15 new family games join the PlayStation Now library

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15 new family games join the PlayStation Now library

Adventure Time, Sonic Adventure 2, Giana Sisters, more join the streaming service PlayStation Now

Let’s ease your post-holiday blues – we’ve loaded the PlayStation Now library with fantastic family fun. Whether you’re looking to breathe some fire into your flying skills with How To Train Your Dragon 2 or bamboo-zle baddies with Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends – we’ve filled this month with colourful characters to keep you and the family entertained for hours.

If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join PlayStation Now* – get your one week free trial today on PC and PS4. Once you’ve enjoyed your trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99/€16.99 per month.

*This service is currently available in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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  • Any idea if we are getting tekken tag 2 over here

  • This service is so forgotten that these were added LAST WEEK and have only just be reported on the blog XD XD

  • Games already available on PS4 and licensed trash, with so many good PS3 exclusives missing from the service and/or available from the US service why scrape the bottom of the barrel like this?

    I mean “Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue” and “Monster High: New Ghoul in School”? Come on guys, I know we can’t get all the best games all at once but could you at least mix in one AAA now and then?

    Sadly I wont be re-subscribing again this month. I’ll keep my fingers crossed but expectations in check for next month.

  • Just kill this service already.

    • I’d murder it for you if I could. With a slow acting poison that ensures sufferance prior to its demise.

  • I just resent the idea of having to rent games I already own. I might finally be able to consign my PS3 to the loft though now some of the games I was revisiting on PS3 have begun turning up on Steam. First I was surprised with Dragon’s Dogma, then Bayonetta, and rumour has it Vanquish is being remastered for a Steam release too.

    It’s such a shame that so many great games become so inaccessible when Sony consoles are discontinued though. I’m tempted to get an Xbox One for multiplatform console titles like Red Dead Redemption, but Demon’s Souls? *sigh*. It will have to become a fond memory.

    • The thing is though Sony have all ready said it’s very hard and would take it way to much resource to even try and make an CELL based games run on an x86 based system. If you remember back to 2007. Some PS3 games where very poorly optimized. This was due to devs struggling to wrap there head around the cell system Sony decided to go with.

      I think Gabe Newell bashed Sony for using Cell due to it being so complicated. In fact it was so complicated Valve had to out soruce The Orange Box to EA to do the Ps3 version.

      PowerPC is what the Xbox 360 used. It’s very similar to the x86 the Xbox One and PS4 uses now. Hence why they have managed to some 360 titles running on the XB1.

      I much rather Sony focus brining us more exclusives and better quality games than focusing on BC.

    • Will Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls ever make way to PS Now?

      I believe Japan got Demon’s Souls on PS Now a while ago.

    • I know all about the issues porting from one architecture to another and things Sony have said about it over the years. I am merely lamenting what happens to games when a Sony console dies and expressing my opinion that putting them behind a monthly paywall isn’t a fair or adequate solution for those who already own the games on the previous Sony platform. :)

      You an get Dark Souls on Steam btw.

    • @ocelot07

      For your info: the PPC and the x86 have nothing in common. And the Cell is actually based on the PPC architecture, although it’s much more complex than the X360’s Xenon. Yes the Cell is substantially harder to emulate than a bog-standard PPC, but we now have x86 processors which are definitely up to the task. Unfortunately the PS4 is not.

  • It keeps on getting worse and worse, I’m impressed.

  • Not only this “service” is useless in Europe, but Demon’s Souls (the one game that would make it interesting to PC players) is only available in Japan.


  • PlayStation Now at the moment just isn’t worth £12.99 a month, maybe it would be different if all PS3 games were on it. If I was to use PS Now I would spend longer waiting for the PS3 games I want to play to be available on it, than actually playing any PS3 games. It’s the same with the PS2 Classics on PlayStation Store. The last time I checked there were only around 40 PS2 games available with a lot of games missing.

  • You mean new Easy Platinums just got added to PS Now.

    Why does it take so long to get games on it??? They are being streamed anyway. The ONE thing that could have been massive about PS Now is if you just got a 1000 games up on it at a time, NOW all at once.
    Where is every PS1 and PS2 game ever made like you said you wanted on PS Now at the PS4 reveal 4 years ago???

  • hi , just checking my region flag to set my ps plus account .

  • Barbie. Yeah, that’s gonna get me to buy psnow. How about some games that anyone has actually ever played?

  • My ps3 is gone :{ if demons souls and dark souls prepare to die was here i would sign up today and stay signed up but, i would love to play the ps3 games i own as downloads on my ps4. Its one thing X box wins hands down maybe i’ll get one as my ps4 sounds like a jet engine and that is starting to become a deal breaker

  • Ps now? If you want a game thats not on there its more like ps never. Any ps3 title and most ps2 and 1 should be available before they claim ps now

  • Hash tag ps not now not ever

  • I have been trying to cancel this service for 2 hours now but Sony do not make it easy, no easy option to cancel, guess they are hoping people give up before their heads explode, NEVER EVER SIGN UP you cant get away!!!!

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