Kickstart your MLB The Show 17 career in 12 easy steps

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Kickstart your MLB The Show 17 career in 12 easy steps

A run through the game’s wealth of modes ahead of tomorrow’s release

This year with MLB The Show has been a wild ride! Starting in October, we announced legendary Ken Griffey Jr as our cover athlete and a load of new features within our greatest modes, such as:

Now with all this content to explore, how does one even start chipping at the tip of the iceberg of this massive game? I’m glad you ask! To help those of you who may be new to the franchise, we’ve compiled a list on how to get started in 12 easy steps:

Step 1

Get MLB The Show 17. Doesn’t work if you don’t have the game, right?

Step 2

Kiss Griffey for good luck. There’s no shame in it! He’s bound to give you some luck on your journey to become a legend.

Step 3

Do 17 jumping jacks. Prepare your body. My body is ready.

Step 4

Load up MLB The Show 17 on your PS4.

Step 5

Warm up with a few games in Retro Mode, kickin’ it Ken Griffey Jr Style. Spam that ‘X’ button and hit homers all day.

Step 6

Boot up Road to the Show and start building your character. Will he get a gnarly beard or the good ol’ Rollie Fingers ‘stache? Let’s make him husky with more to love.

MLB The Show 17, Road to the Show

Step 7

And fast? Long hair, don’t care. Gotta go all power or nothing cuz we’re bringing the thunder! While you’re at it, use training points to make him harder, better, faster and stronger.

Step 8

Roll out of the minors. Get a call from my agent with an offer from the Red Sox… Should I stay should I go? Be careful – the path to the majors may not always go how you wanted and is greatly determined by your choices (yup). Only you can determine your true destiny.

Step 9

Want to play only the best bits? Jump into Franchise mode and cut directly to those nail-biting, game-deciding moments when they naturally occur with Critical Situations. Or use Player Lock to hop on the field and get down to business to defeat the bunts.

Step 10

Build your dynasty. Step up to the plate and battle against your friends in Battle Royale with short 3-inning games to settle your grudges. Come at me bro!

Step 11

Conquer the US and take over rival territories in Conquest mode. Dominate in quick 3 inning games to energize your fans and take the world by storm!

Step 12

Do a victory dance and repeat.

As you can see, there are many modes to try and tons of reasons to love The Show! Fun fact – Ninjas and Warriors love The Show. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below!

If you haven’t checked out MLB The Show 17 yet, go to to learn more and find out why everybody loves the Show. Keep up to date with the latest MLB The Show news and videos by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

And if you want to be one of the first to play MLB The Show 17, preorder and preload from PlayStation Store to start playing from midnight tonight!

See you on the field (of dreams)!

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  • I am based in the UK and not a big baseball fan, although always loved the look of this game. Last year I took the risk and bought MLB16 – At first the number of options seems staggering, but I ignored them all and started at the basic level and began my first franchise season. The Sound and visuals are as good as they look, and within a few games I was hooked. If you are on the fence on whether to get it or not… Take the risk. It’s Awesome.

  • I life in the Netherlands and love baseball. I can’t wait to play this game, I think it was 3 years ago that I bought the mlb 2k game’s. But than a friend recommend The show game and and I still don’t regret it. When you play the game it just looks like you are Wachting a real baseball game. The show games are in one word amazing.

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