Aim straight & score big with six quick-fire tips for Lethal VR, out today

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Aim straight & score big with six quick-fire tips for Lethal VR, out today

Be the FBI's best in the newly released training range sim with this dev guide

Lethal VR is a virtual reality shooting experience where you step into the shoes of an FBI recruit.

One of the most unique aspects of Lethal VR is that unlike more traditional games it rewards real world physical skills above learning complex joypad button layouts on a controller.

For example if you have quick hands and fast reflexes, you’ll have a fast quickdraw in Lethal VR; if you are accurate on the shooting range in real life, you’ll be an accurate shooter here; the more flexibility and stamina you have the better you will perform in certain challenges. The more you play the game the more you will train and develop these real life physical skills.

To help get you started here are some tips for having the most fun and getting some great scores:

1. Get the most out of throwing weapons

Really act out the throw. Throw with a flick of the wrist, letting go of the Move controller trigger at the point you would let go of an actual Knife. Always be aware that they will fly in the direction you are looking. The best way to score big with throwing weapons is to hit knife targets multiple times before they vanish, the more knives in a target the greater the potential score.

2. Combine speed and accuracy

Lethal VR
It’s easy to get over excited. Try not to ‘spray and pray.’ Stay calm and plan your shots. The best way to earn a Lethal rating is to combine fast multiple hits on a target in the highest scoring zones. But in amongst all the action be aware of civilian targets and penalty targets on some rounds, hit one of them and your round will be over.

3. Check out the bonus rounds

Earn a rating in all 5 rounds in each difficulty level and you’ll unlock a Bonus Round. Here you’ll get to use some extraordinary weapons in some unusual scenarios. These are inspired by some of all time favourite weapons from the world of the movies.

4. Read the round descriptions

Make sure that you pay attention to each of the round descriptions when you play a round for the first time. Each description contains valuable information that can make the difference between a good score and great one.

5. Stay on top of your reload management

In all the excitement it’s easy to forget how many shots you have fired – so don’t waste time pulling the trigger on an empty clip. Keep track of your ammo counter and use pauses in between targets to reload your weapon. Every round has a time bonus score that’s counting down as soon as the round begins so wasting time reloading can be costly.

6. Aim for bonus scores

There are lots of different ways to get more score in a round. The best agents always go for these.

  • Hit every target in a round with a Bullseye to earn a Bullseye Bonus
  • Hit every target in the head to earn a Killer Bonus
  • Shoot or throw at high speed to earn the Quick Throw and Quick Fire bonus
  • Go for multiple headshots and bullseyes in the same target for escalating bonus scores
  • Shoot all headshots or bullseyes without missing to earn a Perfect Bonus. Try to hit them all twice or even three times each and you will earn a Double or Triple Perfect Bonus

Combining these score bonuses in a single round is the key to getting some really big scores. These tips will help you get started towards getting some awesome scores and attaining your Letal rating in every round.

Do you have what it takes to become Lethal?

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6 Author Replies

  • It’s a fun game but the knife tracking when throwing upwards or to the side is awful. Even hitting the big Start button on the right is hard work. It’s game breaking and from what I’ve read I’m not alone in this.

  • Hi,have you tried raising your camera to a higher position that can help improve tracking ? The aiming is tracked from your headset so be sure to look at your target and that may increase the accuracy . Hope this helps.

  • Thanks but the camera is fixed on top of my TV screen, about 5 1/2 feet off the ground. No matter what I do when I try to throw knives left or right they “flop” down or sort of curl inwards. I can only really hit the left side of the “start” button. I tried all sorts of motions and movements and adjusting the camera but it felt like there was an invisible wall stopping my blades going where I wanted them to. It’s a shame because the shooting works so well.
    I read about others having the same problems on Reddit. I managed to get through the game by sheer luck {on the knife ones) but it was SO frustrating every time a knife level came up. The other throwing games have similar problems (no spoilers) on the “odd” time a target is far left or far right.
    I’m sat down and the camera is looking down on me slightly, does that make a difference?
    Other than that it’s great fun; I love the feeling when you get a whole clip of headshots in a row. Great movie-themed weapons too.
    Thanks for the response by the way, it is most appreciated.

  • Sorry to hear that but glad you had fun. I will check in with our lead programmer to see if he has any helpful tips.

  • For your set up try giving this a go: look at where you want to throw, hold the controller at chest height and in front of your chest, flick your wrist towards the target and release the Move Controller trigger. You will hopefully be hitting Double Bulleyes in no time:)

  • Wouldn’t it have been common sense to attach aiming to the actual controllers, not the headset?

    You guys clearly didn’t test this game before releasing did you.

    When I throw something in real life, I use my hands, not my head.

  • We did try using just the controllers but the speed and movement of the throwing action made it very difficult for the camera to track the sensor. So we made the decision to play to the systems strengths and use the excellent headset tracking and motion sensors in combination with the sensor on the controller to get the best result we could.

  • Just wanted to say, what a blast this game is. Simple and really, really good fun. For the price it’s a must. Great work guys. With VR, it really feels like you are holding the guns. I’ve experience no issues with throwing or shooting. It just makes me smile every time I have a go. Thanks.

  • Thanks,really glad you are enjoying it.

  • Please I need help. I buyed the game but can’t play. I have a ps4 pro …. after starting that game I enter a first Room with a board ” shoot to start game ” and a red gun in the middle of the room heading in a 45 degree angle to the ground. and here I can’t do anything … ( hitting all buttons on the pro controler did nothing) moving and press buttons on my move controler, no reaction….

    What can I do? Do I have to use two move controler??

  • Sorry to hear about your difficulty but the game requires two move controllers.

  • Thanks for making that clear… maybe not a bad idea if the app could give the user a hint about,too.

  • I know this is off topic but i cant find anything online about when ps vr will be available again to purchase i live in ireland and every gamestop has told me they know nothing of when it will be available again. Any news on when the next batch will be finished production would be great! Thanks in advance!

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