Drawn to Death and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime join PlayStation Plus in April

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Drawn to Death and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime join PlayStation Plus in April

Invizimals, Alien Rage, 10 Second Ninja X and Curse’s n’ Chaos also inbound

With only a few days left to cross off on March’s calendar, it’s time to pull back the curtain on what April has in store for PlayStation Plus.

Drawn to Death

Yes, earlier this month veteran game creator David Jaffe revealed the first of April’s PS Plus line-up when he confirmed the release date for his long-awaited arena shooter Drawn to Death.

A multiplayer-focused, online experience, Drawn to Death invites you to dive between the pages of a teenage tearaway’s high school text book and do bloody battle in a world constructed entirely of ballpoint doodles.

Brought to life with artistic panache and some truly bonkers character design, Drawn to Death is chaotic four-player fun with a huge emphasis on over-the-top weapons, dynamic environments and a fittingly adolescent attitude to violence – what better place to indulge your inner delinquent?

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Second in our line-up for April is the brilliantly quirky co-operative space-shooter-cum-interstellar-explorer Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

Beam up a friend and blast off into the far reaches of a procedurally-generated universe where no two galaxies are alike and where teamwork is the only thing keeping your neon tub afloat.

While success might not demand the levels of intimacy implied by the title, you’ll definitely benefit from having someone you can trust on hand. Failing that, you can always boot up a friendly AI companion instead – to forage for new ship upgrades and abilities, explore distant galaxies and fend off attacks from technicoloured alien monstrosities.

In addition, PS4 users will also bag themselves some extra loot via the trans-dimensional technological wonder that is Cross-Buy: this month’s two charming PS Vita titles 10 Second Ninja X and Curses n’ Chaos can both be downloaded and played on PS4!

All of which leaves April’s full line up looking like this:

Final call for March

Next month’s titles will be available to download from 4th April which means you’ve still got a few days left to pick up any titles from March you might have missed. Grab ’em while you can!

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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • Well that’s roughly a 10% approval rating so far… ouch.

    • >> I hope this is an April fool

    • @DanteZx No we are

    • 2 years ago, metal gear ground zeroes and call of juarez were removed to make way for rocket league and a few others. The comments were pretty much the same as the ones on here right now. The poll finished with about about 60% of people not liking that months lineup. People commenting that it was the worst line up in psplus history.

      2 years later, rocket league is STILL constantly topping the PlayStation charts so how’s about we wait and give things a go before we bash them?

    • DragonsGash RL got positive feedback from the beta… Drawn to Death pretty much hasn’t… Its just your typical boring shooter… Plus it’s MP only which just absolutely sucks! The game will do nowhere near as good as RL and that’s a fact.

    • @DragonsGash: People have tried Drawn to Death, there was a beta that anyone and their Auntie could play and it is a poor game.
      This month there is only a 12% like for the games. What does that tell you?

    • I see where you’re coming from and you’re probably right but you can’t state it’s a fact until you see what happens over the next few months. It certainly isn’t something I’m looking forward to but at the same time, I didn’t particularly enjoy rocket league. It might surprise us all.

      I fell for the hype of no man’s sky, one of the most tedious games I ever played yet with the latest update and the introduction of permanent death, I find I’m finally enjoying it. Drawn ro death could have made changes since testing that changes the whole game dynamic. They may add something in two months time that makes it a must play.

      Point is, we come on here every month and slate these games, often without knowing much about them. Were good at making negative comments but not at retracting them once we turn out to be wrong. Rocket league is still panned before it came out, on these very forums, as the worst game ever.

    • There was a 47.441% satisfaction rate that month in 2015 and I wouldn’t say that the negativity was due to Rocket League. Some of the dissatisfaction was down to the fact that Sony continually offered indie games to PS4 owners for the two years prior to that and gamers were uncomfortable in the way Sony were treating gamers when payment was now mandatory as opposed to a choice. Couple that fact with little choice of quality games as opposed to previous years and negativity will inevitably set in.

      Rounding the figures that month to a 50/50, I would say that it was a successful months offering due to people liking different things. I doubt that 50% of all gamers enjoyed Rocket League, in fact I would say that it is much fewer than that figure.

      Oh can’t deny the facts through: Sony really don’t care what they offer up on IGC. PS3 offerings were much better than what has been offered up to PS4 gamers thus far.

    • Theres a particular time of the year, I forget which month it is, when most people subscribed to psplus. This is the only month you can expect a good headline offering. The rest of the time it will be indie and unknown offerings. Still, some of the best games I ever played are ones that I wrote off before I even game them a go. Don’t starve, Thomas was alone and that spaceship game where you rescue humans trapped in caves (lol) come to mind.

    • I’m so glad that my PS+ expires in April. I was waiting to see April’s lineup before making a decision on renewing. After this month and last months disappointing titles and my lack of online play I will 100% be letting it lapse now. Thanks for saving me £40 I guess Sony!

    • m so glad that my PS+ expires in April. I was waiting to see April’s lineup before making a decision on renewing. After this month and last months disappointing titles and my lack of online play I will 100% be letting it lapse now. Thanks for saving me £40 I guess Sony, I’m done PEACE *drops mic*

    • Why you deleted my comment? I didn’t insult no one or used a single “forbidden” word. Unless forbidden words for you now is “shame”, and “massive loss of PS+ subscriptions”.

    • Only 8.5% till now likes the PS+ update. I don’t know how much more can humiliate yourselves Sony people!

    • The problem with these polls is that people who dislike something are more likely to reply and “vote”. People who are generally “ok” or “happy” with something don’t.

    • You know it’s bad when even Donald Trump has a significantly higher approval rating.

  • Hahahaha oh wow that is absolutely terrible!! What a joke.

    • So, we’re going to have a F2P (which will probably be P2W also) game in PS+ this month huh? What a joke *sigh*

    • Think of it like that, from PS+ offering games for free, they will now offer free games for money.

  • Does number 1 literally sit and refresh his screen every 10 seconds just to get first comment? ??

    Terrible once again, nothing to bother the backlog.


  • Drawn to death is pretty awful tbh.

    Cant think of anything constructive to say about the rest so I’ll leave it at that.

    • You played it already so much that you can already review it? Cool!

    • @Finka_Karfein It sounds like they’ve played it more than you have already.

    • @finka_karfein

      Guess your not aware this has been a pretty much finished product that has been handed out like candy in “beta” to pretty much anyone that wanted it (with trophies and all)

      It was also pitched as a free to play game.

      But yeah Iman happy to say that it’s pretty garbage and unless the change from beta to finished product has yielded a completely different game I expect you will soon discover this for yourself.

  • I hope this is just a April Fool joke.

  • Im thinking about a worst month than this…….. PLEASE HELP

    • 1st of September 1939, the start of World War 2 and 20th January 2017, the day Donald Trump was inaugurated.

      Being serious though, I quite agree.

    • This is quite possibly the worst month ever for PS plus, after such a weak month last month as well. Rather than make a cheap PS plus option for people who want to play online and don’t want to pay for this crap, Sony would rather rub our noses in it with this garbage line up…

    • no worst month ever, I’m glad my plus is up in a few days

  • Some good stuff. I was gonna buy 10 Second Ninja (got it on PC but i rarely play games on that machine cos it sucks) so getting it free for PS4 and Vita is nice. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime caught my interest recently but didn’t buy it. Glad I didn’t cos now it’s free. Curses N Chaos is a neat lil game but I already got that one. Drawn to Death looks like it could be fun. It’s at least visually very different to most games too. Yeah I’m quite happy with this selection. No sports and no FPS is always a good thing for my particular tastes.
    (if Wild Guns Reloaded and Shantae Half Genie Hero pop up next month I’d be extremely happy). :D

    • you are not for real

    • You know Drawn to Death is a shooter right?

    • If you do not for the subscription, you do not get the games. They are not .

    • If you do not pay for the subscription, you do not get the games. They are not free.

    • Drawn to death may be shooting but it’s visual style is a nice break from the usual tired boring shades of grey Call of Duty/Battlefield/whatever stuff. So may be worth a look for that.
      And I tend to prefer smaller indie games to many hugely bloated disappointing AAA releases in a long time.

  • Poor offerings for PS4 owners. I wish that i didn’t just sign up for another 12 months Plus looking at these offerings. Shame on you Sony, go and see how to keep people happy by checking out your rival’s offerings.

    • Microsoft consistently offers games that have already been on PS+ with some odd game here and there that hasn’t been

    • Herbalistiikka -> The problem with your argument is that it’s new offers for Xbox users, they also had other (way better) offerings that we didn’t and, the most important detail, they can play the xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

    • @Herbalistiikka: You are off your rocker if you believe that. This month there are games that PS Plus but Xbox has easy better games ordinarily and, as Cyrax has already stated, they get the backwards compatible games to play ass well.

      Go and do your research before making comments like that.

    • @Gotrek_74 How am I off my rocker? Take a look at IGC list and then start comparing the Live list to the games on IGC and you’ll find that nearly all the games that are applicable (=not exclusives) have already been on PS+. December 2016 is a good example where people were praising the games Gold offered while complaining about bad PS+ games without realising that ALL of them had already been on PS+. So maybe in your own words I’d kindly suggest you to do some research on the games being offered on Gold.

      Gold began offering games far later and as such it’s lagging behind and as such it’s easier to look better when you offer stuff that’s already been offered on PS+.

      @CyraxPT It doesn’t matter if they’re new to Xbox users considering people constantly compare the same month lists between PS+ and Gold while saying how Gold is better on Playstation blog and at that point I’d make the assumption that they’re in fact Playstation users and not Xbox users.

      Backwards compatability is another argument in itself.

    • Uhm… yes, they’re playstation users and that’s exactly the problem? If you make a list of games that have been put on both services in the last year, remove the games that were given in both services, GWG would still be on the lead (except for those that prefer indie/new experiences i guess).

      I don’t get it, your argument (for Gotrek_74) was to check the December 2016 GWG, besides Outlast do tell me, when did Sony put any of those games available for PS Plus for the PS4.
      Some people sold their PS3 and others came from a different console (ps4 is actualyl my first sony home console), so why does it matter what Sony put on PS+ a few years ago? Can you play those now on your ps4?

      BC is not another argument because you’re the one saying that those games were given in the past, the problem here is that they get a better offering considering that they can play those 2 extra games on their xbox one.

      “But CyraxPT, you can also play some of the crossbuy games from psvita/ps3”, sure, but considering that the majority is garbage i don’t really care about those.
      Say what you want about AAA games but i would rather play those BC offerings from GWG than the shovelware that they scrap from the end of the barrel.

    • @CyraxPT If I took out games that haven’t been on PS+ I would be left with very few games. Including the same kind of “garbage” that PS+ has.

      Just because the games haven’t been on the next gen platform doesn’t make them different games. That’s just plain silly. Especially when the games on Xbox 360 are exact same games but they’re just backwards compatible with One (to variable quality – not sure how it was in those two games case how well they ran). So yeah, it doesn’t have anything to do with the line up itself and is all about the backwards compatability argument.

      I don’t really see it being any positive if they started running old games again. I recall a few months ago PS3 line-up had some game that already been on PS+ once and people complained about it and we got the Tom Clancy’s EndWar instead. Besides that, unless Sony somehow manages to add backwards compatability then running old games again wouldn’t matter one bit, would it? After all some people sold their PS3s or PS4 is their first PS system and so on.

    • Uh…what? I said to remove the games that have been in both services (for example Outlast or The Walking Dead Season 2) so i don’t really understand your first sentence.

      I never said they were different games, i said those games were acessible for those that only had a ps4. Again, why would someone care if a game was given in the past if it’s not acessible for their current console? At least, with the xbox one, they can still play those with their current console.

      Sony can’t give BC but can give options to their players, how about one of these two:

      1 – Remove the PS3 games (we don’t need to discuss how terrible these “offerings” have been, right?) and put 4 games on the PS4, 1 AAA and 3 indie titles;

      2 – Remove the PS3 games, get PS Now available EVERYWHERE and give the option for the players to pick two game rentals each month (still bad considering how “good” the service is);

      The problem here is that with those 4 offering from GWG i can at least pick one or two games that i would like to play, even if it is something that i’ve played in the past, with PS Plus offerings is really random garbage (YES GARBAGE) mixed with some gems here and there.

      Tell me, do you really think that Sony paid for the development of Drawn to Death as a F2P title and then said “Nah, this is a really good title that needs to be paid… oh wait, better, we can put in on ps plus for everyone to enjoy”.

      No, they saw it was a failure and put it on PS Plus so that at least they didn’t had to pay to another company for April.

      You can even remove the BC from this discussion, i just need to ask why does the Asian PS Plus gets better offerings than the rest of the world? Until Dawn, God of war 3 Remastered, Alienation, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, Saints Row: Re-Elected (not to be confused with the standalone garbage that we got called Gat out of Hell), Disgaea 5, etc.

      I’m sure that if they manage to at least release a good AAA title (not garbage like Knack as people been requesting. stupid meme) and whatever indie title they could find, at least these announcements would be more civil, hell, check the difference that it’s this compared with the months where we got Lords of the Fallen, that basketball game or Residend Evil.
      Just like Microsoft has been doing lately, just put a single AAA game (for the ps4) each month.

    • My first sentence is worded wrongly and is supposed to be the same thing you said which is leaving the games that haven’t been on both services in which PS+ still has a very, very clear lead since Gold didn’t offer any games before 2015 or something.

      People who do have their old consoles (and possibly even the games) would mind. Why should they be “punished” so to speak to get reruns? And what would those reruns do for anyone who only have PS4 since they’d only be playable on PS3?

      Last month PS3 line-up was solid and they’ve given some other decent to good PS3 games still like Siren Blood Curse, Journey, Yakuza 5, Call of Juarez, Prince of Persia or P4 Ultimax for example so I can’t really agree on it being too horrible.

      PS3 offerings will end in time anyhow.

      Making a sweeping statement to call all of it more or less garbage is pretty silly I think. Sure there are some misses but overall I don’t think any (PS4 exclusive) PS+ game in the past year has been garbage. Locoroco was a bad “game” for PS3 and there are some questionable Vita/Cross buy games but that’s about it.

      As I understand Drawn to Death was to be buy to play, then changed to free to play and now it’s buy to play but free on PS+ (not sure if it turned into buy to play but I assume it did). Coincidentally Gold offered Evolve for free this month and that game has been free to play for months and is basically abandoned game and yet I didn’t see nearly as much outrage for that, granted I don’t visit xbox specific websites so I’m not sure if people complained about it.

      From that list I can see all of them coming sooner or later… Except for Disgaea 5 or Blazblue because they’re way too anime for the west. In the end it’s impossible to start pleasing everyone and even if they got a “good” AAA on the list people would still complain.

      Naming those months for good months is pretty funny as well because when the next month comes around the offering isn’t that good it’s back to “wow we haven’t had a good game on PS+ in 300 years!” forgetting what the last month had for offer.

    • And i was talking about removing the titles from the current gen (PS4/X1), if we were to talk about both then it still had a point, the offerings NOW are terrible compared with the past, the GWG offerings are better compared with the past.

      And i don’t believe that there’s a lot of people that still play on their ps3 AND have ps plus, they most likely stopped subscribing and/or moved on to other consoles.

      I’ll concede that the garbage is a strong word but some of them are subpar, have technical problems or don’t have any appeal. These online only titles end up dying anyway, few wanted to play Hardware Rivals or Dead Star, the same way that few will play Drawn to Death.
      This talking about the PS4 only offerings, the rest, yeah, most of them are garbage.

      Evolve was F2P on PC only, but granted, that’s another title that is going to die any day now (and yet, i would prefer to have that to play with friends than Drawn to Death).
      Not to say that why would they complain when they’ve been having good months for a while? One or two bad months wouldn’t affect them as much… now, having one or two good months and the rest bad/mediocre… ehhhhhh….

      Hyperboles are always used on the internet, it’s like those people that when see others complaining about the ps plus titles start with their dumb statements like “What did you expect? Horizon and Nioh?!?”.
      The fact is that games that are picked are either bad or have low appeal, the same way that there’s bad AAA titles the same can be said about indie titles, especially when they’re released broken and never fixed (still looking at you Bro Force!).

    • You never specified the platform so that’s on you. Accepting only specific platforms (and more so if those criterias are added later on) is pretty silly. The offerings have always been uphill downhill and you can see that for yourself by looking at a list of past PS+ games. Especially the two first years or so were extremely mediocre and it only picked up for a little while to be “consistent” higher value titles. There were pretty good months last year but people opt to forget about good months and then just make statement where they just say how it’s been bad for X months even if that wasn’t the case. I can even point at your statement about acting like PS3 offerings have been overwhelmingly negative for a long time even though that’s clearly not the case (even last month proves it untrue).

      I have my PS3 and I still have +. I’m not sure why you’re basing your argument based on belief. I think last month (or rather, this month) on PS+ was fine and yet next month is gathering such ridiculous outrage again. People literally forget the good month once it’s gone just to be outraged about a mediocre or a bad month (which in the end is subjective anyway). And again, they’re running mostly the games that have been on PS+ already which makes the begging for the same games that are on Gold pretty funny. And again as a “precaution”, running old games again would do no good since you claim that people don’t have their PS3s or only have PS4.

      If anything, the fact is that plenty of people seem to just say “it’s doodoo” without giving a game a second glance solely because they’ve never heard of the game or because it’s indie. The only reason there’s this many complaints to begin with is no doubt because + is tied to online play. If it weren’t you’d probably see a mere fraction of complaints because people would be buying the same old pig in the bag willingly. But I doubt they’ll separate the online play from + anytime soon.

    • sorta glad I got an xbox with live as well with this months offerings I’ll stick with darksiders, the walking dead s2, ryse son of rome and assassins creed revelations any day over the indie garbage collection. sony there’s a reason why your service earned that name fix it next month give me another reason to renew if not your competitor will get my cash.

  • So a F2P game that didn’t gather enough interest in the beta so they decided to be used as ps plus title;

    A somewhat interesting coop based game but without online multiplayer;

    Two indie titles that looks like the usual shovelware of indie gala/groupees bundle;

    And two games that only work on a ps3.

    Yeap, confirmed, this is PS plus for the next month.

    • I know right? When I say drawn to death there my head exploded *EXPLOSIONS* (read with Mr. Torgue’s voice).

      I played the beta, I mean, I tried to but it was so boring with terrible gameplay that I couldn’t even test it right.

      I guess sony needs to pull an xbox one fiasco so they can start valuing again their community and the people who fill the suites pockets *sigh*

    • The problem is that they know exactly what they’re doing, they won’t pull a xbox fiasco because they didn’t had a Don Mattrick to screw them over and it shows, they’re killing it this year, Yakuza Zero, Horizon, Nier, Ni-Oh, Persona 5, etc.

      Microsoft doesn’t have ANYTHING that could reverse the situation, even with Scorpio and E3 around the corner.

      So they have the market on their hand and multiplayer behind a paywall (ps+), basically, we’re screwed.

    • I agree, Cyrax. We are held by the short and Charlie’s at the moment but Sony are thinking in the short term. Come next generation I foresee PlayStation owners this generation leaving in droves for another format due to the treatment we had this generation. Sony will rue the day they treated their user base this way.

    • Gotrek_74 I’ll have to disagree, while i am one of those people that will move on to PC gaming, i do realize that i (and people complaining about ps plus) are not the majority.

      People that still want a console experience will pick what?

      Microsoft is a mess, their exclusives aren’t enough to please a huge playerbase not to say that they’re putting the majority of their exclusives on PC (considering that my pc is way better than a xbox one, will would i purchase one?) and while i do praise some of their decisions (BC, the new rental system, better multiplayer exclusives, etc) it’s not enough to carry a console.

      Nintendo is… uhm… Nintendo.

      Sony while being terrible at providing gamers with what they want in regards to ps plus, they’ve been hitting the nail with the essential, the games, already made a list of some of those and the year just started. The console works, it’s not crazy expensive and provides players with a good experience, it’s not ps plus that is going to be the major point in choosing a new console, people (me included) used to pay for Xbox live and not getting anything in return…

    • I think it’s sad that a lot of people have this mentality where they’re convinced that paying for online automatically makes it better. Their online capabilities are a reflection of their services and should be up to point, regardless of whether it’s paid for.
      This problem stems from those consumers. If we all decided this has been going on long enough and voted with our wallets, they’d have no choice but to conform to our wishes (competition included).
      Ultimately, we, as gamers and consumers, dictate what’s right and wrong, not the companies. It’s just sad that a lot of us don’t seem to know right from wrong…
      Or simply don’t care about the betterment of gaming in general. It has always been a mystery to me how the entire internet could trip out over DRM (effectively stopping companies from going with it) but was apparently completely ok with online costs for the remainder of console gaming…

  • hmm i was wondering if they were going to offer anything that was to disturb my playing of Persona 5, I guess not.

  • Seriously what the is this? All the good games you could of given us on PS3 and you give us those 2 trash games that bad reviews? And PS4 as usual is just indie rubbish! By a mile this is the worst month ever! 10 years of PlayStation store…. Here’s some trash.

    • 10 years of Playstation Store anniversary and we get this !!! It’s not a joke, it’s utter garbage ! If I was going to publish these news I would be ashamed !

    • Where should I begin ? What were they thinking about these garbages before announcing ? You guys thought ” Hey we gave them Tearaway Unfolded last month so they should be happy ! Let’s give them these trashs and they wont have right to complain !” If I were those guys I would be ashamed ! The funny thing is they’re saying ”Hey it’s 10 year of anniversary of PS store !” and yet you give us these ‘things’. I’m glad that my plus is ending in 3 days ! If you can’t give decent games cut the support for ps3 and vita or make a cheap subscrition for people whose only want pay for online but not these garbages. you don’t even answer comments…

  • I look each month and think oh well things can only get better and some how Sony find a way to disprove that.

  • Wow, that sounds like a joke!
    It really is the end of an era. We are certainly facing a new (low) standard.

    I think we have to deal with it then?
    .sad but true.

  • I’m always disappointed when a game that was on sale recently is included in Plus, as it feels like a very shady practice. This time is one of the worst though, as 10 Second Ninja is actually on sale RIGHT NOW as part of the Buy one get one free offer!

    Really shoddy Sony, way to milk your customers….

    • I noticed this too (in the 2 for 1 sale), it drops out of the sale the same day we get the IGC games. Shady doesn’t even scratch the surface of how underhanded this kind of consumer relationship this is.

    • I read a while ago, probably 2-3 years ago, that they (Sony) were aware of this situation sometimes happening and that they would aim to make sure games wouldn’t go into sales then IGC. Time’s rolled on and it’s back to the old ways.

    • Similarly, they promised a specific number of games, followed by, a specific number of fewer games but at least one retail game, followed by fewer games still but all having a minimum rating of at least 70% (lol), now that doesn’t even happen.

  • I usually try to be positive, I mean it’s the price of a fancy cup of coffee per month, but these are a bit… meh.

    I’m not expecting Horizon Zero Dawn but I remember getting some real gems back along. How about some remasters like one of the old Rockstar titles, San Andreas or Canis Canem Edit?

    Or have a dual layer in PS Now, and let PS Plus subscribers rent a game or two each month alongside the indie offerings.

  • Nice. More games I usually wouldn’t buy, to try out. why shouldn’t this be a good thing?
    Have found many a jewel among these indie titles, that I would never had considered buying.

  • I was disappointed because of Drawn to Death and now, I am even more disappointed. What the hell? Absolutely nothing in this line-up I ever want to play. Seriously, is the a joke? At least for the Vita, give us some more valuable stuff like Persona 5 or God Eater Burst.

    I don’t talk about PS4 games, because we all know, most of the time it’s not even worth

    • Metacritic if somebody wants to know

      – Drawn to Death = not rated yet
      – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime = 82%
      – Curses ‘n Chaos = 70% (no Vita meta available)
      – 10 Second Ninja X = 76% (no Vita meta available)

      – Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom = 50%
      – Alien Rage = 46% – 52% (Xbox 360 and PC) (no PS3 meta available)

    • Considering you’re talking about Vita I assume you meant P4: Golden since P5 isn’t on Vita at all. (Golden is really cheap on Vita so it’s not exactly more valuable)

    • Yes, I meant Persona 4, I am sorry. If I could edit it, I would. My head is by Persona 5 right now.

      Yes, even when it’s cheap, Sony can still give it via Playstation Plus. They are many other good games on Vita and we still get indies. Odin Sphere or Zero Escape 3 or other games. I just said Persona 4, because it would be a really good game for a Vita PS+ game

  • Even for an April Fools joke this is bad

    The quality of Plus Games has been rubbish of late. Gone are the days of having Big Titles.

  • The two PS3 games should offer some hours of mindless fun…

  • More crap my plus membership expires next month thank god

  • more shocking rubbish yet again

  • Alien rage has bad reviews what happened to that old rule of ps plus games having at least 70% average score lmao.

    • It was dropped from the advertising for the service years ago. These days we are lucky if one or two games each month have a 70% average on metacritic or somewhere like that

    • Bad reviews is an understatement lol

  • 1/10, demencial, horroroso, lamentable

    I think in renew other year my suscription psnplus, (only for returning 10€) because it will finalize in january of 2018, i need a mediocre game almost, to justify renew.

    I could wait, to 15 months for 12 month price and a mediocre game,

    It month is 0 of 6. I prefer good games!!!! but 2 average have defense.

    bye bye psnExit

  • Weak Vita month… and excuse me… where the [bleep] is Salt and Sanctuary Vita?

  • Drawn To Death… Good, lovers in dangerous Space time… Good if you have a mate. 2 psvita games, dont know. Alien rage… depends what you like, invisimals… again dont know. mediocre line up.

  • *grabs popcorn*

    The comments section should be pretty good at least….

  • woooooooooooooooooooooow. you guys really don’t give a [DELETED] anymore do you?

    Here I was thinking you were going to put together a strong month to combat game pass and restore confidence.

    Lovers althought cool, was on Gold last month. The PS3 games are trash, the vita games are trash. Plus is trash!

  • For the 1st time I moaning. This lot is crap in my opinion.hope May is better

  • EVERY month you’ll have 3 levels of people.
    Those happy with X amount of games.
    Those curious with X amount of games – enough to try them out.
    Those displeased with X amount of games – if not all of them.

    In the past 12-18 months, the majority of months have seen a massive base of displeased patrons, threatening to leave or actually leaving plus – and nothing being addressed. Other people recognise that you can’t offer AAA after AAA – and don’t want that (hell some indie games / AA games outclass AAA games in every aspect…) but it’s seriously time for Sony to stop. Take a breather. And read the constructive criticism on the blog every single month.

    The games – whilst developers pour their souls into (most) of them; aren’t good enough to justify the price in the eyes of many people. Yes, you can argue a year’s PS+ is £40 and thus a months PS+ is a mere £3.33 – and 6 games for £3.33 is a steal – but seriously would you walk into a shop, and buy 6 things you don’t WANT for £3.33? No. You’d save your money until something better comes along.

    There are solutions of course. A tiered level. Bronze, silver (arguably where we’re at now), gold.
    Integrate PS Now in to PS+. Or scrap PS+ altogether in favour of something more substantial.

    2 years ago, PS+ was something to shout about – I’d even persuaded many friends to join up… Today, it’s a shell of what it was, and I’ve not mentioned it to a friend once in the past year.

    • Brilliant post and whole-heartedly agree with what you’ve said.

      I think it’s a shame the way the games have gone, we’ve had some truly great games in the past. A tiered system might be worth looking at, definitely. Integration with PS Now would be a good idea too. I’d even like the option of EA Access. Apparently Sony don’t think it would suit it’s gamers, surely we should have a say in that?! Because, right now, the EA vault offers up a HELL of a lot better list of titles than we’re getting on PS+ right now, doesn’t matter what you think of EA as a company!

      I’m usually the one to give my friends a nudge when new games appear on PS+, I haven’t done it that much recently and certainly won’t be this coming month!

    • I seriously never expected real AAA’s but this month is really bad.. I’d vote for PS+ tiered system, i want only backup and occasional multiplayer, max 2 bucks /month.

    • I gave up my subscription last month (as can be seen, I dont have the cross anymore) and I am not planning to resume unless I see a change

    • I have a better idea, release the multiplayer from ps plus and if people want the games, discounts, ps plus features (share play, discounts, cloud save, etc) they can pay for the service, BUT, and this is important, people that want to play a P2P multiplayer game don’t have to pay for it.

      The ps plus isn’t being used to improve the service, it’s being used to fill their pockets.

    • I ended my subscription maybe three or four months? I was paying just for the games. Most of these games are given away in heavily discounted bundles on the PC or in sales that make them so very cheap.

      Just a few weeks to months later, those same games appear on Playstation Plus. They’re obviously lowballing the developers/publishers to give them massive discounts on games people on other platforms won’t be buying.

    • Honestly though, nearly all of the negative feedback is just plain “THIS IS CRAP, NO MORE PS+ FOR ME” and that’s that. You can’t really get anything constructive at all from that. And ultimately, it’s impossible to please everyone because taste in games is subjective.

      I got my PS+ for the first time last year and honestly I don’t feel disappointed with it because each month I had at least one or two games to play if not more. This month is pretty much the first completely “meh” month for me but that’s okay, this is something that can happen. I’ll give the PS4 games ago at the very least.

      In the end IGC is a pig in the bag service just like Gold, Humble Bundle Monthly and any of the rest so buying it you do willingly acknowledge the fact that you might end up getting games that you already have or don’t care about at all. The best solution would basically be separation of online play from + but that’s unlikely to happen.

    • It’s not about prices or scores those games got, but types or genre of games we get. Look how many platformers we get every year since PS4 was introducted. I would check new games but I am not fan of platformers anymore as I used to be 10 years ago. Releasing same previous released PS Plus games but on different platforms makes people mad as well, for example Limbo on PS3, Vita and PS4.

      I will write it down again, for n-th time…”People are tired with same types of games over and over again” and it’s not about AAA titles, I just want different games, not similar platformers over and over again. If we get during one whole year around 15 platformers, 1 FPS, 2 TPS, 1-2 RTS and 2 RPGs/JRPGs… kind of boring? At least for me.

    • People need to forget about PS Now integrating with PS+. The service is only available to a fraction of PSN users. Until that changes it’s a moot point.

    • To be fair though, Humble Monthly Bundles are usually pretty freaking amazing. Then standard bundles show you what you’re being given. Bundle Stars is pretty good too. Playstation Plus has no options, you either subscribe or not. There’s nothing extra to have in case you’ve already bought what you’re being given.

      Sony are planning to bring PS Now to the PC and we can already stream the PS4 to the PC so very easily for exclusives, and it works so well. I think we’re looking at a platform independent future, and giving people garbage they can play on a £200 laptop is really not going to help.

    • @CluckNuggets Monthly usually has one good game aside from the titular title and then the rest is of varying quality. Not only that Monthly is nearly three times as expensive as Plus is. Normal bundles are just normal bundles and not loot bag-esque (unless it has games unlocking next week, which is rare nowadays) and even they’ve been pretty “meh” for a long time now, sadly. Then there are weeks with no bundle or bundles that only work on something like uplay or bundles that are just programs.

      With the £200 laptop thing you’re basically saying that if it’s not graphically intensive game it’s crap? Why? Plenty of old games are still good to play and you can play them on a £200 laptop. Same goes for plenty of indie games.

      Even though PC is supposed to be its own “independent” thing you then realise how it basically operates with digital games only and physical is all but dead (no borrowing games or anything) and on top of that it pretty much relies on Steam alone because GOG is very niche in comparison and that’s about it for different market places on PC. (Not sure how much Microsoft store offers in terms of games but I doubt it’s that great)

  • One of the worst months that I can remember! Unbelievable Sony, really poor!

  • Wow. This has to be a new low. I don’t even know if I’ll bother adding these to my download list. Not one redeeming game.

    • Pretty much my experience with PS+… First couple of years I still added them to my library just in case, but never downloaded one eventually. Now I don’t even add them anymore as they just inflate my library with games I’ll never play. But hey, at least I can shoot some campers in the few games that offer decent multiplayer, right? -_-

  • Today is the day my Ps+ sub. expires, glad I didn’t renew it yet, ’cause none of those games is even a “must-try”

    • mine expired last month, glad I didnt renewed

    • Mine expires in april, I won’t be renewing anymore unless I’m planning on playing some multiplayer for a while. Will be glad to get rid of this monthly disappointment that comes with its own cost.

  • Pathetic selection. Take a note from XBOX selection for April

  • Alien Rage, 52% Metacritic score, 4.4/10 score from IGN and same devs that made Lords of the Fallen.

    Not good enough.

    I would rather buy and play a DECENT Unreal Engine 3 powered first-person shooter for a cheap price on my PS3 than this generic garbage.

    Also, really starting to get sick of couch co-op/online only games for PS4 by now. But it least this one has 1 PLAYER mode and is getting good reviews this time. Disc Jam was unplayable due to lack of single player mode.

  • Adding a F2P is a new low.

    • ‘Reminds me of when they gave us the first chapter in the episodic series Kings Quest. That was always meant to be a freebie to get gamers to test it and Sony offered it as an IGC game. Disgusting consumer treatment to say the least.

    • Well in line with their disgusting consumer treatment of forcing us to sub to this for online. This is getting too ridiculous to even imagine. It’s like having to buy an expensive full course meal to get a simple glass of water, only to find out that even the water isn’t up to standards… *facepalm*

  • I actually thought that the last few months were a improvement but this month is a real big slide backwards in quality. There is the chance that Drawn to Death is this awesome game but from what i’ve seen i doubt it. It actually seems like them giving it away with Ps Plus is a desperate attempt at at least getting a small playerbase. Lovers in a Dangerous spacetime might be fun for the people that reguraly play couch co-op with a friend but i mostly play with my friends online. The vita games might be ok for a little while. The ps3 games are just an insult

  • RIDICULOUS GAMES,PATHETIC SONY,im glad that my ps plus expired today

  • This might be the worst month i’ve yet to see… I wish I could say I hadn’t just bought 1 years of Plus… But alas the joke is on me it seems.

  • wei guys…make a raise ps plus subscription at 50 or 60 pounds and give as games to play it….this is a bad joke…we are players…sony is for the money…not is posibile…xbox whit gold are a great mounth!
    this is it…continue in this way and R.I.P. ps plus…

  • You’ve gotta be kidding me… Do they expect us a tears of joy from seeing this lineup or tears of disappointment

  • I probably won’t even download the games… Thankfully there’s a long backlog this year.

  • I remember when Sony was behind and had every month fantastic games line up, i’m so tired of this, 10 years of PS Store and you award this, you could have at least made an effort since it was a nice milestone, but no, let’s throw some garbage at them. I promise this was my last renewal and now i’m even more sure about it. When you bring good games back, i’ll bring my money back, until then then you won’t see my money anymore.

    • I urge you to look at the IGC list again and notice that it’s full of the same kind of “bad” games (indie games, cheap games and the like) and you’re just remembering the best parts while ignoring the bad.

  • Pretty grim month, still I have Salt & Sanctuary on the Vita to play, oh wait. :(
    Seriously a response from SIEE wouldn’t go a miss.

  • I’m happy for Drawn to Death, Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom and 10 Second Ninja X so on each platform I have something that I’m interested in.

    Yep, it’s not AAA. Again. But you can do only one thing – deal with it and give a chance those games you receive while you’re a subscriber. That way I liked Rocket League before it was cool and exclusive to PS3.

    • No, you could also voice your discontent and even cancel your subscription. Sony definitely will care if they see the revenue from PS+ subscriptions going down.

  • Where should I begin ? What were they thinking about these garbages before announcing ? You guys thought ” Hey we gave them Tearaway Unfolded last month so they should be happy ! Let’s give them these trashs and they wont have right to complain !” If I were those guys I would be ashamed ! The funny thing is they’re saying ”Hey it’s 10 year of anniversary of PS store !” and yet you give us these ‘things’. I’m glad that my plus is ending in 3 days ! If you can’t give decent games cut the support for ps3 and vita or make a cheap subscrition for people whose only want pay for online but not these garbages. you don’t even answer comments…

  • Further to my last comment….

    Salt & Sanctuary Vita is now on the store.

  • Drawn to death….it went through most of dev cycle as a f2p then they decided to charge for it. They give mystery boxes, which you no doubt can purchase for a nominal fee. I can only imagine what other f2p deviousness runs through the game.

  • Haha this post has more comments than the comments all the blog posts in the last week put together. All you are proving is that you will moan when yous want to moan (even on last month’s Plus post, yes, the one yous are claiming was great NOW) but will NEVER comment to say anything positive or when you are delighted with anything.

    I’m not gonna lie, I would ignore you lot too if I were the people who ran the blog.

    People want Knack DESPERATELY on Plus but Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom isn’t good enough for you then?

    • P.S. See you all next month when “thank goodness my Plus is expiring next month” for the 20th time lol.

    • It’s easier to complain than be thankful. That’s why it’s people to remember the “good old times” without remembering the bad things back in those good old times.

    • People knows what games thats added to LIVE and EA Access. 2 services which is Xbox One exlusive and superior to PSN+.

    • Yes, let’s all be thankful and positive like nice little consumer sheep, even though the competition’s offerings crap all over these.

    • @Kinky_Friedman So if you’re thankful for a good game on PS+ you’re a “little consumer sheep” but when you’re just complaining you’re… fighting the power I guess?

      If you look at the competition’s offerrings and then look at what PS+ has already had you’ll find out that nearly all of the games have actually been on PS+ already.

    • @Herbalistiikka “So if you’re thankful for a good game on PS+ you’re a “little consumer sheep””

      That’s not what I said.
      I will be thankful when/if there are decent games (as I was with Tearaway Unfolded, Disc Jam & Severed. Nothing mindblowing, but I certainly didn’t feel that my subscription had gone to waste).
      I will not be thankful for any old crap.
      With the exception of maybe LiaDS, these are not good games that I would have any interest in. Look at the straw poll above – the overwhelming majority are also dissatisfied.
      And yes people will complain, in the hope that Sony actually listen to their customers. Customer feedback y’know?

      As for ‘nearly all of the games have actually been on PS+ already’, have they? I’ve seen a few people making that claim, but has anyone actually broken it down? I’d really like to know.
      If that is actually the case, when was the last time we got something on the level of Evolve or Project Cars? Games that actually put the hardware through its paces a bit. Looking at the IGC & GwG lists on Wikipedia, I’d say the RE Remaster in October, maybe Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture in November.
      It’s not as if Sony can’t do it – Asia got GoW 3 Remastered, Until Dawn and Alienation in the last few months. If Europe got games like that you can be certain there wouldn’t be anywhere near as many dissatisfied customers.

      I don’t expect AAA games, but one AA game every month is not exactly a big ask. I don’t even care if they’re ‘old’ – give me something like Alien Isolation or The Evil Within and I’d be happy as Larry.

  • I gave up ps plus. Then you gave me a free month, thank you, then it expired again, then it was $1.40 so why not, and finally it WILL be cast aside once again. I appreciate the freebies but rather than trying to trick me into letting it auto renew why dont you give us good games.

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