Why Homefront: The Revolution is leaving war-torn Philadelphia behind for its final DLC expansion

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Why Homefront: The Revolution is leaving war-torn Philadelphia behind for its final DLC expansion

Plus, Dambuster's FPS gets 4K PS4 Pro support and free Trial mode for newcomers

The release of the Spring Update marks a significant moment for Dambuster Studios and its involvement with Homefront: The Revolution.

It’s now almost a year since the initial launch; the troubles the game had on release have spurred the team on to improve the experience for everyone that purchased the game and those that are interested in trying it out. We are really proud of what we have achieved over the last 10 months, particularly the release of the performance patch in August 2016 that allowed us to deliver on our technical ambition for the game.

Homefront: The Revolution

We were determined to meet our commitments post-release and adjusted our approach to how we developed future content, focusing intently on quality over quantity, even if that meant that the DLC episodes would be shorter experiences overall. So now, as we release the final chapter in the Homefront story – a DLC episode named “Beyond The Walls” we feel we are delivering a well-developed and well-executed addition to the overall experience of the game.

Beyond The Walls is the largest piece of single player DLC among those we have released. The story is set in a new rural environment outside of the walls of Philadelphia which fans of the original Homefront will feel familiar with. Fans of the series may be interested to know that the overall story and ending for Beyond the Walls is actually a resurrection of a story line from the original proposal for the game early on in its development, so we really have come full circle.

As well as the Beyond The Walls DLC, the Spring update also contains two substantial new features that we hope will attract new players to the game. First up, support for the PS4 Pro. HDR is the most noticeable addition, but look a little deeper and you may notice that we’re now rendering the game world to a 1440p buffer before up-scaling it to 4k to achieve a greater level of graphical fidelity.

The front end menus and all of the in-game UI layers are being rendered in a separate pass at 4k to the output buffer. Retro fans will also be pleased to hear that well-received Easter egg content is being rendered at native 4k, and finally HDR is now supported on the standard PS4.

Homefront: The Revolution

The second feature is the brand new free Trial mode, which allows new players to experience the main campaign up to the point where Benjamin Walker reaches the first Yellow Zone. This is around 2-4 hours of gameplay that will give players a great taste of Homefront’s unique take on open world guerrilla warfare.

We’re also really excited to reveal that the Trial mode completely unlocks our online Resistance mode, which is a fully featured co-operative multiplayer mode with a full player progression system, hundreds of items for customisation, multiple replayable missions and no hidden costs involved.

Resistance mode was also supported with additional content post-launch, so there’s a great deal to get stuck into for players who may have missed Homefront when it first released.

With all of these new features, particularly the free Trial mode, we hope the game will be able to reach a new audience. Most of all, the studio would like to sincerely thank everyone who has bought and played the game, players, fans and critics alike.

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