WRC5, Grid Autosport and F1 2014 lead a pack of racing titles joining PS Now today

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WRC5, Grid Autosport and F1 2014 lead a pack of racing titles joining PS Now today

Take to the track - or off it - with a dozen racing entries including Daytona USA and MX Vs ATV: Untamed

To celebrate the start of the Formula 1 season which accelerates into the sporting schedule this weekend, we’ve gone full throttle with 12 racing games that are bound to keep you burning rubber for hours.

This month’s additions:

If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join PlayStation Now* – give it a test drive with a one week free trial today on PC and PS4. Once you’ve enjoyed your trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99/€16.99 per month.

I think that’s all my driving puns exhausted…

*This service is currently available in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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  • When will we in Sweden get PSNow? We pretty much have the best internet in the world behind the obvious Japan.

    • Actually, that’s South Korea you’re thinking of, also known as the land of professional Starcraft gaming. Japan doesn’t care for online gaming, because they have a commuter culture, so they play games on the go.

  • No Ni No Kuni still?

  • PS Now or never … never, I assume.

  • So where is the February update? The last one was for January. The UK service is an utter joke! I use to defend the service saying it has promise but I will not be recommending this to anyone at all!

  • I’m not at all interested in PS Now, but a friend (who doesn’t have a PS3, poor sod) desperately wants to play Demon’s Souls on his PC. Unfortunately he lives in France *and* Demon’s Souls is only available in Japan (for whichever crazy reason). Hence he can’t give his money to Sony.

    You’d think Sony would try harder, wouldn’t you? More reasons to leave this sinking boat.

  • The service sounded so cool when i signed up in Jan but every update since then (when there even is one!) has been an utter disappointment.
    Every game on here is available on other platforms, PC, X360 or worse PS4, The PS3 has a massive list of amazing exclusives why not use them?! Why would i pay to play the worst version of a multiplatform game?

    At this point it’s no longer worth the money given i just feel more salty every time. i see how much cheaper and better the selection is in the US version.

    Luckily the news of this ‘update’ came just in time, auto-renew cancelled: http://imgur.com/a/Hgtqm
    I’ll wait now until some worthwhile titles are added to the service, I expect i’ll be waiting a while if i don’t forget the service exists period.

  • I lost interest in this when you scrapped support for the Vita. That was pretty much the only reason for subscribing, for me. Shame.

  • Will Portugal ever get PS Now???

  • Forget the fact its not available in a lot of EU countries (and going by the lying PS3 TV service promises last gen, it NEVER will be) but have you taken ANY feedback on board about the price that nobody is happy with? Surely you know you have to listen when your most hardcore fans are telling you this?
    I simply can’t defend this service and that’s that. Where is the entire PS1 and PS2 catalogue you promised at the PS4 reveal over 4 years ago?

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