Survival horror Uncanny Valley out on PS4 and PS Vita 8th February

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Survival horror Uncanny Valley out on PS4 and PS Vita 8th February

Cross buy with 15% PS Plus discount the first week of release

Uncanny Valley is an unsettling story driven 2D survival horror containing a unique consequence mechanic, with multiple playthroughs revealing all of the game’s darkest secrets. The game’s launching in Europe on 8th February on both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The game is Cross Buy, and there’s a 15% PS Plus discount for the first week of release.

We’ve always loved open sandbox games with a lot of possibilities. Playing one way becomes boring, so we want to present choices not only in the story but also the gameplay. To that end we decided to invest some time into making the game feel more natural. Let’s say you’re locked in a room. You see a sturdy cart there, which you can push and break down the door with. There’s also a vent, so you can climb through it and you’re free. Maybe you found an axe earlier and you can destroy the doors, meaning you don’t have to find a key. This was our first concern – making the game logical.


As much as we love Silent Hill games, we don’t want to create key hunting fetch quests if you can simply destroy the door. For the most part at least there still needs to be some sort of logical progression through the game. That’s our advantage over 3D games – we can make things like that happen more easily.


What you do also has an impact story-wise, if we go back to the previously mentioned situation where you break down the doors with a cart. When you do that, it’s going to be loud and that might attract hostile attention. If you go through a vent they might also hear you, or it could be a trap – you don’t want to be in a tight space with no escape when they find you. So the gameplay creates dilemmas. When we back that with the consequence system, you will actually have to think things through before you do something you’ll regret. There will be only one save game file per playthrough, meaning you can’t go back and change what happened to your character to achieve the best result.


As for the consequence system, we are keeping it balanced. There will never be a situation where you will be too injured to escape or progress through the story – you won’t be put in a wheelchair for the rest of the game! It’s a thin line between creating something that will be punishing and still fun, but through testing we will manage to find that perfect balance. Some consequences might affect the world, side characters and how the story progresses, so it’s not always your personal health on the line.


Now you know our goal. Create an atmospheric, scary horror game with logical progression, consequences that shape your character, the world and side characters. We want to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting throughout the experience and tell an atypical story for a horror title. Combining all that, we aim to create a great game – Uncanny Valley. You can try it yourself on 8th February.

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