PlayStation Now service update

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Incoming changes to device compatibility for the game streaming service

We’d like to share an important update on compatible devices for PlayStation Now. From 15th August 2017, you will no longer be able to use PS Now on the following devices:

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV
  • All Sony Bravia TV models*
  • All Sony Blu-ray player models
  • All Samsung TV models

You will still be able to enjoy PS Now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

From 15th March 2017, you will no longer be able to sign up to PS Now through the affected devices. If your subscription lapses, you will be able to sign up again for the service on PS4 or PC.

After thoughtful consideration, we decided to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC to further develop and improve the user experience on these two devices. This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further.

If you use any of the affected devices, we want to give our heartfelt thanks for your support, and we hope you’ll continue with us. Remember that all of your PS Now cloud game saves can easily be accessed on both PS4 and Windows PC.

If you do not wish to continue your subscription on PS4 and PC, please remember to disable auto-renewal in your account settings before 15th July so that your subscription ends before 15th August 2017 (or before 15th April if you want your subscription to end before 15th May, the date the service ceases on the initial set of select 2016 Sony Bravia TVs). For details about how to end your subscription go here.

* PS Now will be discontinued on the following select 2016 Models starting on 15th May 2017: KD-100ZD9, KD-55XD8005, KD-49XD8005, KD-43XD8005, KD-55XD700x, KD-75ZD9, KD-49XD8099, KD-43XD8099, KD-49XD8305, KD-49XD700x, KD-65ZD9, KD-49XD8088, KD-43XD8088, KD-43XD8305, KD-50SD8005, KD-49XD8077, KD-43XD8077, KD-65XD750x

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  • As well as telling people in the Chosen Countries when they can’t play PS Now on some of their devices, how about telling those of us in the rest of Europe when we CAN play PS Now?

    • I would not expect the service to be rolled out at this time anymore. Those who are interested in the old games probably have gotten a used PS3 already and the few who dont probably wont pay the ridiculous subscription fee Sony wants. Sony is riding a dead horse here and slowly realize that they have to get off it.
      Not sure where Sony is heading with PSNow, but I am dead sure not into the expansion direction anymore, they do not have money to burn on such things anymore.

    • Even as a huge PlayStation fan I think it sucks. Either add every single PS1/PS2 game to it from every single region with trophies or just abandon it now.

      And don’t even bother with PS3 games for now, they aren’t as hard to get your hands on at the moment then these other lost classics. Most of us still have PS3s anyway and if you really want to play PS3 games, lol, then why don’t you have one already.

  • Let’s be honest, you’re removing PS Now from these devices due to low customer use of the service and if you’re REALLY honest PS Now wasn’t your best idea and you paid far too much for GaiKai

    The PS4 has sold far better than you ever thought it would and maybe, now that the console is 3 years old, you should consider adding backwards compatibility to the PS4 and gave up on PS Now altogether
    If not for PS3 games then at least for PS1/2 titles

    • PS2 games are already reverse compatible.

    • Don’t nit pick, you know exactly what I mean

      PS4 owners want the ability to simply pop a PS1 or PS2 disc and play or to download and play those PS1/2 digital titles which worked on their PS3

    • Lol Sony not doing that they charge money. They getting easy money charging for ps2 games. The end of this year they might release ps1 hd games and charge money for those

    • Great point well made… I’m constantly jealous of Xbox owners being able to play last gen games on their new console (yes I own a PS3 but I’d much rather play with a dualshock 4 then a dualshock 3 thank you very much)

      As for PS1/PS2 titles not being introduced this is crazy, they’ve created a PS1 emulator on 3 consoles already, and the PS4 is much much much faster than those previous consoles so it should be a doddle really, even if they created a really poorly optimised emulator it still shouldn’t be a problem for running PS1/PS2 games.

    • PS1 and PS2 compatibility is technically not a problem. Emus are there in droves for the PC and the machine is fast enough.
      Heck they already have an emu working for PS2 titles. They just use it to gouge additional money from their customers (aka sell those old games again instead of letting people play from the original disks)
      This reminds me on Nintendo which also gouge money out of old games every time a new gen is released.
      Not sure if this is a japanese mentality or just plain stupid.

  • RIP PSNow, I barely knew you (maybe because Sony never bothered to even release the damn thing in Sweden and other Scandinavia countries to begin with).

  • Yey! Backwards compatibility incoming!…

    • Dream on. PC’s can’t even do PS3 emulation so theirs no way PS4 can.

    • PS1 and PS2 emulation would be a start, even if PS3 isn’t possible

    • K.. the people who made the ps3 probably have a better chance at making a more powerful device play the games. Especially having full access to the ps4s internals.

    • It’s the Cell, it’s stupidly complicated. Not even that sure the Pro could emulate PS3, the Pas4 certainly can’t.

    • A full ps3 emulation is about 5-10 years away on the PC, they cannot do that on the PS4 hardware. The problem is the weird cell infrastructure which is really hard to emulate. Basically the NIH syndrome they had with the PS3 now bites them big time.

  • Another blow to Vita owners. That’s a shame.

    Isn’t it about time this was chucked into PlayStation Plus?

  • Disgusting treatment of loyal customers. I bought 3 Sony Android TVs specifically to enjoy gaming without the need for a console in each room, now you tell me the service is being discontinued!!

    I have been buying Sony products for over 20 years and this is the first time I feel the need to tell you how I feel. You have just lost a very loyal customer.

    • So loyal you aren’t a plus subscriber, you don’t own any of the consoles or games and you claim to have bought these TV’s for psnow? Man you must love lag-filled gaming.

    • Just install Moonlight and stream anything you want gamewise from your local pc (NVidia graphics card required) to your tv.

  • “This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further.”

    The Power of Autosuggestion…

  • The service is not even available in my region, but without Vita support I’m much less interested in it.

  • This doesn’t sound as a update, it’s a downgrade.
    When will the service be available in Sweden?
    You are discriminating many of your customers.

  • This was what I warned you about Sony for years that streaming games is a mistake. Not only is it expensive but its also unusable to many people. Now fully cancel this awful streaming service and invest in something better like backwards compatibility. All that money wasted that could have been used on something good. The day PS Now fully shuts down will be a good day :D

  • Wasn’t the original benefit of obtaining GaiKai and PlayStation Now to ‘Play Anywhere’

    Sony, you’ve really managed to flush yourself down a toilet this time. Thanks for nothing, I used to respect you as a company.

    This is why I don’t buy into this PS4 Pro nonsense, just another high priced gimmick that’s good for the first year before being shafted as Legacy hardware like you did with the Vita and PSTV.

    At least the real Sony in Japan still have that hardware going strong, because they have faith in their hardware and the gamers that use it, and have the courage to actively support it.

    SCEE and SCEA will do anything for a cash grab. Great games are brought out here such as RIGS and Driveclub VR, and you have the audacity to shut the studios down with the sad excuse of ‘best business interests’, after releases of high acclaim and loyalty to the company, yet you claim it was after thoughtful decision and deep regret.

    Well the deep regret was with us gamers thinking you would have improved and actually listened to your customers.

    4ThePlayers indeed.

    • Nothing ANY company do is for the benefit of their customers, it’s all about profit and shareholders

      Gamers seem incredibly naive in thinking Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have the customer’s best interests at heart

    • Not always true. Sony SCEJ actually have respect for their gamers, they listen to them.

  • This is so annoying. I really liked PS Now on my Vita. It massively increased the catalog of games. I feel like they didn’t give it a proper chance to be successful – it was only rolled out in a few countries, the price was high and never discounted in Europe and as usual they didn’t advertise it at all.
    Sony has so many good ideas and have tried lots of new products but they give up on them so quickly if they aren’t an instant success (except PS3). Based on their track record it doesn’t fill me with much hope for PSVR or PS4 Pro.

  • The only place, PS Now should be, is Apple TV. It’s one place, where it can succeed. I’m baffled at decisions, Sony execs are make.

  • Cringe seeing as you are just giving me reasons to not give you money i might as well cancel it now seeing as i only used it on Vita.

    Good job Sony. You keep pushing consumers away. Looking forward to the new Xbox only took you three years to switch my opinion. Pathetic company. Great Brand.

  • Oh also $ony, remember this?: “EA Access program isn’t good value”. months later and your PSNow garbage is declining. Stop speaking for us, you don’t know what we demand. Sony can be quite dense sometimes.

    • Sony have never really seemed to care about what we want. They’re happy to put out services/peripherals/entire systems, rake in some cash and then drop it completely.
      They’ve always been the same. It’s why I no longer buy anything but their mainline system (PS4 for now) I won’t buy PSVR because they’ll drop that when they’ve had their fill, just as they did with my doorstop, eh I mean Vita. Sony is most certainly not “for the gamers” they are “for the accounting department”.
      The way Sony’s business practices are headed I’m really looking forward to Scorpio ;)

    • Well to be fair, EA Access isn’t on Bluray players or TVs anyway lol.

  • Sony, why announcing this when you know that almost all European countries don’t even have access to PS Now! I must say that when I joined the Beta testing in my country I was very happy with the quality and the responsiveness of PS Now. But then I heard about the ridiculous price they lost me. Most of the current available games I already owned and finished. I think most people had the same idea I know.

  • If you guys think PSNow is officially a flop, you should do a medical check lol.

    Like everyone here said, it wasn’t even released in many EU countries.

  • I suggest going to Nvidia game streaming/shield instead, or buying/building a PC.
    Even a low spec computer can play most of the stuff people want to play, for a lot cheaper.

    Then you can just stream the Playstation 4 and Xbox One for any software that you’d not like to miss out on.

  • Well thats 2 Bravia TVs getting downgraded, had PSNow to give the PS4 a rest…….can I have a parial refund on my recently purchased KD55XD8599BU please? PSNow was part of it’s appeal to me and now it’s getting taken away!!! :(

  • *Partial Refund* might contact a consumer rights advisor seeing as I only got it in November 2016!!

  • Why would you stop PlayStation now on bravia tv? It’s a sony tv! Unbelievable! what comes first a tv or a box. Are you making a tv compatible laptop sony instead of another box for PlayStation or a even bigger box again!, or to sell bravia like you did vaio? witch makes me fink back to the streaming service topic?. pc that a box’s, PlayStation that’s a box, a box is to put the main attribute in, that’s a screen weather it be a laptop or television, VR or holo lens. So why would you do this? It a box’s! At this point I would say this is a step back which is a bad decision, it’s just a tethering connect throw Internet signal, it’s not as if it constant feed weather you subscribe or not to PlayStation now, so do you intend on switching PlayStation now off or not!? Time will tell. I hope not because that means less choice!. Give use a PlayStation laptop that’s tv compatible for the next installment of machine, please. that would be the right thing to do. You can’t get more freedom of choice with a laptop it can be a home hub and optional mobile device. The revised ps4 is so small it’s easily done, weather it got a disc drive or not. I’m done! thank you. ????

  • What is this, I don’t even… PlayStation Now? Soon it will be PlayStation Never. As much as I love PlayStation, this move is a brutal one for many owners of those PS Now platforms. Sony, you should reconsider.

  • Not entirely related but hopefully this means they’ll finally drop ps3 and vita support on PS+ very soon too.
    It’s mandatory for ps4 online, not those. Halfway past its life cycle and we’re still getting last-gen and dead portable content, and rarely even anything good.

    Ontopic, I never understood why anyone would support all this digital nonsense. I’d even get all my DLC physically if I could.

    • And I hope they’ll keep those games coming for a long time. PS+ freebies are good to discover hidden gems. That is exactly how I got to know Rocket League’s prequel on PS3, why I bought PS Vita (already a considerable library of games “owned”).

      The only alternative I’d accept would be a permanent XX% discount for the platform they drop freebies. Something like 10% permanent discount on EVERYTHING in Origin Access. And that discount works with sales too. But it would stop me from buying those hidden gems to a certain extent so I prefer getting my freebies on all platforms, even PSP.

      If you’re so unhappy with your PS4 PS+ line-up, buy older consoles and be happier.

  • What a joke. Never made available in my country anyway.

  • Sorry. Without Vita support, I’m not interested. I stand with the vocal majority in wanting PS Now dropped in favour of actual backwards compatiblity.

    I own a PS4, PS3 and a PS Vita – the Vita is my most played console – both in terms of games I play (if a game is on multiple consoles I’ll buy Vita) – so much more convenient for long commutes – and remote play (one of Sony’s finer points).

    But I digress. Surely this is a step in the right direction – dropping all but 2, halting account creation… Isn’t PSNow essentially still in beta phase? We could have BC next year. It’s what the people want.


  • I won’t hold my breath as with Sony’s track record of not even supporting their own devices it seems unlikely. But I’d love to see a macOS version as well as Windows.

    I do have Windows, but it’s not my daily system and of course I’ve got my PS4 Pro. But if it was on macOS so that I could use it on my MacBook Pro when I’m out and about, without having to virtualise or use boot camp, I’d subscribe. Until then, I’ll keep my money.

  • Comical that this hasn’t made it to many territories at all and it’s already winding down. So how about the local ps1 support on ps4?

  • The one reason I was wanting to eventually sub to now was vita :(

  • I only owned a PS Vita and I was looking forward to stream play PS4 games when I finally got one. So gg.

  • Sad that this happens but I guess they want people to actually get a PS4 at this time to continue using some of their services. I’m not affected though as I got the Pro. And to everyone complaining about the service. I’ve only tried it for 2 months now, replayed Ni No Kuni and Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel series with ZERO lag ever. And it looks pretty amazing and clean on my tv! I have 300Mbps cable and am on Wifi! Only thing I don’t like is that it turns of the game if you h want touched it for like 20-30min so no long breaks to get dinner or something.

    • Hey bro, how did you get it working in Sweden? Pm me with a walkthrough if you feel uncomfortable telling me here.
      Really would love to play Ni No Kuni on my Pro.

    • Hi Chris, I still sad they removed the Vita support, that was my main reason for wanting PSnow. Oh well, I rarly have time to play old games anymore anyhow.

  • Doesn’t even exist for Australian gamers. Sony, you’re really losing me here. Already cancelled my auto-renew on PS Plus.

  • No loss, PSNow was never really available in (most of) the EU anyway.

  • Well that was a complete waste of time wasn’t it.

    “This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further.” … by removing most of the user-base???

    The price point was a complete joke and that will have killed it in its tracks. £12.99 in the UK and we were one of the few places it was even available.

  • Service isn’t even available in my region.What a joke.
    Besides at it’s current price point i’d rather grab a used ps3 instead.(my ps3 is dead)

  • I never used the service but im suprised more than anything its leaving Bravia Tv’s.
    I can understand with PS3 & Vita as PS3 is around 10 years old & the Vita’s install base is quite low so the amount of users making use of ps now is probably also quite low.

    But Bravia’s im suprised since having now makes your tv pretty much a all in one device for games, films and all other types of media.

    But overall if this means somehow that more resources can be moved over to PS4 im all for that

  • “Fortunately” this does not affect us all as service is not available in all regions. The service should be accessible at bare minimum in PS4, PS Vita, Windows, Linux and MAC OS.

    In future we should add to the list Android and iOS

  • Pretty much you are shooting your own foot! I’m done! I was expecting the service to my country and play on my PS3, you have hit a new low Sony! Any interest to your service is gone!

  • Sony you really do drive me nuts ! Up until now, I have been fortunate to live in a country where PS Now was supported. Why on earth you haven’t rolled out the service to other EU countries is beyond me, how do you expect to have customers if you won’t give them access to your services ? I have been waiting since you announced PS Now for the service to be made available on your Android range of tablets and smartphones (looks like hell will freeze over before that happens). Despite the rather high monthly cost of £12.99, I still felt that the PS Now service was worth it, as I have been able to play PS1 / PS2 & PS3 games on my PS VIta.

    With your recent change to PS Now’s availability, I find myself frustrated, disappointed and at a loss to understand why you keep removing services from paying customers like myself. Yes PS Now is a good service on the PS4 but only because Sony won’t invest the time and money in providing customers with true backwards compatibility for their older games. Continuing your support for the PS4 does make sense, as many would like to play older classics on the PS4. However, why on earth would you support Windows PC’s (also I notice there is no mention of developing a Mac client) ? Sony, don’t you understand, Microsoft is your direct competitor, why give Windows users one less reason to buy a Playstation console ? The ability to play P1 / PS2 / PS3 on Windows makes a Windows desktop a more attractive system to invest in. You really should be trying to minimise a potential customers exposure to Microsoft and gaming via PC’s. Playing Playstation games should be done on Playstation hardware, if only to encourage the customer to own an actual Playstation console. You do care about the sale of Playstation consoles don’t you Sony ? This is a valid question to ask as we have all seen how you failed to promote and support the Vita.

    Perhaps I am looking at this all wrong, maybe you want Playstation games to be available to all, regardless of platform. Well clearly that is not the case either because if that was your intention, you would surely start by supporting your own platforms and your existing loyal customer base.

    I have enjoyed PS Now on the Vita, as it has made your neglect of this awesome console much more tolerable. The changes you have made to the PS Now service is not only a slap in the face to Vita owners, it is also a major disappointment to your loyal and now far less trusting Playstation customer base.

  • Maybe they are going to start adding ps4 games to the service? So want to keep the performance at the best levels?

  • How about real backwards compatibility then? I get that the PS3 used the pointless Cell architecture but surely there’s a better way than PlayStation Now? Xbox One has 300 Xbox 360 games that are playable now without any need for subscriptions or rentals like PS Now, including games like The Witcher 2 that are unlikely to be remastered. If you already have a compatible game it’s as simple as putting the disc into the Xbox One.

    Also the PS2 emulation on PS4 is good but there’s no point if there are hardly any games that use it. The last time I checked there were only 39 PS2 games available on PlayStation Store. That’s a lot of great PS2 games that are missing.

  • To all idealists – Sony is a corporation, and corporations’ goal is to make money. Having said that, I am not surprised they are reducing the scope of PSNow, although it is unavailable in Poland, I have never seen it as a deal breaker.

  • How disappointing.
    I thought this was going to be the post where they announce that PS now has reached its end and no more resources will be wasted on it, and instead work on bringing stuff to playstation people actually want.

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