Try out the new co-driver mode in Dirt Rally’s PS VR upgrade, out on PS4 today

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Try out the new co-driver mode in Dirt Rally’s PS VR upgrade, out on PS4 today

Roar through the full PS4 game in PlayStation VR and enjoy PS4 Pro optimisation

Hello! I’m Christina McGrath, Senior Community Manager for Dirt Rally. As you may’ve heard, Dirt Rally PS VR powerslides onto PlayStation VR headsets today – so we thought you’d like to know what you can expect from its top-notch PlayStation VR experience.

It’s the whole game

First things first: when you pick up the Dirt Rally PS VR upgrade, you get to enjoy all of Dirt Rally’s content in glorious VR. Whether it be racing through the forests of Finland, climbing the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course, or going bumper-to-bumper with other supercars in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, you can do it all with your PlayStation VR headset on. Every track, stage, car and discipline is available for PlayStation VR users – there’s nothing off-limits when it comes to immersing yourself in Dirt’s off-road racing world.

Dirt Rally

It includes an innovative new co-driver mode

The co-driver is one of the most crucial elements of rally. Imagine: you’re racing on a cliff side and about to throw your car around a blind corner, with only your co-driver’s pacenotes providing you an idea of what lies around the next bend. You need those calls to be well-timed, clear, and reliable… Well, we’re literally putting those calls in your hands. Or, rather, the hands of Player Two.

Dirt Rally

That’s right – featuring a never been-seen-before co-driver mode, a second player can be entrusted with the important responsibility of sending the right calls at the right time. Press the wrong button at the wrong time, and your rally pilot won’t have a clue about what to expect from the next few turns. However, get the timings right from the social screen, and the calls will be delivered crisply and cleanly to the person in the driver’s seat.

After the end of each stage, an accuracy rating will be given too – so there’s nowhere to hide if your coordination is off or your reactions aren’t quite quick enough!

The update is PS4 Pro optimised

We know that a lot of you have upgraded your hardware to optimise your PlayStation VR experience, so we’re making sure that our PlayStation VR upgrade makes the most of your extra performance power. The PS VR update comes PS4 Pro optimised, and you’ll literally be able to see the difference with the graphical improvements it brings – so those of you with the hardware can enjoy the benefits of your PS4 Pro.

It’s launching with an introductory offer

The best news of all? We’re running an introductory offer when the DLC drops! From today and up until the 27th February 2017, you can pick up the entire PlayStation VR bundle – so the 2D game, the PS VR upgrade, and our Fully Loaded DLC Add-on packs – for a discounted price! And if you already own the game, you can pick up the DLC upgrade separately. Check here for your local pricing.

Want to know more? Feel free to fire away any questions in the comments below, or quiz us over on @dirtgame – we’re all ears!

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  • Oooooo “Pro” might re-download again. But found it so god dam hard! Couldn’t keep the car on the track at all!? Maybe it was me? Anyone else find it hard?

    • Game is not easy. Just be consistent and persistent. Its very rewarding to play.

      Hope to try DiRT Rally VR soon. Would also like to compare it to Driveclub VR in terms of immersion and graphics (not in terms of game play because they are different games)

    • Practice makes perfect! ;) In all seriousness though, hit up the tutorials and check out some ‘how to’ videos on Youtube. It’s super rewarding when you get the right feel for it. :)

    • Hold on!? Do I have to pay extra for the pro upgrade???

    • It’s hard, but very well done, very rewarding when you progress.
      I have done 1300km this weekend, it’s totally amazing.
      And I don’t even have a driving licence !!!!!

    • As they tell you, look the tutorials inside the game, and start driving slowly

  • Hi Christina!

    Congratulations on the launch. This is perfect to scratch that racing itch I’ve been having on the VR.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Does the Pro support work outside of VR modes too?

  • Impressive support and the co-driver mode is a really nice and innovative use of VR and social screen.

  • I’m gonna get the upgrade regardless, but I’m just wondering why PS4 players have to pay for the upgrade, but PC players don’t?

  • Does anyone know what the situation is with the uk physical release is? Codemasters themselves responded to a tweet of mine a few days back and confirmed the plan was to get it in stores today along with the digital version. But I can’t find it anywhere :/

  • Was hoping that the co-driver could select what to call out & when.. What a shame, would of been a nice mode but now blah, would rather go play so Parappa the Rapper..

    • Then call out…duh.

      Don’t have to use button prompts.

    • If the game gives you a clear signal of what is coming up, sure. But you need to be on your game as a co-pilot, calling out whats coming ahead, a jump, how long after the jump before you have a corner.. Its a full on task, where normally they don’t have time to look up, figure out whats ahead, they need to know & pass that info on at the right time & quickly.

      Maybe your right, best just to drive the level, write down all the notes & just do it yourself.

  • Kudos for the full VR mode! I’m looking forward to giving it a go!

  • Driving in VR is an awesome experience!
    I also have the impression that I’m driving way better now I can judge corners better.

    Hopefully Dirt 4 gets VR support (out of the box)

    More of this and people can stop complaining about “short VR experiences” and “no AAA games in VR” :-)

  • I have a question for those who have played Driveclub VR and suffered motion sickness. How does this compare?

  • I’ve installed this on my old psn account .how can I deactivate it so I can use it on my main can only use the code that comes with the vr version once,,so how can I uninstall and deactivate the game from my old account?seems starnge as i stated I purchased the vr copy it should’ve been on the disc not as a download

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