Game of the Year editions for Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider, Borderlands and more join PS Now today

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Game of the Year editions for Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider, Borderlands and more join PS Now today

Play the full game and all the DLC in the likes of Metro: Last Light and The Walking Dead

With the Hollywood awards season kicking off this week with the Oscar nominations, what better time to celebrate some of the highlights from the PlayStation 3 generation by welcoming their Game of the Year editions to the burgeoning PS Now library.

These editions include the full games and all DLC. So, from today you can enjoy the following titles:

If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join PlayStation Now* – get your one week free trial today on PC and PS4. Once you’ve enjoyed your trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99/€16.99 per month.

*This service is currently available in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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  • I am **BEGGING** your Playstation, make this more attractive by adding (limited?) access to PS Now to PS+ subscribers!

    • Why not adding PS Now to more contries than three, thought Europe was bigger!?!

    • No, if you watch the news you’ll see Europe is getting smaller lol

    • Harrisown
      You should read Morfea’s reply more carefully.
      “thought Europe was bigger”
      This statement implies there are more than 3 countries in Europe.
      Harrisown for your comment to have just a bit of sense then the comment should have been: thought Europe was getting bigger
      Which implies that Europe is growing.
      Growing =/= The current size/amount.
      Morfea is absolutely right. Instead of making a feature better for the few why not make the current available to the masses? From a consumers and a business point of view expanding the amount of people able to use the service is better than please the few.

  • Any news on which games join PS+ though? There was no announcement this Wednesday or Tuesday, which makes me worried.

    • They will be announced next week

    • First Tuesday of February isn’t until the 7th, so you shouldn’t expect an announcement until Types/Weds next week

    • They should be out first Tuesday of the month…

    • I missed the days when you knew what was coming a month in advance. PS+ games should start on the 1st and end at the last day of the month. Can’t be that hard to update the store once more a month. So we won’t see February games till the 8th and the 8th for March games? How stupid can you get.

  • PS When??? PS What??? PS Where???

  • If you want me to care about your beloved PS Now service, at least make it available in all European Countries.
    My wallet is waiting…

    • You say this, then as soon as it’s available you will say your not subscribing because either A) It took too long to come to your country and you lost interest or B) it’s too expensive.

    • @Mr_Writer So, you think it’s better to have a service in beta available in a couple of countries for 3 years (?) now, without any information about the rollout plans? You think it’s more profitable right now?

    • @CitizenEldar, Mr_Writer has a point, by the time other contries get PSNow, then PS5 will be released and they will get PSNext with all PS4 games, which basicly are PS3 games remastered. Yay for us!

    • @Morfea Honestly, I feel like it’s more likely that PS now will get canceled before it’ll roll out in the rest of the world.

  • Sony please stop the stupidity and make PS Now available to more countries. It’s ridiculous that it’s only launched in 3 EU countries.

  • Ok, good for PS Now members, but what about PS Plus? 27 january and we are still waiting for it… Usually you announce the game list the last wednesday of the month, it was 2 days ago but we know nothing. We already know MS gold games for next months, since 1 week ago. We wanna know also PS Plus games

  • Just bring it to my Region!

  • Do these PS Now games run on like-for-like PS3 consoles in the cloud? Or are they virtual consoles on PCs with improved performance? Borderlands had terrible FPS on PS3. Will this be the case with the PS Now version, too?

    • They run on modified PS3 hardware running on a custom firmware. In terms of performance, I doubt there is any difference vs. playing on an actual PS3.

  • With the success of Yakuza 0, this would be the perfect time to put Yakuza 3, 4, 5 and Dead Souls on PS Now so that people who don’t have a PS3 can play more of the series.

    • I’m personally not interested in PS Now, since my PS3 is doing a better job. But out of curiosity (I have a PC friend who is a big fan of Dark Souls and wants to play the prequel), I was shocked to find that Demon’s Souls is still not supported by the service, not even in the Trump States. What is Sony actually waiting for?

  • PS Now. Or PS No. I’d be interested to know how many countries it is currently accessible by; how many you plan to roll it out in, how many people use the service (is it enough to warrant completely ignoring pleas for backward compatibility?) and if there’s any plans of merging PS Now and PS Plus (especially given the rumour going around – started by GameStop* USA – that Sony will be stopping the monthly free game scheme as of January 2018 – according to employees of GameStop they are obliged to tell anyone purchasing a 12 month PS+ code of this)

    *Only GameStop spreading this, so whether it’s legitimate or not is not for me to say.

    • I highly doubt Sony will make the effort of merging PS Now into PS+. Why would they? They’re making a truckload of money from all those people (like you and me) forced to subscribe to PS+ just to play online. PS+ is not a premium service anymore, it’s become the very basic service needed to turn the PS4 on. Everything else is a bonus for Sony.

  • Great idea. Hoping Game + DLC bundles become the norm for PS Now!

  • Still no boxing game accessible on PS4 then… Get fight night on here and my money is yours!

  • Only gamers I know who pay and use PlayStation Now is not PlayStation players. It’s PC gamers.

  • It’s available here but if i want to test it out i need to add a creditcard to my account. Not going to do that.

  • So instead of new games like our counterparts from the US we get an update with 1 new game (Tomb Raider) and a bunch of games that were already on the service. Once again Sony proves that they couldn’t give a toss about updating the EU service, i won’t be paying for this again. The US gets Ni No Kuni, Dark Souls 2 and a katamri damacy game and we get bugger all. You don’t care about your customers in Europe and i’m beginning not to care about you either. Get a grip waste of a tenner a month.

  • US gets Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Darks Souls 2, Ni No Kuni, Katamari Forever and Eternal Sonata. We get Tomb Raider and some games that were already on the service with some DLC. Doesn’t really seem comparable to me, EU customers getting shafted again.

  • Hahaha Sony this is a big joke now.
    I own an nvidia shield tv with Geforce now streaming service and they expanded to europe and the games look and play like a pc version. Ps now is never gonna come to the rest of europe and thats why Nvidia is wiping the floor with you in the wars of game streaming.
    Put this service in scandinavia and on my vita so I can play more AAA games on it like you promised when we bought these freaking things. Its 2017!!! when is this coming to Scandinavia?

    My wallet

    • Vita is great, because Vita is good! (^o^ )
      Why would anyone buy a Japanese handheld for AAA games? That makes no sense…

    • I have a shield also. The games available are mediocre. Not worth paying for. They are not wiping anything lol. I have a vita too, since launch. I have gotten a lot more mileage out of it than the shield. And I don’t even care about modern JRPGs. Still, I have to agree that Sony had a strange habit of not following up on their promises…so much potential wasted.

  • Seriously though, if PS Now was included in some way with the PS+ subscription then a bunch more people would use it. Maybe remove PS3 games from the IGC each month and give us two free titles on Now instead, so everyone can play them. Better yet, let PS4 owners play any PS3 games they have in their library for free.

  • Far too expensive and I’m not willing to pay again to play games I’ve already bought. There really should be some kind of BC.

  • Better give us backward compatibility with singstar ps3 disc base games and buzz quizz ps3.
    I still have more than 30 games from ps3.
    What to do with them???

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