New on PlayStation Store: Full Throttle Remastered, Call of Duty DLC, Deformers, more

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Plus, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Boy, Cosmic Star Heroine, more

PlayStation Store is hitting the ground running after the Easter holiday weekend, with a packed line-up of new releases. Classic adventure game Full Throttle gets a fresh lick of paint for PS4; The Order 1886 developer Ready At Dawn returns with competitive multiplayer game Deformers; Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy gets the Telltale Games treatment; and there’s a major new DLC drop for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, to name but a few of this week’s new arrivals.

See below for all the details:

PlayStation StoreOut this week












18th April

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • DLC 2: Continuum
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Narco Road
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • Buck GR Wildlands Set
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • MEGA PACK (Not in Middle East)
  • No Compromise (Not in Middle East)
  • RETRO MODERNIST PACK (Not in Middle East)
  • GLOW_PRO PACK (Not in Middle East)
  • RIDE BRITANNIA PACK (Not in Middle East)
  • KICK IT PACK (Not in Middle East)
  • VELVET COWBOY PACK (Not in Middle East)
  • BAY AREA THRASH PACK (Not in Middle East)
  • World of Tanks
  • Heavy Metal Heroes M51 Super Sherman Loaded Bundle
  • Heavy Metal Heroes M51 Super Sherman Ultimate Bundle

21st April

  • Marvel Heroes Omega
  • 500 G
  • 1000 G
  • 2100 G
  • 5500 G
  • 11500 G

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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  • Dang. There’s actually several things I want today like Flinthook, the Disney set and Wonderboy. Rise & Shine looks decent too. But I can’t buy any as am having to save up for something else.

  • Haha Telltale must be off their rocker charging over £5 for one ep of Guardians. No thanks.

    • Perhaps it’s because expensive marvel licence? One way or another i wouldn’t buy any TT game for such ridiculous price. Reasons; zero replayability and lame QTE’s. The wolf among us was really best, rest meh.

  • Really disappointed to see what’s been happening with Shiness.

    After weeks of messing backers around on Kickstarter, they announced today that they’re not going to send backers the codes that they took money for in 2014 and that people who were supposed to get the game for supporting them now have to buy it themselves.

    I certainly won’t be giving a company like that any of my money, I’ll happily spend my money on Full Throttle and Cosmic Star heroine instead.

    • Where did they announce that? Both, on Steam and on Kickstarter they said that backers will still receive keys for the game.

    • I’ve been in contact with Ynnis Interactive, Enigami and Focus Home Interactive over the past few weeks and it was in the reply that I received from one of those parties today.

      I believe that they are sending people PC codes to people but I don’t own a PC which is why I paid specifically for a PS4 download key.

      The good news is that I’ve just got off the phone with my bank and they do consider them taking the money for a PS4 code that they’re now refusing to distribute to be a fraudulent transaction. That means I get all my money back and actually benefit from paying in USD because with the current exchange rate the £18.39 that they took is now worth £23.36.

    • That’s weird. I read on Steam about people being able to choose between what version they want the key for (PS4, Xbox or PC). I’m not a backer so I don’t know much about what was going on, but it seems like other backers are still getting keys.
      Either way, sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with it. I get why you wouldn’t want to spend any more money on it, but if you do end up getting a key or if you see the game on sale, you should reconsider it.
      Maybe they’ll still sort things out or something. I doubt it was planned to be some sort of scam.
      Anyway, I bought it and it’s pretty nice so far.

    • I don’t really want to be a distraction from really good releases this week so I think this will be my last post about it.

      Some people are getting it but the issue is that they’re making it up as they go along. For a console download, you had to pledge $20 or over and I liked the look of the game and wanted to support them so pledged $30. Today they’ve announced that they’re only sending PS4 codes to people who pledged $35 or more, they did this on the day of release and probably hoped that people would be annoyed but put up with it. They aren’t even allowing people who pledged below $35 to upgrade their pledge to get what they initially paid for, their response is that if you want the PS4 version then you have to buy it.

      It was three years ago that they took the money but they wait until launch day to inform that they’re not getting what they pledged money for. For me, I pledged for a PS4 download code because I don’t own a PC so I can’t even play the PC version if they do send it to me.

      Also, I’ve spent far too much time talking to the people in the companies involved in this and I was told specifically by the publisher on the 29th March that “everybody would get what they’d paid for”. That was two weeks ago.

      Another issue is that they still haven’t announced this publicly, they’re only telling people who have contacted them directly.

      Anyway, I’ll shut up about it now. I’ve said far too much. :)

    • They sound like sc um.

    • Yeah, that doesn’t sound good. I’m not surprised I haven’t heard of that If they haven’t announced it publicly.
      Well, hopefully you’ll have a PC to play it on at some point.

      Anyway, I understand why you don’t want to further post about this.

    • That’s very unfortunate, and a [DELETED] move from them.

      I do understand where they are coming from though, sort of, simply because game codes are free for them on Steam but cost money on the consoles. To quote inXile Entertainment when their kickstarter game Torment: Tides of Numenera was close to release earlier this year.

      “The console manufacturers charge us for generating console game codes – a cost per code, but also with a minimum order size. While we’re not looking to make a profit, the expense is not trivial for us. Therefore, if the demand is there, we’d need to ask any backers who want a digital console copy to make an additional 1,800 point ($18) pledge on our backer site. You would get both the original PC copy, plus a digital console copy of your choice. This is not unlike how we did things for Wasteland 3.

      However, because there’s a minimum order size, we also need to make sure there’s enough interest from our backers before can confirm it. If there is, we’ll be happy to offer copies, but if the demand is not there, we won’t be able to do a small order. As well, there is a time limit – we can only provide console copies to you up to the release date of February 28th, so if you want one as an add-on, please be sure to let us know as soon as possible.

      So, how do you let us know you want a console copy?”

      In the end, not enough people wanted a console copy, so it didn’t happen.

    • OK, I know that I said I wasn’t going to but I think it;s only fair that I add this update.

      After my requests being completely for weeks and me letting them know several times that I would be enforcing a chargeback on release day. After talking to my bank yesterday and opening the chargeback case I let them know that I’d done this late last night and first thing this morning I was surprised to receive a message from the producer of the game which asked me if I wanted an EU or USA PS4 code for the game.

      Coincidence? Seems unlikely.

      I’ve answered replied to them but I’ve also pasted the messages publicly on the Kickstarter page because as of now, I’m not sure if it’s just happening for me or if they’ve annoyed them so much (I’m good at that) that they’re finally going to do the right thing.

      There’s been a complete lack of transparency which has caused many of the issues so I think it’s really important that there are no “secret messages” and that everybody gets the same information to ensure that everybody knows what is going on.

      Would I accept it if they were only doing this for me? Not a chance in hell, although I have no right to speak on behalf of the other bakers, this isn’t just about me, this isn’t about $30, this is about them doing something wrong and me wanting to change that. If they’re trying to silence me with a code, that makes it worse not better.

    • Ok, everybody ignore the many mistakes in my last post. I’m doing about three different things at a time here and…I’m also an idiot. :)

    • I’m glad to hear that you seem to be getting a key now after all. Well, I did say they might sort things out or you might still receive it.

      It makes sense what you’re suspecting, but I doubt they’d try to silence someone who’s just a ordinary backer, rather than a reviewer or anything. (no offense haha)

      Either way, I noticed that support often says things that aren’t even the case. I even had personal experience with different support operators giving me wrong information.
      So them telling you you won’t get a key, while publicly saying backers will get keys seems to just be a error on the part of their support.

      Either way, mistakes happen. Hopefully everyone gets their keys like you will and it was all just a misunderstanding of some sorts. It sounds like it was a hassle to deal with it all, but now just enjoy the game you’ve had interest in for so long and don’t assume the worst of them unless it’s more clear.

    • Avoid kickstarter. It is a scam. If you give money to someone before they make a product it is called an investment not a pre-order.

  • Fred, I had Full Throttle Remastered pre-ordered and now instead of appearing as purchased with the ability to download it, it appears like it needs to be purchased again with a price and an add to basket option. Why is this happening?

    • I’ve had something similar happen before, it just seems to take a bit of time for things to catch up sometimes.

      Try restarting the PS4, renewing licenses and even try searching in both your library and also in the Store because sometimes it takes a bit of time for everything to catch up. I know it’s frustrating but it’ll hopefully sort itself out shortly.

  • Have you stopped announcing the releases of PS1/PS2 games on the blog? I ask because I was browsing this week and noticed that Suikoden IV had been made available as a PS2 classic on the 13th, but featured nowhere in last week’s blog post.

    Would have preferred a PS2 on PS4 remaster rather than a PS2 classic release, but I guess that was never going to happen with Konami involved, but even so I’d have never known it was released if it wasn’t for blind luck. PSOne and PS2 classics don’t release often, but when they do is there any chance you can announce them?

    • they’re still releasing PS2 classics on PS3? That seems odd. Guess it gives current PS3 users something to buy since actual new game releases are getting smaller all the time. I recently put my PS3 away in storage since it was just taking up space under the TV after not being used for about a year or two. It’s still a great machine with about 200 games on the hard drive I can’t play on PS4 but I just wasn’t using it.

    • I was browsing the new section on the pc store and also saw that yea.
      And there’s a lot more that isn’t mentioned in the blog. I can understand not putting prices on the items but can we please add everything that is released ?

    • Been waiting for suikoden since it was wrongly announced last year, and didn’t realise it had been released, just bought it now, as for the blog I’m surprised they even bother with the store update anymore, it’s a complete shambles, no body answers anything anymore, Fred has just ran it into ground, now that may be Sony’s instructions who knows, but doesn’t even answer on Twitter anymore either

    • After the Retro/Grade disaster last year the totally went silent (in particular Fred), no more weekly wrap-up’s or any kind of response anymore.

  • Nice that Marvel Heroes is coming to PS4. Just sucks that there won’t be a option to transfer from the PC version. Spent money on it and now on PS4 I won’t have any of it.

  • Can we get some pricing info for the marvel founders packs?

  • Is Syberia 3 still coming April 20th? There is no mention of it on this blog post…

  • Have wanted Marvel Heroes on console since it’s PC release.
    Any word on when the beta will be available in Australia?
    or the full release date?

  • Hi. Will Marvel Heroes be available for Australia soon. Just wanted to know so I can buy a founders pack for it.

  • The PS2 Classic Suikoden IV was released for the PS3 last week, and it’s not working. Lots and lots of people (all?) are getting an Error 80029519 and it won’t launch at all. It would be nice if it was fixed so people could run the game they paid for.

  • How much longer do I have to wait for Windjammers =( ?

  • Is dark souls 3 the fire fades edition getting a digital release on the playstation store?

  • Wasn’t Cosmic Star Heroine supposed to be coming to Vita as well? I was hoping to pick it up if it was cross buy.

  • When Marvel Heroes Omega will come in Belgium ??

  • can we get some information about why its ONLY 30% OF EUROPE that can play/buy marvel heroes omega ?.
    What about the rest 70% (sadly im included in the rest 70%) ? some information regarding this would be wonderful, now that i added almost 200€to my wallet. just for marvel.

  • The store is having issues…
    Want to buy the witcher 3 GOTY and always failed

  • no store post for this week?
    too much work?
    not like you seem to be doing anything else.

  • when is Deformers will be in the Saudi Store ??
    I’ve been waiting for it for weeks and now its not even shown ! is it blocked from the Saudi account ?? at least tell us so we know we don’t have to wait for it

  • Marvel Heroes on Steam: available anywhere on Planet Earth with electricity and Internet.
    Sony: NOPE

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