Big savings start today on PlayStation exclusives

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Big savings start today on PlayStation exclusives

Head to PlayStation Store for discounts on The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, more

Starting today and running until 5th April, we have the biggest ever PlayStation exclusive promotion on PlayStation Store, titled Only On PlayStation, where you can save up to 55% on selected PS4, PS3 and PS Vita-only titles!

Grab discounts on Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Last of Us Remastered, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 and more! The list is huge so we’ve provided the PS4 titles on offer below, but head to PlayStation Store for a full list and regional pricing.

Totally Digital (until 05/04/17)

We’ve also got a ‘Buy one get one free’ Totally Digital offer on PlayStation Store. Pick two selected digital only and indie titles such as Grow Up, Virginia, Hitman: Go, Tomb Raider Go, and more, and get the cheapest free!*

Totally Digital pre-orders

And remember, you can still make savings on the following Totally Digital pre-orders (these are not included in the “Buy one get one free” offer)

*Please Note: terms and conditions apply.

Deal of the Week (until 29/03/17)

Pro Evolution Soccer 17

Be part of the beautiful game with a week-long discount on Pro Evolution Soccer 17! We have both the PS4 and PS3 versions available on offer so head to PlayStation Store and pick up a great deal today.

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  • Where is that final fantasy XV discount?

    • That is really uncool move to put it down. Some people were able to buy it discounted….

    • One more thing. If this is how I am to be treated by PS Store then I see no other choice than to vote with my wallet.
      By voting with my wallet I mean buying used game :(

    • The FFXV was clearly an error. They pulled it quickly, because otherwise they would have to (I assume) give Square back the price difference.

    • Yesterday I see it’s AU$20 and the price will remain that until 6/4.
      Today when I put some money in my wallet it’s AU$60.

      [DELETED] move, Sony, and false advertising.

    • It was a mistake and they are within in the rights to refund us and rescind are license for the game. I hope they dont. I am gonna finish inside tonight and then…

  • Wait, are those pre-orders also Buy One Get One Free?

    • I don’t think that they are parf of the BOGOF-sale as you can only purchase pre-orders one after another but not two at the same time (on webstore at least).

    • I’m wondering that too but just looks like they are preorders with ps+ discounts only. Should have been posted above the BOGOF section…

    • I was hoping so, but it doesn’t appear that way. Badly formatted as it gives that impression.

    • They’re listed in “Buy One Get One Free” section in the store, so they should be

  • Dang, still no Shantae Half Genie Hero and Wild Guns Reloaded. Those be the ones I’m wanting to get in a sale. :P

  • Came to post about that FFXV deal, the first day I decide to sleep in I miss that!

  • Would rather wait for Knack to be on PS+

  • Question about the buy one get one free offer, what happens if one game costs more than the other? Will I be charged for the one that’s cheaper or the more expensive one? Or does it go by what order you put them in your basket?

  • Our american cousins have a PS+ 15mth for the price of 12mth.
    Will this make its way over the atlantic?

  • Pretty sure the store just leaked the date of Telltale:Gaurdians Of The Galaxy..

  • So no additional PS+ saving on The Last Guardian then?

  • Thanks for the No Heroes Allowed! discount.
    Badman approves :)

  • Would be great to have some sort of explanation as to why FFXV was discounted to £9.99 for a short time but these blogs barely get any replies from Sony any more.

    • They wouldnt reply because it was a mistake. Sonys policy on all mistakes is to ignore them.

    • What’s most egregious is it said that price would remain until 6/4, meaning a lot of people who waited until today to get it (such as myself) missed out because we were mislead.

    • They corrected the error within a couple of hours. If you caught the error yourself (and didn’t have a website draw attention to it) then it’s your own fault for waiting. They’ve corrected it.

      The real reason was clearly they accidentally applied double discounts from last week to it (40% off, 80% for ps plus users), but have since removed the extra plus discount due to it being an error.

  • Is ModNation Racers DLC ever going to go on sale?

  • Does Locoroco midnight carnival work on vita? Says at the side it’s playable on psp/vita, but description says it’s only playable on psp.

    • I bought it years ago and i couldn’t play it on my vita. Recently i was able to sideload it from my ps3. Initiating the download from the webstore might work as well. Be warned it is a lot harder than the other locoroco games.

    • Just checked my vita again and it is showing up in the vita store.

  • Honestly I have no idea why this blog still exists. Everything posted here are things I’ve already known or things that don’t tell me anything and you refuse to answer any questions. Most of the links don’t even work, I have no idea how big the savings are, online store is offline for me more often than online. Today I was able to get there, tried to buy Until Dawn, got error message after confirming payment and the game is not in my library so I hope my money are still mine. Service was bad to begin with but I wasn’t complaining but now? Not being able to buy games is kinda counterproductive for a gaming platform.

    • Yet here you came to post a lengthy comment on the blog you hate so much, hmmm..

    • @hsouzaz

      That’s called constructive criticism, ever heard of it?

    • Yes, because keeping silent and pretending the issues are not there when they start to accumulate is not exactly best course of action.

    • Yeah complaining is all fine and dandy. Ive been coming here on and off for years and the truth is its always filled with the constructive criticism and whinning and crying. Its never good enough. Nintendo fans never get a sale and they go along just fine. Why people cant give it a rest? Its a business, not your entitled little page to rant about everything.

    • Even though I feel this sales pretty damn good… Its a fair criticism MylySaak is making, why the hell list sale items then not show the actual price and saving? These EU Blog ‘SALE’ threads are just blatant teasers, that essentially force you to open-up the store anyway and look for yourself.

      He’s also correct about how undependable the online version of the store often is. If you can actually manage to login, its usually not long before it hangs.

    • Because they can’t put the prices up, PureNomad due to the amount of currencies and different pricing options (Plus getting extra discount) in the EU region.

    • Valid point Kev, but how hard would it be to list (€/£/polish zloty/swiss franc) or whatever? just makes these half information threads irrelevant

    • There’s 11 currencies in Europe, that’s a pretty tedious list of numbers after each title.

  • Purchased uncharted 4 ages ago but since deleted off system as upgraded to pro. No longer given option to download!! Will let me download beta though. Please assist as have restored licences also.

    • No worries, man, I had the same issue.
      You can redownload it using Download List section in PS Store (via web browser). You’ll probably have to scroll a lot of items though.

  • I’m just amused by the PSN name ‘transpondster’. Was watching that episode of Friends again the other day. :P

  • Wow that is a terrible sale, most of the games are old PSP and PS3 games that nobody will buy! The BOGOF is just awful why haven’t you out any discounts on them? All those in BOGOF are always in sales for less than half price! This weeks sales are easily the worst I have ever seen…

  • Something for your PS store design team.
    Next time you use a white background for a page make sure you change the colour of the selection marker to something that isn’t white because right now on the PS4 you cannot see what you have selected.
    I suggest blue or black.

  • No ps vita or ps3??

    • there’s a sale for ps3 and vita but they didn’t include the titles on the blog, you will need to visit the store to see them.

  • No Yakuza Zero ??? Thats a PS Exclusive and the only one i was looking for.

    • Unfortunately for you, Yakuza 0 is too new and too good to be discounted now.

      But, lucky you: it is worth every penny of its 50 pounds(?) asking price, and then some. It’s a permanent bargain!

  • OMG im going to spend a lot of money.. Gravity Rush 2, Last Guardian.. aannd Last of Us! Oh man, how much i loved that game on PS3. That opening and ending scene.. baby girl.

  • This makes me so happy!

  • Very nice sale. Gonna pick up Bound and some “legacy” DLC. :)

    • Oh and people talk about PS1 and PS2 emulation on PS4. That would be nice but while you are at it, a PSP emulation would be nice too. Some amazing classics on it like Daxter, Ape Escape, Medievil and so on. Think of the potential sales with a 55 million install base, its a no brainer.

    • Yeah I’ve been wanting PSP emulation on the home consoles for years, since about halfway through the PS3 era. So many great games on there that could use a new lease of life and shouldn’t have any trouble running on the PS4.

  • Why is there no NBA 2K VC sale in the EU store btw? Only US atm

  • When is Demon’s Souls going on sale again?

  • I actually have everything I need and want – but this amazing deal pops up anyway.
    GG, enjoy!

  • And there i was thinking Modnation Racers dlc might finally be on sale…..nope

  • Must say some deals are great, compared to retail prices.

  • I see I’ll have no problem getting the march-april cashback with this sale. In fact, if it was possible I would probably reach the necessary sum twice :D
    Awesome sale – please bring more like this later on because some exclusives(‘ DLCs) are missing :)

  • Amazing sale, thanks guys(and gals), there’s also some massive discounts for Vita for anyone interested..

  • Dogs the Totally Digital-preorders count for the march-cashback? I guess it should, since the money is withdrawn from your account immediately, but I just want to be sure.

  • How about a discount for, FIFA 16 this, year on Playstation Store?

  • When will ‘The binding of Isaac’ ever be on sale?

  • Why should i buy any of these ?!? Pre-owned games are cheaper and provides the exact same content. Plus I can sell them off again when i’m done.

    Except DLCs, i don’t see anything worth buying that’s value for money.

  • This is not playstation exclusive

  • Even though you can see the PS3 sales on the web store, there is no section showing on the PS3 console store, making probably many unaware there is even a sale. All it shows on deals and offers is Gran Turismo 6 tile and a blank space to the left.

    Also, you cannot view/filter to PSone classics anymore. There used to be a convenient section on the PS3 store. Someone needs to sort this out.

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