New on PlayStation Store this week: Horizon Zero Dawn, Torment: Tides of Numenera

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Horizon Zero Dawn, Torment: Tides of Numenera

Plus, Night In The Woods, Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers, Dying: Reborn, more

Arriving on a wave of critical acclaim, this week sees the debut of Horizon Zero Dawn, the stunning new PS4-exclusive open-world adventure from Killzone studio Guerrilla Games. In an era where Machines roam the land and mankind is no longer the dominant species, step into the shoes of a young hunter named Aloy as she embarks on a journey to discover her destiny.

Also out this week, eccentric indie adventure Night in the Woods, fantasy RPG Torment: Tides of Numenera, out-of-this-world PS VR experience Apollo 11 and new DLC for Steep, Minecraft and Tom Clancy’s The Division, among others.

See the full list of new arrivals below.

PlayStation StoreOut this week





  • Horizon Zero Dawn
    1st March

  • Horizon Zero Dawn – Deluxe Edition
    1st March

  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
    1st March


  • ADK Damashii
    1st March

  • The Sun and Moon/Letter Quest Bundle
    1st March

  • Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Extended Edition
    1st March


  • Apollo 11 VR
    1st March

  • The Pure Bundle
    2nd March

  • ACA Neo Geo NAM-1975
    2nd March



  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
    1st March



Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in February

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  • Torment: Tide of Numenera on PS4 Pro got 4K enabled? I got confusing info about this feature so wanted to check

  • I’ve been told the digital pre-order for Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Re:MIX would be available in the EU on the 28th of February. Where is it?

  • Loving the new earlier time format. Some great games I’m picking up this week, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Night In the Woods and Grim Legends. I am waiting for my copy of Horizon Zero Dawn, awesome week so far.

  • Hate that the US get horizon before us ;(

  • Looks like even the playstation blog staff does not know about the coming games. Dying: Reborn is also out for Ps Vita if anyone is interested

  • Bridge Constructor for PS Vita?

  • Will we be able to preorder Dragon Quest Heroes 2 soon?

  • For all you Kiwis and Aussies Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 stealthily popped up on the store sometime this week so get in amongst it

  • Pretty disgusted that its not a global release of Horizon Zero Dawn , Opens PUS live and there’s thousands streaming , what’s that all about ?

  • Pineview Drive – Joe’s Diner Horror Bundle £32.99

    Bought individually from the store £24.99+£3.99=£28.98

    Surely something is wrong here

  • When can we expected to finally see Suikoden IV?
    It was supposed to release last year, even announced in the weekly updates, and it never came.
    Now the US PSN has it; what about Europe?

  • horizon zero dawn
    only negative ting = sony +guerrilla games
    are iritating miself by launching a tripel a game on 2 diferent dates
    story = spoiled totaly to use .
    so to me = no more then a + game

    when are you gone learn !!!!

    • If the story got spoiled for you, then that’s on you. Not on sony. I’ve been reading plenty about Horizon and have yet to be spoiled about anything. The way they release their first party titles has always been this way. You’re just looking for a reason to cry and complain, aren’t you? Anyway, have fun waiting for Horizon to be a ps+ game, because that’s something that’ll totally happen.

    • It’s just a day after, stay away from the internet and you will be okay.

    • RoaringMdog18
      game looking very good so wil not wait ( i tink = best looking game untile now , only games i tink wil have maby same to offer are god of war – read dead redemption- the last of use )

      Bigest problem whith hardcore gamers = them waiting so long so if them need to wait longer then others you are always watching
      why = want to now if the revieuws are indeed correct

      also you contry where the game = made + contry next to yours need to wait longer ?

      ps. i hate ps+ games
      i love to buy mi games ( jes more when them are % of )

      to me best devlopers/ publishers are them who not showing a lot untile the game launch 2 -4 month later + delivers a great game by a global launch

  • No FFXV A Knight’s Tale for us then? Guess i’ll get it from the US store.

  • tanks a lot 2 dates , 1 retailer set the game in store to sel = al others can follow .
    love Belgium law
    not 1 store respect you if internet stores + other contry are geting

    first copy ath 13 :00 sold in some stores
    miself now ath 17:50

  • I am wondering who has had the ‘brilliant’ idea to charge for a separate price for the VR version of Dying Reborn and only offer half of the game?

    I will of course twit the developers but it sounds ridiculous. Either offer one game with the VR version included or if you want to do to version offer the full game in VR and not half of it.

    Follow me on twitter

    • Oasis has commented about the two version of Dying Reborn suggesting, and I quote, ‘Different experiences (1 shorter, but more immersive) and different prices…’

      My reply to them is that consumers owning both a PS4 and a PS VR would not know which version to play if they want to have the full definitive experience.
      Do they go for the longer one (6 chapters) and sacrifice immersion or play the cut down version (3 chapters) in order to experience full immersion?

      This feels like a bad move from their part and I feel forcing consumers to choose is not ideal.
      If they genuinely wanted to charge separately for the PS VR version they should have, at the very least, ported the full game and not do a half baked version.
      Ideally, one version of the full game been playable both in VR and on PS4 to capture both markets would have been better.

      The likes of Resident Evil and Ace Combat are showing that there is a desire for a full game been playable in VR and even games like DIRT have been patched, in exchange of a minimal, so it can be played in VR in full.

      Developers have to start to take VR seriously and stop producing short gaming experiences or VR will end up been just a fad.
      The desire from consumers for full games is here; the sales are showing that people love VR and if it had not been out of stock for most of the times (because Andrew House was too cautious with his forecast) PS VR would have sold more than the (nearly) 1 million units they sold so far.

      Let’s see what the sales data will teach Oasis.

  • Will the digital deluxe edition of horizon zero dawn still be available to buy with the previous order bonuses if I buy it in a few days or were the bonuses only available before the date of release

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