Voting is now open for PlayStation Blog’s Game of the Year 2016 Awards

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Make your voice heard in polls for Best PS4 Game, Best Story, Studio of the Year and more.

You’ve read what developers have considered their favourite PlayStation gaming moments over the past 12 months. Now it’s time to for your voice to be heard as we open voting for the this year’s Game of the Year Awards.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2016

2016’s proved a busy year, opening with the anticipated release of The Witness and ending with the similarly long-awaited launches of Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. The rest of the year was punctuated by hit after hit: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Ratchet & Clank, Inside, Overwatch, Dark Souls III, Titanfall 2, Doom, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, Rise of the Tomb Raider… the list goes on.

And even if you don’t see your own top pick in our list of nominees below, there’s a write-in option to allow you to cast your vote to which title you believe deserves the Platinum.

Polls are open from right now through to midnight on 31st December, after which votes will be tallied and winners presented.

So show your support for your favourite title this year and get voting!

Best PS4 Game
Best PS Vita Game
Best Independent Game
Best Use of PS4 Pro
Best PlayStation VR Game
Best Story
Best Performance
Best Soundtrack
Best Visuals
Best Multiplayer
Best Post-Release Content

Editor’s note: In years past, we’ve called this category “Best Expansion”… but that felt a bit limiting. This year, we’re expanding the category to recognise all forms of post-release content: DLC & add-ons, in-game special events, new modes, new episodes, new characters, the works. When you vote, take it all into consideration!

Most Innovative
Most Anticipated

Editor’s note: As in previous years, any game that has previously won a “Most Anticipated” award is not eligible to win a Trophy this year. That said, you can still vote for previous winners Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5, and we will call them out appropriately in the winners post should they place.

Furthermore, this year we are removing the year from this category. That means you can vote for any game that is currently announced, even if it doesn’t have a release date or year set.

*Previous winner

Studio of the Year

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  • Why is Uncharted 4 not available for best use of PS4 Pro?

    Despite the resolution upgrade, performance is still rock solid and HDR implementation is the best I’ve seen so far.

    • Is it a substantial upgrade in visuals with HDR? I’m really interested in it and Uncharted is one of the best looking games out there so I’m interested in how the pro improves it, Thanks.

  • Typing in ff7 remake into “other” for most anticipated only to realise it’s actually an option! Yay nice one :).

  • Yes I agree. Also, Infamous Second Son deserves to be on the list. Instead, they nominated First Light. Any idea when the winners will be announced?

  • I almost bad for the others that I’ve voted mostly for Uncharted and ND but I just can’t ignore both how beautiful the game looked and how much the game and ending felt like the perfect way to wrap things up.

    Also voted for some Overcooked though as that deserves some credit :)

    • Yea it’s a bit like that year that the final lord of the rings won everything at the oscars. It’s hard to look beyond ND/uncharted 4 because of what they’ve achieved. It really is one of the all time great epic videogames and videogame moments, even far beyond what they accomplished with Uncharted 2 or The Last of Us.

      & yes, Overcooked really delivered the goods.. if you’ll pardon the strained pun there. Definitely a highlight in what was a pretty grim year, it brought some much needed comic relief into the home. Definitely deserves some special praise.

  • Tekken 7 for most anticipated

  • Wow, no Driveclub VR in the PSVR category… At least you’ve given us an “other” box for that one!

  • Salt & Sancutary as best Vita game?

  • The Last Guardian for GOTY, Resi 7 for most anticipated. Also, a skip or no vote option would be nice, had to vote other and put NA for quite a few questions as a non pro/vita owner

  • Always Playstation and a scotch…

  • The last guardian on everything! =D (Except multiplayer, lol)

  • Last Guardian all the way, absolute masterpiece!

  • Spiderman is my most anticipated title
    Ratchet & Clank looks best on PS4 Pro
    No Mans Sky has a Great Sound track
    No mans Sky was Most Inovative
    Infinite Warfare best Multiplayer (im sorry too many hater out there)
    Star Wars Battlefront has the best post release content with Skirmish, free maps weapons and customisation, and paid maps heros.
    World Of Final Fantasy is best on PSvita
    Uncharted 4 best game of the Year

  • Uncharted 4 all the way. Gorgeous, fun, amazing game. Nothing else has even come close to it this year in my opinion (plenty of fun games but nothing else that feels like the highly polished full package and best use of the PS4 like U4 is)

  • 2016 was a good year for games iny Eyre. Uncharted 4, Ratchet and clank, ps4 version of rise of the tomb raider, doom, titanfall 2, far cry primal. Oxenfree, stories, inside.

    Yet to play last guardian or dishonoured 2

  • Uncharted 4 on 85% of the categories

  • Inside was by a distance my favourite game of the year. Even tho it was an xbone timed exclusive, it’s my GOTY for PS4. I thought it was incredible.
    Honourable mention to Broforce, funniest game since GTAV, if not ever.
    & Uncharted 4 was ridiculously special too.

    Disclaimer: I still haven’t played the last guardian yet.

    Viriginia for soundtrack. Amazing.

    Overcooked vs Overwatch for multiplayer. I only played Overwatch on the free weekend but I loved it. Broforce & PES2017 were other great experiences.
    Overcooked got my vote for the local co-op. Brought to mind the fun of Bomberman, Wario Ware & Mario Kart. It’s a lot of shouty fun, tempers flare & accusations get hurled before everything is quickly forgotten as you instantly regroup for another go.

  • Voted for Dark Souls 3 where I could. By far the best game of the year for me. Most anticipated is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Cannot wait to kick butt as Captain Marvel!

  • Phew these weren’t easy to answer, uncharted, ratchet and clank and Hitman scored a lot of points, 10/10 games! Until Dawn Rush of Blood is the best VR title :D

  • Completely hi-jacking but we have an answer on Rock band!

    Entitlements are coming once a month starting with Rock Band 2 in January.

  • Voted Yakuza for most anticipated.

  • Naughty dog – best!!!

  • I voted for BF1. I’ve always loved Battlefield games, but this one is amazing.

    I didn’t play Overwatch, I heard a lot of great things about it too. If you have a sale on it, I might just get it. hint ;)

    A vote for overcooked too, very fun party game :)

  • For best use of PS4 Pro. I have gone with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Sure other titles have made good use of the Pro. But Rise of the tomb raider gave us an option for better FPS instead of better graphics and this is what I want to see more of.

    Sure Infamous also did this and am very happy about it. But Rise of the tomber raider is a newer title and I hope future titles offer better FPS over better graphics.

  • Warframe for best post-release content, and free!

  • Struggled for a while to choose which game to vote as my Most Anticipated. I’m equally excited about Crash, Death Stranding, Days Gone, God of War, TLoU Part II, Horizon: ZD, Shenmue III, Yakuza 6 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (so much to look forward to!). But RDR 2 is the one I’m most eagerly awaiting – still replaying that trailer and dreaming of the great plains every single day.

    2016 is Naughty Dog’s year. With their best ever release, best DLC reveal and best announcement (they are the Dogs that give ‘us’ treats!).

    The Last Guardian got some honourable mentions too though – story & soundtrack. Both of which brought tears to my eyes.

    Great year for gaming. Happy Christmas everyone!

  • Why isn’t GT Sport an option under Most Anticipated?

  • Trails of Cold Steel II being snubbed on Best Story, Best Performance and Best Soundtrack. It honestly puts all of the games on those respective lists to shame or gives them a damn good run for their money. The OST for that game is godly.

  • most epic and anticipated game: DREAMS … many others are also great, but only dreams is an endless journey… :D

  • FFXV in all nominations

  • Best PS4 : FFXV
    Best Performance : Undoubtedly “Trico” in The Last Guardian
    Best OST : Tough choice between Mafia 3 and FFXV but the latter has its own original music so…
    Best Visuals : Tough choice between Uncharted 3 and FFXV but the latter is open world so…
    Best Multiplayer : Battlefield 1
    Best Post-Release Content : Witcher 3 (full blown campaign expansions, take a note on how DLC is done)
    Most Anticipated : Detroit : Become Human

    FFXV GOTY for me. My favourite FF since the golden PS1 era. I feel like they finally got a lot of the elements right that I didn’t like so much in the modern ones. The open world looks gorgeous with an amazing draw distance; camera has a nice, high level of sensitivity; animations are top-notch as always. Truly a pleasant surprise after the mediocre XIII trilogy and one of the few games that has truly impressed me on a technical level this gen.

    • Uncharted 4*

      I vote for an edit function in 2017 -_-‘

    • Uncharted 3 wasnt bad either hehe. Still got fourth on my shelf wonder if its that good as everyone saying. Yeah Trico is lovable just playing Last Guardian atm. Some developers should really learn from Witcher 3 makers, how expansions should BE made.
      Heard that the new FF is rather bugged? How bad is it?

  • Odin Sphere was one of the best games I’ve played this year and it’s nowhere to be found in any of the categories.

  • Uncharted 4 is totally overrated.

    Best game of the year in most categories is Blood and Wine, a slap in the face in a world of remasters.

  • everything was uncharted 4 without a doubt. the only other games i voted for was the witcher 3 best post content. the last guardian – most innovative.

  • Uncharted 4 was a pretty solid game of the year for me. However The Last Guardian won for most innovative and best story, Doom won best soundtrack for me. Wish I had time to play a few more games like Inside and Abzu.

    As more next year, Horizon Zero

  • Best performance has to go to Trico most realistic animal AI I’ve ever seen and I actually felt like he was a real pet, overwatch should get best multiplayer, most other catagories between last guardian (story) final fantasy XV (visuals) and darkest dungeon for best vita and indie game.

  • FFXV and squarenix are winners for me :)

  • Some blatant omissions: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for best VR game (that it is), and Rainbow Six:Siege for best post-launch support (and this one is not even close!)
    Overall great year for us fans! Can’t wait for next year. Great games ahead: horizon, days gone. Last of Us 2 is probably my favorite game and it should be my most anticipated, but I voted for Detroit, Quantic Dream will at one time or another give us a masterpiece that transcends the medium, I hope this is it

  • How is The Last of Us 2 not an option for most anticipated!?

  • 1. Uncharted 4
    2. Deus ex MD
    3. Mafia III
    4. Watchdogs 2
    5. Ratchet and Clank

  • Rather gutted that No Mans Sky isn’t even an option (other than adding it in) for best PS4 or Indie game, particularly Indie as it’s an incredible achievement for such a small team
    Also no option for it in post release content despite adding a vast amount to the game in the most recent update.
    Seems a bit of a snub for me and an undeserved one personally, in a similar way that the majority of the criticism was undeserved and blown massively out of proportion.

    • Yep agree with you there mate and especially after the update, it really is an amazing game, saving up for a freighter is my gaming goal this month.

  • UNCHARTED 4 A Thief’S End remporte haut la main la plupart des prix clairement après il serait suivi de près par FINAL FANTASY XV pour remporter plusieurs prix.

  • If Doom doesn’t win at least best soundtrack I’m going to ubscribe to the major nelson podcast. Don’t test me! I’ll do it! I’m loco man!

  • I struggled with the most anticipated, went for God of War in the end. For me the total surprises of the year were Doom and Titanfall 2, a real vintage year for FPS games.

  • I chose Final fantasy xv as my game of the year for the PS4,it was a toss-up between that and The last guardian which I thought made best use of the PS4-PRO.

  • Gee guys would’ve been nice to add more variety in these choices especially Japanese games, instead you put the same title such as Firewatch??? A walking simulator better than all the other games in this year? Heck noo

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