New video for PS4 sandbox epic Boundless shows an incredible shared universe

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New video for PS4 sandbox epic Boundless shows an incredible shared universe

Game Director James Austin talks us through planets, voxels and terrain traversal

Earlier this month, we were proud to have Boundless included in the keynote sizzle for PlayStation Experience 2016 and even more excited to have a constant stream of curious players wanting to get try the game.

For those not able to attend the event we have created the below trailer, captured entirely in-game, to demonstrate the current state of development.

Boundless is an epic sandbox where everyone (all players, in all physical locations) inhabits a single online universe.

The Boundless universe consists of a huge graph of connected worlds, with each world comprising a fully-traversable, voxel planet – a physical sandbox where you can grapple, swing, slide, bounce, stumble, and fall through a unique and diverse landscape.


Every world in the universe is visible in the sky of every other world, either as a single point of light for more distant worlds or as a stunning real-time planet rendered in the sky. Looking up from your home planet you’ll be able to see other worlds and civilisations and everything that its inhabitants have constructed.

Using your sacred Totem you can mark a location at any point on the remote world, construct a portal, activate the marker, and open a live doorway into that world. If the terrain looks stable, the atmosphere seems breathable, and the creatures are at a distance – then it’s safe to instantly step from one world into the other.



Planets progress gracefully through the sky above helping to guide you from one exotic and unique world to another. This structure allows us to get all players into a single online universe. The only question that remains is how much of it will you explore.

Boundless is an online universe built and ruled entirely by its players.

Claim a plot of land to build and protect your first home. Then gather together in a guild to claim enough land to construct a city. If your city is the most prestigious on the planet then you claim the title of its capital and rule the world. But why stop there? The most powerful guilds will race to claim the universe.


The Boundless economy is player created. Every shop you discover is operated by another player, filled with resources gathered by another player, alongside creature drops hunted by another player and equipment forged by yet another player. Everyone can choose their unique path and character progression to help build a society and a collective online civilisation.

The world of Boundless is waiting for you. So pick up your trusty hammer, gather your friends, enter the Boundless universe, make your mark and leave a legacy.

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3 Author Replies

  • World of no man’s dot game heroes?
    This looks intriguing :)

  • No Man’s Sky Without Ships Edition

  • Minecraft: No Man’s Sky Edition

  • Give it PSVR support and then i’ll get it.

    • We’ve already spent some time exploring PSVR support for Boundless. It would definitely be amazing to do the entire game. We’re also considering some feature expansions to Boundless that are optimised explicitly for PSVR.

    • @James Austin

      You can’t make a game that has no VR support, and the create VR only sections… That isn’t very fair to those who plan on buying the game and can’t play the VR sections you plan to implement because of motion sickness… I would suggest making the expansions with dual support so non VR purchasers can play the added content too!

    • @Witcher70 He didn’t say it would be VR Only, he simply said optimised explicitly for VR, which doesn’t mean it won’t be playable in the normal way too. It just means it’ll be specially optimised and therefore able to run in VR as well. At least that’s how I read it.

  • I think it looks amazing, and I can’t wait to try it. But I’m curious, do we have to play with others, or can we try to avoid people and play alone, not relying on other players for anything? And is there an offline mode at all? Or is it purely online?

    I love the style of it, and being able to create our own portals to other planets, it’s really cool.

    • It’s a massively multiplayer online game.

    • Thanks!

      You don’t need to play with others. But you can still take advantage of the shops and portals other players create, without interacting with anyone directly.

      Boundless is designed for an online experience, and many of the features roll from this. But there is nothing stopping you taking on the challenge alone.

      Any offline mode is something we’ve been thinking about – but at the moment all effort is going into making the online mode (which is our most unique feature) amazing.

  • Good luck with that Eve Online vibe, they couldn’t find any better way to stress their servers…

  • Boundless is available now on Steam. It’s a pre-alpha in Early Access. It’ll probably be quite a long time before it’s really ready to play. Previously it was known as Oort Online, in development since at least 2014.

  • Multiplayer. Online. Ick! I really hope this trend to make everything online and multiplayer dies soon. Hurts the games, kills the fun.

  • Finally some more news, this game looks extremely promising but its not really getting any attention so far, wich seems to be the trend for alot of games this year.

    Anyway the Developers are great for this game and their constant support and communication towards their fans alone is worth picking this gem up.

    Not too bothered with VR, there is no way a PS4 Pro could run this acceptable in VR, perhaps the PS5, PS4PRO2 or whatever abominating name they will come up with next.. :x

  • Looks interseting will it require PS+

  • Wow, why have not seen trailers of this game yet? IGN, Gamespot?

  • So, the planets are made of cubes, but are spherical when viewed from a distance? How does that work?

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