How Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage DLC expands the survival horror story

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How Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage DLC expands the survival horror story

In Vol.1, out today on PS4, follow hapless cameraman Clancy on his nightmarish trip to the Baker mansion

Hey again, PlayStation fans! Now that Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is out, I’m sure plenty of you have spent hours upon hours playing the game. We’ve got great news for those of you itching for even more RE7 – the first pack of DLC, entitled Banned Footage Vol. 1, is available today on PS4, and Banned Footage Vol. 2 is just around the corner.

While the events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard make up Ethan’s story, the tapes in the two Banned Footage volumes provide backstory into other characters in the game. See what went on with another poor victim that might look familiar to you, and find out how the Bakers became the twisted family you see in RE7.

Those of you who have played the Beginning Hour demo and watched the VHS tapes in RE7 will be familiar with Clancy, the hapless cameraman who joined the “Sewer Gators,” Pete and Andre, on their doomed visit to the Baker’s plantation house. Nightmare, one of the tapes in Banned Footage Vol. 1, explores what happens to Clancy soon after he’s separated from his team.

Captured by Jack Baker and tossed into the basement, Clancy’s night of terror has only just begun. Surrounded by Molded, he must survive until daylight against an endless horde of enemies. Craft weapons and ammunition, set traps, and see if you have what it takes to survive until the sun rises. You’ll have to plan carefully; picking up scrap in the environment will allow you to craft more supplies, but resources are limited!

There’s more to Clancy’s story in the second tape from Banned Footage Vol. 1. Waking up in an unfamiliar bedroom, Clancy is soon greeted by Marguerite, serving up a special and particularly grotesque-looking meal. If you know what the Bakers eat, you know you don’t want to touch the food she puts in front of you.

In the fittingly-named Bedroom tape, search the room for hints on how to escape, solve puzzles, and seek a way out, all while ensuring that Marguerite doesn’t notice that you’ve been out of bed. You’ll only have so much time before she returns, so make sure that everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be — including Clancy. You won’t like the consequences if Marguerite notices something is amiss.

That’s not quite all for Clancy, though – in Banned Footage Vol. 2 (out 14th February), we see what it’s like for him to play a deadly game of cards hosted by none other than the maniacal Lucas Baker. 21 is deceptively simple at first, starting out as a game of blackjack, but quickly introducing disturbing twists where life and limb are on the line.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and as the game goes on, new wrinkles are added in the form of trump cards that you can play to improve Clancy’s odds at the cost of his opponent – though you’ll have to be careful, as the opponent has their own set of trump cards, too. If Clancy is lucky, you can help him make it out of this mess – if he’ll make it out all in one piece, however, is a different matter.

There’s one more tape included in Banned Footage Vol. 2 that looks at a separate set of events related to the Bakers. Daughters returns to the night when everything began, long before Ethan ever arrived at the mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana, and explores the backstory of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

Chronicling the events that lead to the Baker’s descent into madness, this tape is best played after you’ve completed the main game, as it helps provide additional context to who the Bakers are and how they ended up the way you see them in RE7.

On top of all that, both Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Banned Footage Vol. 2 will each have an extra mode, unique from the main story and events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. In Banned Footage Vol. 1, gain access to Ethan Must Die, an infinitely replayable mode that changes each time you play it thanks to randomized item drops.

Designed with hardcore players in mind, dying means starting over from the beginning, but don’t lose hope just yet — randomized drops might give you the edge you need, and finding where you last died will grant you one of the items you lost. Learning where enemies spawn and where to go is key, so prepare for a tough but rewarding adventure through the Baker’s mansion!

It’s Jack’s 55th Birthday! There’s nothing quite like a big birthday bash, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this extra mode in Banned Footage Vol. 2. Old Jack isn’t much for presents, but he sure does love a good meal! Grab some weapons and skills, then scour various sections of the Baker mansion as you race against the clock to find food for Jack while simultaneously taking out enemies to temporarily stop the timer.

You’ll need all the firepower you can get, but the more weapons and skills you carry, the less room you’ll have for food! Make sure you combine the food you pick up to make some powerful food combos to satisfy Jack’s hunger that much faster, too. Faster completion times earn higher grades and more rewards, and also grant you access to even more challenging maps in this highly replayable mode. (Note: Ethan Must Die and Jack’s 55 Birthday aren’t compatible with PS VR.)

Resident Evil 7

All in all, there’s plenty on the way with Banned Footage Vol. 1 (available today) and Banned Footage Vol. 2 (available 14th February). Each pack includes two tapes and an extra mode, all included with the Deluxe Edition or Season Pass, or available for purchase separately. Plus, a third DLC pack is also included with the Deluxe Edition and Season Pass, which we’ll have details on at a later date.

And don’t forget, Not A Hero, a free story DLC separate from the events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, is coming this spring!

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  • Should this have been DLC or was it removed from the game in order to ‘create’ a season pass? It seems very soon for this to have not been a part of the game already. The modes do sound like fun on a positive note though.

    • Or, you know, it was content that was outlined from day one to be additional content and wouldn’t exist if the DLC system wasn’t available. Debts don’t have to make all this stuff, it’s extra.

    • This is the company that sold an extremely tiny update to enable multi-player in Resident Evil 5. Of course it was removed and sold.

  • Unfortunately capcom have form for releasing dlc that was clearly ripped from the game.

  • Despicable. I bought this day one and to have the cheek to release paid DLC a week after release, especially when the base game is so short, is not something to be proud of. After this and SFV I think I’m done with Capcom.

  • Its so sad that the publishers nowadays can rip you off so clearly. They dont even have to hide their intention… Right in your face!

  • Such a shame you broke away from the third person perspective. I would’ve loved to play this game had you been considerate of those with motion sickness.

    • It’s a shame you suffer from motion sickness as you are missing out on a superb game.

      Also you can’t expect capcom to change their vision for a very small minority of people with motion sickness like you. The game had to be in first person not just for vr but for the tension and the scares.

    • Get a PC and you can resolve that problem, there’s a message at the start of the game with advice.

  • I’ll not but this at a high price! I think I’ll wait for a price drop.
    The further adventures of Clancy seems fun though, but don’t really care about the extra modes so 30 euro’s seems a bit steep (though I don’t know what the 3rd DLC pack will contain).

  • currently on my 3rd blue screen of death before the DLC even gets past the intro. i wonder what Sony actually does with these reports.

    who on Sonys [EU] end tested this before it went live? pathetic.

    Current workaround: upload your saves to the cloud, wipe out your saves/profiles and restart the app. The DLC will now work (it’s not like we paid for it or any… oh)

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