New discounts start today on PlayStation Store: FIFA 17, Titanfall 2, GTAV, more

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Save up to 60% on a range of massive EA titles this week

Get behind the wheel of the unique open-world racer, The Crew, in this week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week. You can save on the full game and season pass on PS4 until 1st March, so head to PlayStation Store today and don’t miss out on this great deal!


EA Offers (until 08/03/17)

We’ve got a host of EA content available on offer for two weeks on PlayStation Store, where you can save up to 60% on select PS4, PS3 and DLC titles.


Favourites such as FIFA 17, Battlefield 1, UFC 2, Titanfall 2, Need For Speed and many more are available on offer.

Head to PlayStation Store for regional pricing, but here’s a look at everything on offer.



Digital Discounts (until 08/03/17)

Our Digital Discounts promotion continues. Save big on a host of amazing digital titles such as Super Meat Boy, Verdun, The Bunker and more. Start your next adventure today on PlayStation Store!

Grand Theft Auto V offer (until 01/03/17)

Finally, we have the Grand Theft Auto V full game and bundles available on offer for one week on both PS3 and PS4. Grab a great deal on this hugely popular title today.

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  • Happy 5th birthday Vita! Nice to see that Sony Europe celebrate this day with such an awesome sale for Vita-games. Oh wait…

  • Don’t usually have much faith in EA game sales but Plants Vs Zombies 2 is actually a good price

    • Yeap, i’m tempted to purchase it… Does anyone know if it’s easy to find matches? And how intrusive are the microtransactions?

  • No a bad set of sales. Really holding out for the Last of us remastered though. Again it RRP in the US is $19:99USD Which is 16 pounds! In the words of Gobe; come on!!!

    • It’s £12 in Game.

    • Even more reason for not to be 39.99 on PSN!

      Live in Dazaifu Japan so Game is a little far away. Xbox is alot better for regional price parity than PSN. You can keep the same account and switch regions, truly region free. However PSN has better exclusives and sales. Just strange things like this huge difference in price difference.

  • Hey Sandeep,

    Any chance you could request from Zen Studios a discount on the Marvel Pinball tables for PS4 on our behalf? There’s a bunch of them and they never are part of any sale, would be great if PS+ members could have a nice deal on these in any of the coming sales.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Mass effect fans: can any of you vouch for the quality of DLC on sale? I know they were on sale last month, but I am clueless about the DLC content, and I’m strongly considering getting into the franchise considering its ratings.

    In other matters:

    EA sure have some shady practices, depending on what you read. I personally hate how they don’t bother to patch major game issues flagged on their forums. But, I think they’re the developer that offers us the best discounts in store.

    GTA V…Dammit, I have really waited for the PS4 version to hit the sub £20 region but alas. Not happening any time soon I guess.

    • I got every achievement going through multiple runs of all of them on the 360, and am doing so again now on ps3. The DLC is very much worth it especially at these prices. The Mass Effect Trilogy with all it’s DLC is something I wish I could erase from my memory so I could experience it fresh all over again! :D

    • Hardly vouch but only really worth of buying is Citadel and From Ashes,but prices are really low so nothing wrong in getting them all… But i really believe that EA is going to “remaster” this trilogy for current gen and finally pack all DLC into one bundle and milk us for 50 bucks again

    • From best to worst, in my opinion:

      If you intend to play through all 3 games, do yourself a favor and at least get Citadel. It starts with a varied campaign that is laced throughout with jokes and callbacks to ME1 and 2, then opens a level filled with minigames, and ends with a sparkling party as a send-off for most past & present team members. If the games click with you, by the time you can access this content it is exactly what you want.

      Leviathan and From Ashes contribute to the lore, so if you don’t have them you may end up wondering what’s in them and if you made a mistake. I liked Leviathan more; its story is fleshed out and has a cool mystery vibe. From Ashes is a cool idea, with uninspired execution.

      Arrival fills in the blank between ME2 and ME3, a bit, but isn’t necessary or great. The gameplay annoyed me a little.

      And Omega, in my opinion, is very skippable. It’s a near endless fight, in a joyless atmosphere, and its resolution does not fold back into the central game.

      Each DLC apart from Citadel contains 3-5 hours of gameplay, I think. Citadel lasts 5-20 hours.

    • Mass Effect 1 includes all the ME1 DLC worth playing. Mass Effect 2 already has most of the story DLC included so it’s just the Arrival DLC that can be bought separately. It isn’t quite as good as the other ME2 DLC, but it bridges the gap between the end of Mass Effect 2 and the start of Mass Effect 3’s story.

      For Mass Effect 3 I would recommend the Leviathan, Omega and Citadel DLCs. The From Ashes DLC is mainly a pre-order DLC that adds a new squad member. The mission it includes is only 30 minutes long though so it’s not really a story DLC.

    • In my opinion, all DLCs are pretty good value — when they’re discounted, which is often the case.

      Arrival fleshes out ME3’s intro. From Ashes mainly adds Javik, the last Prothean, which is pretty much a mandatory character if you want to experience Mass Effect’s lore to the fullest. Leviathan essentially explains the origin of the Shadows — I mean, Reapers — and Citadel is a nice farewell party before the storm hits the fans at the end of ME3.

    • Thanks for the feedback fellow gamers :-)

      From what I’ve read, I’ll pick up the ME trilogy + Citadel DLC.

      Hoping it’ll be an awesome gaming experience.

  • Was really hoping to see some Vr content added to this sale, im unwilling to pay some of the inflated prices for very basic and very short games simply because they are Vr content. I Really want to try the Batman game, iv been told it’s very good but also very short and probably not worth the current price tag. Getting software prices right could be very instrumental in the much hoped for success of PlayStation VR.

    • are you crazy!? first off all, the price for batman VR is perfect as it is. its one of the best VR experiences out there, and you can tell how much love and care they put in to the game.
      second. “getting software prices right” *facepalm*. the VR prices they have atm are perfect. VR games are expensive to make, and the install base for psvr is very small. you should srsly be happy its not 60bucks per game.
      10-20 bucks for VR games are great prices… what are you talking about dude.

  • Can I get a quick count on anybody who doesn’t own Battlefield 4 or Hardline?
    Seriously lost count of how many times its been on offer!!!!

    • you are right, but don’t forget about completely fresh ps4 buyers. Some might find 37th Battlefield 4 offer enticing!

  • Surely there should be a vita birthday sale, oh Sony I’m so disappointed. I may have to switch

  • Since Sony seems to not mention it anywhere, Happy 5th Birthday Vita. :D

  • Can not b7y the EA Family Bundle because i “own” the Unreveal DEMO…thanks Sony….

  • Does anyone know when black ops 3 comes back to sale because i missed the last sale…

  • In case anybody missed it Dex is now available as cross-buy. It appears as a separate item to the original PS4 only version. On the online store you can purchase it for free and I assume you can then download the Vita version should you wish. I went with the store on the PS4 which said the new cross-buy version was a free download. So I requested the free download only to be told that I had already downloaded Dex (which is correct). However upon checking my Vita download list Dex is now available to download which I have not been able to do due to lack of space and a pretty huge backlog.

  • Why 4 of the 7 Dragon Age DLC’s are on sale and the other 3 not? The 7 were on all on last year’s sale at the same time. And a bundle with all would make sense.
    As someone said it’s true that EA has some shady practices, some of their games are broken beyond acceptable, but they do make some reasonable sales each year, and include most of the DLC on those.

  • Can we have EA access please? I’ll decide what’s good value thanks very much. I don’t need to be nannied by Sony. Besides, the price of games on PSN you’ve a cheek to talk about value!

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