Action RPG sandbox Portal Knights is heading to PlayStation 4

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Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimate Portal Knight!

Hi everyone! I’m Antonela, Community Manager here at 505 Games. Today, we’re proud to introduce the PlayStation community to Portal Knights, our action RPG sandbox game coming to PS4 in Europe on 28th April.

For many months now, we’ve had gamers ask us whether Portal Knights is coming to console. To be able to finally say “YES!” is super exciting!

Portal Knight

What is Portal Knights?

Back in 2014, 505 Games partnered with the incredibly talented development team at Keen Games to bring the idea of Portal Knights to life. The aim was to develop an action RPG sandbox game that differed from the competition with tactical action combat, sophisticated RPG elements, regular events and would ultimately be shaped by our players.

So, what can you expect? What is Portal Knights all about? Take a moment to check out our announcement trailer…

Here’s the thing: You can approach Portal Knights however you want! Pick an RPG character class, customise your hero, travel between unique and exciting islands connected by portals, build and furnish your own home, farm resources, battle fearsome bosses, level up through combat, learn new skills, craft a range of awesome weapons and spells, help out friends in multiplayer and much, much more… (Let us just catch our breath a moment!)

portal Knight

Portal Knights can be enjoyed in single player mode, or with family and friends in co-op or online multiplayer mode. Maybe you want to start your journey alone, but what if you need some help gathering resources for your latest build? Not a problem! Invite a friend into your world and adventure together! Treat Portal Knights like a blank canvas and paint it however you want.

Built with our community, for our community…

Community is massively important to us as a team and we’ve been working closely with our players since we launched on PC back in February 2016. The aim has always been simple – to make Portal Knights the game our community wants it to be and have them help shape the roadmap with us.

portal Knight

We’re always keeping a close eye on our social channels and forums, talking with our players and identifying what it is they want to see in-game. As a result, our team of developers have been working flat out behind the scenes to bring highly requested features to Portal Knights. It’s been an exciting ride so far but we’re not about to slow down, rest assured!

portal Knight

We’re so excited to see Portal Knights arrive on console and we hope you are too! In the run up to launch, let us know your thoughts across our community channels and feel free to ask us questions. We’d absolutely love to hear from you guys!

For more information on Portal Knights, head over to our official website.

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  • Is there split screen or couch coop? It is worded in a way that makes it sound like there is at least couch co-op, but since No Man’s Lie about seeing other players I take awkward wording much more carefully.

    If there is couch co-op, it’s a day 0 buy for me. If there is not, it’s probably a pass.

  • Hi – To be clear, Portal Knights will be split screen.

  • Sooo Like Dragon Quests Heroes then?

  • very nice

    i look on 505 games on you tube witch pc games them have ( one of intervieuw of game makers = made to be used by controlers )
    so only question = when ( i new ith was comming )
    definitly wil buy ( realy adicted to build – explore – rpg games )

    -ark great ( but not build for solo players )
    -minecraft =boaring + kreepers exploding i do not like them destroy every object you make ( if you put of = no trophies )
    -7 days to die = great also solo ( only problem = use ps4 pro power to render world beter + frame rate = hurting on mi ps4 pro after latest patch )
    -terraria = great but 3d = beter

    i realy tired of al fps

    only i hope sony brings next game also to ps4
    kingdoms ( indie ting with lots of intresting stuf )

    i very happy whith playstation ath moment
    lots of good games ( some times to many ath same moment )

    zero dawn
    mass effect
    god of war
    ni no kuni 2
    days gone
    read dead redemption …….

    only ting sony need to work on =
    59€ standart version of games on store
    69 €= special edition
    79 €ore + = need to be lots more content + dlc pas included
    deals from jan = very good
    dec deals where great but you make peopel who pay game ath ful price angry 1 -3 month after new release bringing games so down = not done .

  • This looks a great game

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