageous for PS+ enthusiasts (who would sub either way) at the cost of those who merely want online. The former don’t even really have online costs since it’s Incorporated in their beloved service (again, which is still at the same price it has always been,regardless of online) whereas the latter group has to pay the whole pot for basic online. It’s an unfair and underhanded selling strategy that has to be revised.

    • And it might not be an excessive amount but it’s the principle. And in total we are talking about millions, a large amount from people who should just be able to sub for basic online features and merely the cost that entails. This has been going on since the ps4 released, half a decade!

  • We received too many “top down” shooters last year and here comes another one… is innovation too much to ask for?

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