New ‘Games under €20’ discounts start today on PlayStation Store

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Plus, a new range of Digital Discounts also go live

Our Games Under €20 promotion is back! From today until the 8th February, we have a host of amazing PS4 titles such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gold Edition, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, The Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection and many more* available, all for under €20

Head to the Games Under €20 page on PlayStation Store for regional pricing, but here’s the full list of what’s on offer.

Digital Discounts (until 8th February 2017)

If you’re a fan of digital and indie titles on PS4, you don’t want to miss out on our Digital Discounts promotion. With digital favourites like ABZÛ, Overcooked, Axiom Verge and more* on offer, why not start your next PS4 adventure today!

Here’s everything that’s in our Digital Discounts promotion.

PS3 and PS Vita savings (until 8th February 2017)

And if that wasn’t enough, we have savings of up to 60% on a select number of PS3 and PS Vita titles. Don’t miss discounts on The Evil Within, Far Cry 4, The Wolf Among Us – The Complete First Season, Rayman Origins and more.

Head to PlayStation Store to save, download and play!

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Yes! Thank you so much for the discount on Toukiden: Kiwami. Been wanting it on PS4 for ages but it never seemed to ever get a place in the sales. Some other decent deals I’ll need to check out but that is definitely the one worth commenting about.

    • Why are you thanking them?

      They are just trying to push as many sales as possible before the announced Toukiden 2 is out later this year.

    • Thats disgusting!
      Trying to sell a product cheap and hiding the fact you going to have a new FULL PRICE product to follow on in MANY MONTHS time! Nearly a year too! I mean thats right round the corner!

  • Thanks for this sale. The new sale page is not up yet on the web store. And why DLCs never get discounted on the EU store, not even once per year?

    • There are so many DLC´s discounts all over the Year. January Sales has Fallout4, Dragon Age, Outlast, Bloodborne, Assassins Creed etc. in it. And this sale has DLC in it too. so open your eyes :D

    • Only the same games getting their DLCS discounted (because they are very famous). It seems only DLCS for certain games get discounts then. MGSV never got any discount on its DLCs (while Steam version did many times), same for Doki-Doki Universe, Lord Of the Fallen etc. It seems the definitive/ GOTY / premium edition of those games get discounts but not the DLCs. What is the fault of customers who got the base game from the strat and want to just get the DLCs too and don’t want to get the full version of the same games again?

    • This has nothing to do with Sony. This is the Decision of the Publisher, in Case of MGSV this would be Konami & i would say Konami thinks Playstation Gamers are buying this crap “DLC” (my opinion, because you do not need any of these so called DLC´s to expand your experience.) more than PC Users. These Items are only Items to make more Cash out of it. So you better wait for the Game to be published again as GOTY or you buy it on first day & have to deal with it, that the Publisher wants you to pay more Money for Skins, Ingame Money and other useless things. The real DLC´s in which u get more out of it & have an rxpansion of the Game are mostly getting discounted (But here i have to say too 80% of these DLC´s are minior Missions which are not worthy to Buy). So long Story short, the Fault of the Customer is that they buy this DLC`s at full price and the Publisher see a Ca$hCow in it. And when you see that the GAmes are getting 35-50% cheaper 8-10 Weeks after Release, it´s better too Wait a little bit and save the Money. Don´t get me wrong i worship the Work of the Developers and i buy Games first Day when i see, that there is no DLC coming , which feels it was Cut out for making Money & i get the whole Experinece (like U4, FF11 to name 2).

    • FF15 not FF11. that one is too old and has TONS of worthy DLC/Addons :D

  • A lot of DLC was discounted during the first part of the January sale, sadly I missed the Witcher 3’s season pass :(.

    • Don’t worry it’ll be on sale again, however devs deserve every single cent. The amount of included content is just overwhelming and putting any other game companies into shame corner.
      It’s around 30 hours of additional gameplay with awesome stories and sidequests.

  • The sale doesn’t seem to show on the page yet.

    • I must have looked at that about five times and thought didn’t seem right but my sleep addled brain wouldn’t register it lol

  • Still not showing up…

  • No discount on any PSVR titles?

  • Slain: Back from Hell still shows as EUR 14.99 on the NL store

  • Don’t you mean “DLC” under £20, because I’m seeing more DLC than games here.

  • To think i created a us account for better prices and sales. Their prices are barely 10 percent cheaper and i havent seen any sales (though it has barely been 2 weeks). They do have a lot more games than the aussie store which is coo. The adventure time zelda clone is quite fun on the vita.

  • Dead Island Definitive Edition is 199kr here in Sweden, but in the januari sale they cost 91 kr separately.
    Buy them both there for 182kr.
    Hmm, tuff choice…

    • Still cheaper to buy the Definitive collection, because that contains Retro Revenge as well, which costs 41kr I think. So if you buy them seperately they’ll cost 91+91+41 = 223kr, which is 24kr more than the definitive collection.

  • I bought overcooked and axiom verge. Bet axiom is on plus soon now lol

  • Great sale, better than Christmas and January sale.

  • Lorde of the Fallen DLC? It’s still at 9€…

  • Meanwhile the US store has a Flash Sale with games under $5

  • Okay I’m here to complain Sony… why has the PS1 Classics category been removed from the PS Store???! Support this people.

  • God of War 3 Remaster.. tick!
    Now all that i need is a Last of Us discount. (I have the ps3 version, but i want the PS4 version too)

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