Media Player update adds support for 4K video on PS4 Pro

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Media Player update adds support for 4K video on PS4 Pro

New functionality out tomorrow also supports VR videos in 4K

Starting tomorrow, the Media Player app is getting an update to support 4K video playback on PS4 Pro. Following this update, 4K videos in mp4 format saved on a USB stick or home server can be played on the Media Player app (remember, you’ll also need a 4K compatible TV to watch the videos in 4K).

Your home server will appear as a media option in the Player automatically so finding your media is simple and quick. Just a reminder, USB storage that’s already been formatted as extended storage for your PS4 can only be used to save games and apps – it can’t be used to save and play the videos.

For those of you that own a PlayStation VR system in addition to PS4 Pro, Media Player will also update to support playback of 4K VR video content. PS VR’s display resolution is 1920 x RGB x 1080, therefore 4K VR videos will be displayed in a higher image quality compared to HD VR videos. Capture stunning 360 degree 4K footage, and then immerse yourself in that footage in VR at home – just as if you’re right back in the scene you shot.

And while on the topic of 4K, many of you have already been enjoying 4K streaming on PS4 Pro, but in case you weren’t aware, streaming video apps including Netflix and YouTube have 4K content available, so make sure to check them out.

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  • Does it support HDR? I ask as the YouTube app supports 4K but not HDR….?

  • What about 4K Blu-Rays? Or is that reserved for yet another hardware refresh?

    • You didn’t need to ask a question you aren’t looking an answer for. Maybe 4K bluray discs will be needed for Playstation 5 for games. Right now it would be pointless as the games still need to run on the original PS4 too with the current Bluray drive. It simply wasn’t feasible to make manufacturing on PS4 Pro even more expensive.

      Oh wait sorry, you have a big stack of 4K Bluray movies you want to be able to watch, that’s why you were asking…………………….yeah right.

    • @andrewsqual
      It was perfectly feasible, the Xbox One S has a 4k Blu-Ray drive and is very competitively priced, it was a decision by Sony not to include it.

      Many people were disappointed by the omission as it would have been another large selling point and a reason to start buying 4k Blu-Rays. Streaming services simply don’t match the quality of optical discs.

    • What’s so hard to believe about owning 4K blu-rays and being unable to watch them? It’s not uncommon. I have quite a few, because while they are compatible with regular blu-ray players, the 4K aspect obviously is not.

  • Ummm…..It doesn’t have a 4k blu-ray drive so yeah, it would be ‘reserved’ for a hardware refresh.

  • Any word if there is an update planned to add more options for 4k output with more colour space options? Not just 4.4.4 but others for displays that dont support high bandwith colour space?.

  • *25mb and upwards required.

  • All well and good, but without 4k disc support it’s not a proper 4k media player and never will be. Roll on Scorpio

    • Thank goodness its a gaming console first, with stunning next gen games lol. I don’t recall Sony ever getting up on stage at an event like E3 and announcing PS4 as being a “proper 4k media player” but I guess some people are always going to pull such things out of nowhere as being a big “game changing” deal.
      A 4k Bluray drive didn’t help Xbone win console sales during Christmas 2016 in the US, if it didn’t do it there, in the rest of the world it didn’t even come close. The people have spoken, make of that what you will.
      Roll on the glorious Scorpio aka Xbone GDDR5 mode activated.

    • “stunning next gen games”

      lol indeed

  • Hi, for when they enable support for Doby Atmos on PS4 pro?…

    • So when is SBS (side by side) VR video support going to be added like every other headset even the ones for mobile phones does, It’s been long enough and i know for a fact it would be possible so Sony why the delay ?

  • Haven’t got Pro or 4K TV or PSVR but I happily use Media Player on my regular PS4 almost everyday for playing all my videos and such. :)

  • This is great. It’s just a shame you didn’t think about 4k when connecting the VR processing unit to the pro. I have to unplug it everytime so my ps4 can display the 4k content that’s available.

    • I think your confusing 4k with HDR, the processing box can handle 4K it can’t handle HDR so if it’s only 4k your dealing with you don’t have to unplug.

    • Hellscovern, it isn’t the HDR bud. The hdcp is disabled and the resolution drops back significantly. I was playing Horizon and noticed it immediately.

  • Only reason why I didn’t go for pro is lack of 4K drive.This Pro feels crippled without 4K drive and yes,I need to buy another 4K player or go for Scorpio which is absurd considering to all PS veterans like my self.

    • I have the xbox one s. Sony are making me keep it. There’s no other reason to own one other than 4k Blu Ray playback

  • Fantastic news. Can you please clarify the technical aspect. mp4 is a container. Can it play the H.264 codec? Does it play any other codecs?

  • Very Very Good Playstation :D Nice Job

  • Forget this 4K rubbish.

    I just want to be able to use 3D files on PSVR through .mp4 files too, not restricted to just Blu-Rays.

  • 3d SBS and 3d OU support is avail now by the way via the “Littlstar” app. Create a “Littlstar” folder on a USB stick and pop your .mp4 files into the folder. The file names need to be “my_file_name_180_sbs.mp4” or “my_file_name_ou.mp4” or “my_file_name_360_sbs_mp4” – The app supports 180 SBS/OU or 360 SBS/OU or 360 Mono. I’ve found that 1920×960 180 SBS and 2160×1080 180 SBS appear to work ok. I havent found an OU 180 or 360 that plays yet but I havent done much testing. I’m guessing the official media app can do it now ?

  • Don’t really need this when I have a 4k Sony Android TV and have already been able to play 4k files in a wider variety of formats thanks to MX Player.
    Do 4k TVs even come in the non-smart-tv variety?

  • Will it support 4K 360 3D files on PSVR too?

  • Installed the update – why does it *still* not sort albums by track number, like every other music player on the planet?

    Sorting albums alphabetically is absolutely bizarre and nonsensical.

  • The media player 3.0 supports 360 sbs format
    But does not support 360 ou(oner under)
    Any update coming soon?

  • Spacemonkey…i couldnt run a 360 ou file.
    Not supported…
    Let me
    Know if there is something to do….

  • danroup10, I managed to get 1 OU file running, but the resolution was pretty high and the performance was shockingly bad. I haven’t tried to locate another, as SBS seem to be more popular.

  • I havent tried the new media player update – only been using Littlstar. Will take a look at the media player this weekend.

  • hi
    still cant run 360 ou(over under)
    just sbs(side by side)
    any way to change it?

  • Since this update all my mp4 videos get an audio lag while playing them from my external hard drive this is a massive issue it seems after trawling the forums for a fix. I am definitely not the only one. Need a fix please.

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