You can now watch 360° YouTube videos on PlayStation VR

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You can now watch 360° YouTube videos on PlayStation VR

Hours of virtual reality content already available to watch

Ever wondered what it’d be like to step inside a midnight safari or to paraglide over Brazil’s Iguazu falls? Well, with PS VR and YouTube, it’s easier than you might think.

Back in October, when we first launched PlayStation VR, our mission was to deliver cutting-edge virtual reality experiences to PS4 players right across the globe. Following a hugely successful launch and masses of positive feedback from players everywhere, we’re continuing to build on what we started.

Since launch, users have been able to watch their favourite streaming and catch-up services using PS VR to create a virtual “big-screen” right in front of their eyes. Now users can go a step further by experiencing YouTube’s amazing range of 360 videos via PS VR.

The latest update – released today – adds support for YouTube’s rapidly expanding library of virtual reality videos, allowing PS4 and PS VR users to once again step beyond the screen and explore detailed 360° worlds as though they were standing right there.

Download the update today and recommend us your favourite videos in the comments below.

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