MLB The Show 17’s Retro Mode detailed, Twitch livestream schedule confirmed

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Plus, find out more about the pre-order incentives for this year’s trip to the ballpark

Until now we’ve only revealed a portion of what’s to come with the launch of MLB The Show 17 with our Playback trailer of the PlayStation Experience gameplay video.

Today, we’re excited to dig a little deeper into the new Retro Mode in MLB The Show 17. We’re also outlining what you get by making the jump to our Season Starter Packs, and last but certainly not least, we’re revealing the Twitch livestream schedule leading up to launch.


Retro mode is pretty much a one-button mode, but with surprising depth, and all the new animations, gameplay additions, and improvements found in the regular version of the game. For example, in an effort to simplify the batter vs. pitcher battle, we’ve taken all the pitching attributes out and boiled them down to velocity, break, and control. Because there is no high and low in the strike zone, you have three pitches at your disposal that you can trigger with the touch of one button. To throw a fastball you hold down on the left analogue stick and press X. To throw a change-up you hold up on the left analogue stick and press X. And to throw a slider you press to the left or right on the left analogue stick after the pitch is released.


One of the wrinkles we’ve added is that velocity is controlled by holding down or up on the analogue stick just before the pitcher releases. In closing, you choose velocity before the pitch is thrown and you can affect movement (left or right) after the pitch is thrown.

MLB The Show 17 pre-order incentives

Pre-order now and be ready for action. The Show 17 launches 28th March 2017! When you pre-order, you will receive 10 bonus Standard Packs, a Ken Griffey Jr. Card for The Show 17 when you download the game and you will also INSTANTLY receive 11,000 in Stubs for The Show 16.

A few more clarifications on the content included in the different SKUs:

    Gold Season Starter Pack Contents

  • Includes one item for a mission starter that leads to a Gold player
  • Sponsor Pack Contents

  • Five pieces of equipment to use in Road To The Show (RTTS) and three Franchise Sponsorships
  • Diamond Season Starter Pack Contents

  • Includes one item for a mission starter that leads to a Diamond player
  • Digital Deluxe Pack Contents

  • Includes four players, one guaranteed Live Series Gold player and one guaranteed Flashback
  • Standard Pack

  • Eight total items, six Players and two items (either RTTS equipment or Franchise Sponsorship)
  • Stub(s)

  • The universal currency used in MLB The Show

2017 Twitch livestream schedule

Some of the most fulfilling moments in game development are when we get to show our faithful fans what we’ve been working on to make each year’s game the best baseball video game on the market.

Over the last two years we’ve started to show off some of our work-in-progress updates in a series of video blogs and Twitch livestreams. We love hearing your feedback while we’re still tweaking some of the features and we hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek at what’s in store for the upcoming year’s game.

The 2017 video blog and Twitch livestream schedule can be seen below. Don’t forget to call in sick or clear your calendars accordingly!


Stay tuned for the next video blog on 2nd February that focuses on all things gameplay and our first Twitch livestream on 9th February that takes a deep dive into all the new changes to game play!

Please make sure to watch The Show Nation, our Twitter and Facebook accounts between now and 28th March for the latest updates.

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  • Thanks I tried the show 16 it was amazing


  • I have brought The Show every yr since like 07. It used to be automatic day one purchase for me but this yr I’m on the fence I’m going to wait and see. I only really play franchise mode on the game as online is unplayable due to lag. Franchise mode however is very very shallow on this game and does little to immerse you in the experience. Also the AI logic in the game is way below par and hasn’t been improved in yrs. We’ll see this yr.

  • I have also purchased every “Show” game since 2010.I too
    am on the fence about this years version.The franchise mode
    has gotten too vanilla & stale, especially for the current gen
    system, and the commentary has gotten very repetitive & boring
    ,so if they fix these things, they might get my $60 again this year.

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