New on PlayStation Store this week: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC, Double Dragon 4

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC, Double Dragon 4

Plus, Ninja Theory’s PlayStation VR shooter Dexed also makes its debut

Grey-haired gamers, this is your week. Classic side-scrolling arcade beat ’em up Double Dragon returns for a long-in-the-offing fourth outing, complete with staunchly retro stylings – just as it should be.

Looking for something a little more contemporary? Check out Dexed, a colourful PlayStation VR shooter from Enslaved/DmC/Hellblade studio Ninja Theory; a free trial for Plastic’s stylish 2016 PS4 exclusive Bound; and the first expansion for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. See below for all this week’s new arrivals.

PlayStation StoreOut this week




  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers, with bonus
    1st February

  • Dexed
    1st February

  • Kill The Bad Guy
    1st February


  • Letter Quest/Three Fourths Home/Paranautical Activity bundle
    1st February

  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto
    3rd February



  • Geki Yaba Runner
    31st January

  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers, with bonus
    1st February

  • Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star
    3rd February



31st January

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • Sabotage

3rd February

  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Road to Boruto Expansion

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Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January

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  • Any news on ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3 release date?

    • I guess not from the Blog-team, but maybe this helps:

      Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Delayed In Australia Until February.

      Capcom explained that the Classification Board’s processes forced Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 to be delayed in Australia. According to the publisher, UMVC3 can’t be released in Australia until “minor changes” have been made to the game’s parental settings.

      The full statement is as follows:
      “Due to Marvel vs Capcom 3 receiving a higher age rating in the ANZ regions the team have to make some minor changes to the rating settings of the game in order for it to release and as such there is unfortunately a delay. We hope to be able to release the game for players of 15+ age in February and will have more news soon. We apologise for the delay in bringing the game to fans in this territory.
      Marvel vs Capcom 3 was officially issued an M rating on 20 December, , in line with the rating given to UMVC3’s original release on PS3. Previous MVC3 games have been rated PG, such as Marvel vs Capcom: Origins and Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.”

      (Source: Kotaku, Jan 9, 2017)

    • Australia’s classification board is an embarrassment. Some devs release games everywhere except Australia because dealing with these clowns is not worth their while. Mortal Kombat vita is still not available here because r rated games were not allowed here at all until quite recently. Bug butcher is banned here because a speed powerup has a syringe shape. The 8 bit styled miami hotline 2 is banned here as well because of 1 second scene of questionable interpretation.
      Come to Australia, because we will protect from yourself

  • Before anyone asks – Rock Band exports are delayed

    “We’re working closely with Sony Europe to close out the remaining issues and get this content in your hands as soon as possible, but at this point it’s looking like this will be releasing in early February rather than January”

    Note how they don’t specify a year

    • In some kind of miracle, the Rock Band 2 export is actually on the playstation store today. Plus a couple of missing tracks. Not perfect, but it’s progress.

  • Whens the Dirt VR patch coming

  • Can we have Driveclub PS Plus game and season pass back on the store?

  • For the dutch peeps, Trove is finally out in the store. Try it, its fun.

  • Any hope for the PS+ February line up to be announce today? Or are we just gonna have to wait until tomorrow?

    • The current PS+ system isn’t “complicated” but it’s… Well it’s a bit backwards isn’t it.

      Why don’t you just change the system to a firm date. Announcement on the last day of the month – without fail. PS+ games released on the first day of the month – without fail.

      Leaving a 1 day / 24 hour gap between announcement, and release. Or scrap the announcement completely and just release the games en-surprise on the 1st day of the month, every month, regardless of what day of the week it is.

    • @BluSpykz releasing the games en-surprise on the 1st day of the month, every month, regardless of what day of the week it is would be a great idea , but i doubt Sony would EVER do that…

    • Leaving a 1-day gap or releasing the games with no announcement are both completely crap ideas. We need as much time as possible to know the Plus games, to avoid buying them in the sales leading up to the games. Especially as the last few months/year, the Plus games have recently been on sale.

      I much preferred it when we had a 2-3 week gap… this was years ago now, but in my opinion, still the best format.

    • Why are some people on this blog still clueless? Ps+ games come out every first Tuesday of the month and are announced the Wednesday before.

      This means, for February 2017, you get the games on Feb 7th and announcement on Feb 1st. Want me to map it out for you for the rest of 2017? Maybe this way you’ll stop asking every month for when the games comes out.

    • @Maniakplm Clueless? From the comments it’s obvious they’re well aware of when the games are announced but this is an exception since the wednesday previous to new PS+ games availability is the first day of a new month. I think we can agree that it’s a moronic system since you’re getting the announcement AFTER the month started. If they want to keep this system then put the announcement in the LAST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH.

      Btw, since you’d like to map the rest of the year, you should make a research about previous announcements:

      August PS+ games were announced 26 of July, tuesday;
      June PS+ games were announced 31 of May, tuesday (June 1 was a wednesday, reminds you of something?)

  • Sony, could you add to the blog post the mention about a PS VR title releasing in many European countries on 27/01/2017? The game in question: Time Machine VR. It wasn’t mentioned in the previous blog post and this game deserves at least a place in the store update post.

  • Any news on The Turing Test??? It is still not available on the EU Store – only in the UK, apparently. I don’t mind it being delayed, but PLEASE just let us know!

  • Where’s Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the Australian PS4 Store? We’re still waiting for that here…

  • Anyone know if Double Dragon IV is coming to Vita? (would run great on Vita if they lower the res?)

  • Any word on Road Redemption? It should’ve been out 15th?

  • Still don’t see The Turing Test on the EU/PAL store (I’m from Australia). What’s the situation?

  • Does anyone know what’s happening with the Enter the Gungeon supply drop free dlc update. I thought it was this week. Been really looking forward to this for months.

    PS. Oh does anyone ever get a reply or actual answer from Sony any more.

    • Gone are the days of anybody ever replying. Jawad used to but alas no more.
      Oh how I long for those days of a response and prices listed on the blog for sales.

    • @BIG_GIT
      I read somewhere on their twitter account, that it should be out this week for PS4, so I guess we have to wait and see.

    • @Barrow30
      Thanks for the response, hopefully next week then.. it’s crazy that we all have to rely on each other for answers and nothing from SCEE.
      It’s such a pity SCEE can’t be like Sony US and actually give a crap about it’s customer’s.

  • Been a while since I last logged in here :)

    Hi Fred! I wanted to ask you if you had any information on why Warframe’s Prime Accessories Pack isn’t available on the SIEE region out of the blue? I’m pretty sure Digital Extremes hasn’t given the order to retire it yet, as it’s still up on other regions and platforms. Was hoping if you could dig a bit onto it, or contact them?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • It’s definitely been a while if you’re asking a question. Unfortunately the staff no longer reply to comments on the store posts (or many others).

      Would suggest contacting the Warframe devs for an answer, though.

  • Double Dragon 4 is not appearing on the Portuguese store.

  • Is that price for Double Dragon 4 correct? According to psprices it’s only $6.99 on the US store. I know we don’t do well by comparison here, but even allowing for that it’s a big difference.

  • Double Dragon IV not appearing in the Spanish store.

  • Rock Band 2 export pack and Jan’s dlc is now live for Rockband 4. They made the January window

  • Double Dragon IV priced at £9.49?! Absolutely appalling! On the US store it’s only $6.99. Talk about daylight robbery… *sigh*

  • where is divide for God’s sake

    • yeah agreed, Divide is noticeable for it’s absence. It was listed on the EU blog last year.

    • I was also expecting DIVIDE, can’t find any info about a UK release. even stumbled across a couple of websites that stated it had been released .NA and UK.

  • No Double Dragon IV for Norwegian store… this is amateur hour!

  • poor show playstation your failing badly when promising games where the he’ll is divide you a ametuers

  • Any news on the Red Faction 2 PS2 game release?

  • It seems new Zen Pinball DLC has slipped into obscurity, much like Rock Band :(

    Anyway, the Star Wars: Rogue One table has been released today.

  • PS. Don’t forget, purchasing Zen Pinball 2 tables on PS3/Vita allows you to download on PS4, but not vice versa.

  • Some news about Kerbal for anyone still waiting for its release in EU

    follow me on twitter

    • Finally. I was loosing hope already. From this post it is finally pretty clear what happened and why it took so long. Hopefully the “early 2017” is really soon.

  • Double Dragon IV not on the Australian store either. Sounds like this is a UK-exclusive on top of being twice the American price.

    What a mess. I’ll grab it on Steam instead.

  • Where is Double Dragon IV? Is not serious to announce something that is not available, it’s in the store but unable to buy it, and i hope the UK price is a joke, no sense that in us is 6’99$ and uk £9’49, is like 2xtimes the US price or more.

  • Double Dragon IV is missing on the store here in Finland as well. Very annoying.

  • Also no Double Dragon IV in Austria.

  • Is that suppose to be double dragon! It looked like that because they couldn’t achieve the quality of the arcade on console, it wasn’t the fans choose of graphical style or gameplay,!? and it’s 8 bit Nintendo version, the standard on super Nintendo was much better then that, more to the point all every one wanted was to play double dragon arcade, so what is the point in wasting time making this!? It just had to be current gen graphics and gameplay standard on original side scrolling platform, few more characters, moves and stages, what’s difficult about game development like that, it’s progress that’s what we want to see from these games. It was the differance between sonic 1,2,3,4 and biablo 1,2,3 and mario 1, 2 and 3 that’s the differance between game and machine generations, the standard gets better. It should have been streetfighter 5 standard of graphics with the depth of gameplay of King of fighters and the amount of stages like darius burst. What a waste of a opportunity for a good game!

  • Another one of my weekly Dante’s Inferno DLC posts. But hey, they fixed it, no more need for delisting or refunds. I’m done :)

  • Where is Double Dragon4?? It´s still not in store and [DELETED] nowhere isn´t any information about it!! Is it so hard to put even some information about it?!!!?!?!?!?!

  • What’s going on with the European release of Double Dragon IV? An update would be nice. I’ve been waiting all week to get this game, but it’s still nowhere to be found on the Dutch PS Store.

  • Still no Double Dragon IV? This is absurd. Please give an update about what’s going on with the game!

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