5 ways to make prison life fun in upcoming PS4 crim sim The Escapists 2

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5 ways to make prison life fun in upcoming PS4 crim sim The Escapists 2

Enjoy your time inside with a house band, new accessories and co-op

Hey everyone, this is Dave Wood, producer on The Escapists 2. I’m thrilled to be introducing the return of our prison breakout simulator to PlayStation 4 with the upcoming sequel. You can check out an all-new trailer directly below, as well as a rundown on just some suggestions for you to do in the game!

1. Dust off the old instruments and get the band together

The Escapists 2

For the departing gig as you play alongside your fellow inmates, providing some much needed light relief to the sound of sweet music. Oh yeah, feels good right? BUT! Please don’t forget as much as this ‘trip down memory lane’ excites your ears; you ARE meant to be escaping after all, right? …RIGHT?

2. Prison life has never been so good, or should I say ‘fashionable’

Once you’ve established your mob of inmate pals, go nuts with the criminal amounts of available accessories and styles to get across your versions of what ‘Prison Chic’ *really* is all about. Crazy hairstyles, glasses, facial hair, glasses, hats… With such adornments available at your guilty fingertips, would you really ever want to leave your cell without looking like a (stolen) million dollars?!

3. Become the ultimate incarcerated deviant

Foil and plot your opponents’ downfalls one by one. But ‘how’, you ask? That’s up to you! If you *ARE* asking for advice then being the well behaved inmate I am, I would never recommend such underhand activities such as flooding a rivals’ toilet… It’s just as an example though *cough*. An example where you ‘accidentally’ lure in curious prison guards, who happen to *cough* stumble across a certain prison cell littered with escape attempt debris!

4. Generate the ultimate plan of escape alongside your freedom-hungry online friends!

The Escapists 2

Be sure to establish who takes up what role in the crafty plot – who exactly is tasked with keeping an eye out for danger? …Disguised as an on-duty prison guard… As nearby underground digging shenanigans take place with pinpoint precision? Who’ll be in charge of providing the muscle if the plan goes west? And of course, who will be the brains behind the operation ensuring ALL required materials and tools are at hand for the mischievous act?!

5. …Oh, and one more thing; you’ll be able to learn how to speak ‘dolphin’.

See you on the inside, chum!

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