Huge new The Tomorrow Children update revamps systems, adds Administrator Tower

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Huge new The Tomorrow Children update revamps systems, adds Administrator Tower

Q-Games weighs in on the changes coming to the dystopian alternate reality

It is five months since we launched The Tomorrow Children and to mark this awesome moment we are rolling out one new huge new feature and a complete revamp of a number of the existing systems. If you were holding back from trying out this dystopian alternate reality, now is the time to dive in. If you played it five months ago when it was all a bit raw now is also the time for you to come back and see what we’ve done since then, which is a lot!

First things first, I’d like to thank the amazing comrades who have made suggestions and talked to me directly about what they’d like to see in the game and I really appreciate all the feedback as it helps me settle on new ideas to include in the game.

So, let’s cut to the chase! We have added a brand new building called the “Administrator Tower”.

The Tomorrow Children

A couple of months ago we added “Comrade Stars” which are stars that accumulate above your head as you receive praise from other players, and we also added Party Privilege Stamps that you can earn when you come in at a high toil ranking when a town is fully restored.

The Administrator Tower is the culmination of both of these systems and is going to give you a bunch of administrative commands at your fingertips. Here is a list of the things you can do right now:

  • Fire Brigade – all fires in town will be extinguished.
  • Phase Healing – all comrades will be healed to full immediately.
  • Non-Resident Barrier – Non-residents are banned from entry to the town for a certain period of time (players already logged in are fine until they next log out). Used wisely this can give you something close to private servers!
  • Airship Raid – The nearest Bankrotz will be destroyed by aerial attack. This is fun for everyone to watch!
  • Comrade Summons – All players will be asked if they want to be teleported back to town, useful for calling people back to fend off an attack!
  • Terrain Clearer – Terrain surrounding structures in town will be cleared.
  • Power Saver – The town will draw electricity from the state for a short period of time, and not deplete the town’s energy supply.
  • Food Saver – The town will use food from the state for a short period of time, and not deplete the town’s food supply.
  • Turret Tuning – Soviet scientists will temporarily tune the turrets to fire an extra shot in quick succession. Particularly great when combined with a certain mayor!
  • Retashi Smasher – All retashi in the town will be instantly quashed, great for when a swarm has just arrived.
  • Clone Luminescence – By order of the Administrator, all comrades will glow for a short period of time.
  • Island Disperser – All islands will be dispersed in the order in which they were created. Great for cycling in new islands to play on when you have fully mined the existing ones!

Now, on top of the above we have made some major retuning to make the game more fun for the player:

  • Shotgun and missile launcher recoils and reloads are much snappier now.
  • Shaking trees to drop their apples is much more snappy too.
  • The stretch gun will stretch more.
  • Fighting off a bunch of izverg will now give you a bit of a breather and izvergs will be scarcer for a while.
  • We reduced the health of the green Bankrotz by 50%. We also sped him up a touch to balance that out but not too much. Bankrotz have occasionally been seen to attack in pairs, watch out!
  • There are more izverg in each wave now, but more “down time” between waves to give everyone a breather. This really allows people to prepare and have fun with their towns.
  • Walls and cube blocks are much stronger now and not so easily destroyed, try placing a wall all around your town!
  • You can now praise a comrade even after she has disappeared and a little smokey splodge is all that is left.
  • The Bankrotz fireball attack is now not so accurate and will fire randomly near where it thinks it is being shot from. However, it’s charge time is shorter so watch out!
  • The tougher Yellow and toughest red Bankrotz, Bondi and Zapptors will appear a little less often now.
  • Better tuning of Izverg attacks when there are fewer players defending a town.
  • Praising gives more points now towards Comrade Stars.
  • The radius of dynamite has been greatly increased, try blowing up some terrain!
  • Lowered construction costs for walls and cube blocks.
  • Viewing the daily rankings when they pop up will earn you Comrade Star points if you are in the top ten.
  • Some void powers are now discoverable in treasure boxes!
  • Opening treasure boxes now gives you more experience points.
  • Comrades above level 30 will now receive two character points (agility, dex, etc) per level.
  • Comrades above level 50 will now receive three character points per level! (existing high level comrades will suddenly find they have quite a few points to assign when they login)
  • Comrades will now receive a badge when they purchase licenses.

We have been busy making new islands too, and have included an incredible looking one in this update, take a look:

The Tomorrow Children

Also, the black market is proving popular so we have included great value bundles of items themed to particular types of players. The selection will rotate every 24 hours so check them out. One of them might be perfect for your style of play so give it a chance!

My last note is a huge thanks to everyone who is playing and loving The Tomorrow Children, we have players that have clocked in hundreds and hundreds of hours from all over the world and it is humbling to see people getting so involved in our strange dystopic experiment.

I hope this blog will entice some new players from across the world too, because I’d like everyone to try this new version of The Tomorrow Children at least once, it’s a unique experience quite unlike any other game with amazing graphics, atmosphere and music. A huge amount of love has been put into creating and then polishing it with the help of the community. Spread the word to your comrades, let’s get busy!

For the Glory of All, Comrades!

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