Full range of Horizon Zero Dawn accessories and merchandise detailed

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Full range of Horizon Zero Dawn accessories and merchandise detailed

From art books to statues, get kitted out for Guerrilla Games’ upcoming adventure

Since work first began on Horizon Zero Dawn, the merch team here at PlayStation has been really excited at the prospect of partnering closely with the talented development team at Guerrilla Games on its incredibly rich new PlayStation IP, out 1st March on PS4.

In the run up to launch, we’ve been busy developing an exciting array of officially licensed accessories to take you deeper into the world that Guerrilla is creating, from strategy guides and statues, to art prints and apparel. Today, we’re proud to give you a look at selected items from the range that will be available in the coming weeks, both online and in local gaming retailers. Plenty more exciting new products to follow!

The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn (from Titan Publishing)

Featuring over 300 stunning images, including sketches and concept art, alongside commentary from the game’s artists and creators, this is the ultimate coffee table companion-piece to Horizon Zero Dawn.


In Stock: March 2017
Available from: Forbidden Planet

A Limited Edition will also be available, presented in a debossed slipcase with a different cover, and containing an exclusive art print signed by the Guerrilla Games art team. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.


In Stock: March 2017
Available from: Forbidden Planet

Horizon Zero Dawn Strategy Guide (from Future Press)

With a setting unlike any other to explore, Horizon Zero Dawn is a game you’ll want to dig deep into. Future Press’ lavish strategy guide provides everything you need to overcome the odds and see all that the game has to offer.


In Stock: March 2017
Available from: Amazon

Horizon Zero Dawn: Thunderjaw Collection (from Project TriForce)

The colossal Thunderjaw stalks the land – and the nightmares of its tribal warriors, including the outcast huntress Aloy. And now you can bring this deadly machine into your home with the Thunderjaw Collection.

This breathtaking statue is modelled in an iconic pose atop the land it rules, stands 15” tall and 15.6” long from nose to tail – and comprises over 200 assembled parts.

You can also plot your path to survival with an exclusive game world map and own Aloy’s advanced tech earpiece, which she uses to analyse her surroundings and enemies through augmented reality.

Also included are two exclusive lithograph prints, depicting gorgeous artwork from the game.


In Stock: March 2017
Available from: Project TriForce

Limited Horizon Zero Dawn art prints (from Cook & Becker)

Horizon Zero Dawn

In stock: Available now
Available from: Cook & Becker 

Clothing and accessories (from Bioworld Europe and Gaya Entertainment)

  • White T-shirt, robotic dino collage (available from online retailers, including Amazon and Gamestop)
  • Blue T-shirt, robotic dino (available from online retailers, including Amazon and Gamestop)
  • Black hoody cover collage (available from Amazon)
  • Navy T-shirt, painted Aloy (available from Game Legends)
  • White T-shirt, vast lands (available from Game Legends)
  • Grey T-shirt, Stormbringer (available from Game Legends)
  • Zip-up hoody (available from Game Legends)
  • Baseball cap (available from Game Legends)
  • Wallscroll cover art (available from Game Legends)
  • Wallet (available from Game Legends)
  • Messenger bag (available from Game Legends)
  • Keychain (available from Gamestop)
"HorizonHorizon Zero DawnHorizon Zero Dawn


"HorizonHorizon Zero DawnHorizon Zero Dawn


"HorizonHorizon Zero DawnHorizon Zero Dawn



In Stock: March 2017

Posters and mugs (from GB Eye)

In Stock: Available now
– Mugs, posters and framed prints (available from GB Posters)

Horizon Zero DawnHorizon Zero Dawn


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  • After the way they ruined Killzone multiplayer in KZSF (compared to previous games), I’m on a long ‘wait and see’ with this game. The hype and merchandising push always make me suspect that the game will be sub-par, every time…

    • Shadow Fall was handled by another team and director, not to mention Guerrila hired a new writer (Fallout NV) and devs from Witcher 3 and others and you still doubt them? I don’t think if they weren’t so confident with this game, they would be pushing this game so much like they are now.

      I think the game is gonna succeed big time. The feedback the team has got at E3 and other events have been positive. The worst that can happen may be another delay. Everything else I think the game fine

    • It got a 9.3/10 on IGN so I think your worries can be put to rest.

  • Nice graphics and all but main thing for me is gameplay I hope it’s awesome and fun gameplay shouldn’t be restricted too much and grounded make it more fun to play learn a thing or two from Platinum or Nintendo for example who prioritise fun crazy gameplay experience. If it is I’ll buy this asap

  • What about those of us in the U.S?

  • You can import from EU.

  • Lovely looking stuff but really, honestly, all I want is a Horizon branded PS4 Pro bundled with the game.
    Can someone at least reply to tell people whether you’re going to release one or not, thanks.

  • Jesus Christ, do you expect this game to become the next Star Wars or something?

  • I can already see the hype train on the dawning horizon!

  • Why the hell was that Thunderjaw edition not made into the Collectors edition?

    If even includes little trinkets you SHOULD have expected in the games Collectors edition

    Not even the collectors edition includes a Map, Litho’s and Aloy’s focus ear piece

    Really crappy move guys…seriously. That’s something Ubisoft would do.

  • That is a lot of nice and some of them quite expensive stuff.
    Lets first see if the game is any good and how it holds up to The Witcher 3, my new standard in RPG’s.

  • Some nice collectibles, I’m looking forward to playing this game on my ps4 pro, hope this game is as good as the trailers we have all seen :)

  • Will there be a Horizon kitchen sink to?

  • Was hoping for a K*Nex or Mega Bloks set or something, a la Titanfall and Halo. Those robot dinosaurs are begging for some kind of construction set :)

  • can not wait to play first big game of the jear

  • Why is no one talking about the important thing?

    The bag has MS Paint marks on it!

  • #ThunderjawShouldHaveBeenTheCollectorsEdition

    I’m not gonna lie I’m kinda mad about this.

  • True! Did you see the pricetags of the Project TriForce products? You have to spend over a hundred bucks just to pre order and the final price is soooooo high.. I mean.. it’s art, it has to be expensive. I just want this Thunderjaw but i don’t want to pay 2000$ -.-“

  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Thunderjaw Collection (from Project TriForce) when will this Item be able to Pre order ?

  • After reading some [DELETED] here i have to make some things clear. Its Not like Guerilla games decided to make an extra collection package with the thunderjaw and stuff to make more money. In fact they didnt even decide to make it in the First place. They just Sold licences to stores which then can make “official” or licensed merchendise products. Thats what project triforce did. And pretty well if I may say so. So its Not a “Bad move” to Not include the stuff they didnt even make into their collectors Edition.

    I for example preordered the collectors Edition and the thunderjaw collection, because it looks gorgeous and. Really well Made.

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