PlayStation Store’s 12 Deals of Christmas discount 5 & new weekend savings go live

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Plus, ‘buy one get one free’ on select PS4 and PS3 titles until 23rd December

The PlayStation Store 12 Deals of Christmas promotion continues! A new deal will go live every 48 hours at midday, so make sure not to miss out!

12 Deals of Christmas

Weekend Deals (until 12/12/16)

We have hand-picked a select number of amazing PS4 titles to go on offer this weekend. Save on top titles such as DOOM, 7 Days to Die and Destiny: The Collection*. Just head to PS Store and save this weekend!

*Some titles may not be available in your region

PlayStation Plus Exclusive Discounts (until 23/12/16)

Not only that, but if you’re a PS Plus member we have a host of exclusive discounts on PS4 titles just for you!

Don’t miss discounts on titles such as Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Game of the Year Edition, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, Game of Thrones – Season Pass and more!

*Some titles may not be available in your region

Buy one get one free (until 23/12/16)

In addition to the 12 Deal of Christmas promotion, we also have an amazing offer on select PS4 tiles on PlayStation Store starting today, running until 23rd December. Buy one, get cheapest free*!

12 Deals of Christmas

Favourites such as The Last of Us Remastered, The Witcher 3, Far Cry Primal and Assassin’s Creed Unity are all included, to name but a few.

We also have offers on a host of great PS3 games, but please note, the BOGOF promotion is only valid on titles on the same platform.

Here’s a complete list of what’s on offer:



For full terms and conditions, click here.

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Sale on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 but not on the bundle pack including both…why?

    • The blog team should totally update the „Add a comment“-suggestion text to the following:

      Got something to say? Don’t bother to comment. We don’t really care at all!

    • Or “shout into the void”

    • +1
      I want to know this too, got all excited when I saw the post, it would have been an insta buy.
      But then its not like I havnt played them before, I can wait.

  • 60% off Doom – nice!

  • Iv a question re walking dead season 3 pre order,i pre ordered season 3 as it say’s it comes with season 2 and the mini season (i had season 2 at launch so i don’t need that) but when i go to download the mini season it says i have to pay but the thumbnail on the season 3 says the mini season is playable now so why isn’t it available for download now as it clearly states?

  • Would be great if Dragon Quest Builders was amongst the 12 Deals of Christmas, don’t fancy shelling out £50 for that gem.

    Is there plans to discount it in the future?

    • @ultrasilver64 … the list of deals has leaked online and DQ Builders isn’t on it.

    • Leaked list:

      #1 Rise of the Tomb Raider
      #2 Fallout 4
      #3 Dishonored II
      #4 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
      #5 Battlefield 1
      #6 Uncharted 4
      #7 Titanfall 2
      #8 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
      #9 FIFA 17
      #10 Grand Theft Auto V
      #11 Watch Dogs 2
      #12 Final Fantasy XV

    • I am hyped for ff15! I will buy the ultimate version for hopefully €70

      Maybe watch dogs 2, fifa and, titan fall 2 too

    • Thanks for the leak. Now I know I won’t be missing anything. I already have 1, 6, 10 & 12.

    • That’s the real list? Ah cool. The only games on it I would have bought are UNcharted 4 and GTAV but I already own them anyways. I’m finding games more to my liking in the usual sales anyways so I’m content and have plenty to play (especially with PS Plus and buying Guilty Gear, God of War 3 and Tearaway in the Black Friday sale). They’ll keep me busy over the christmas period especially since I don’t get to have a proper christmas. :D

    • RE: FFXV, I’ve read the devs are going to go back and add more content and change the story, so even if it’s on sale I might wait for a “complete edition” later down the line to get the final experience… would hate to buy and play it and then find out they changed stuff later.

    • It’s worth every penny. I bought it at launch and as well as having an extensive single player story (seriously, it could go on well over a hundred hours if you want to really take your time) it has the Terra Incognito mode which allows total free play. It’s an absolutely brilliant retelling of the first Dragon Quest and has all of the trademark music. I can’t recommend it enough.

  • Is Industry Gigant 2 delayed? Was announced for last weeks store update and still can’t find it..

  • Destiny The Collection 30€
    Destiny The Collection Upgrade 30€

    It doesn’t make any sense! Same price? The Upgrade should be cheaper!! Please, take a look at it PlayStation

  • Tried to make a purchase yesterday through the buy 1 get 1 free sale. When attempting to confirm the sale it kept asking me for my password and wouldn’t let me buy it. I was at work so I’d logged in using the password only minutes prior, meaning my password was correct so I should’ve only had the prompt once rather than an infinite amount of times. So I tried to give them money but they didn’t want any. Oh well. :P

    • I had the same problem. I noticed they had new pay system, visa something or other. I switched to PayPal and it worked.

    • Same for me today, web page doesn’t let me buy anything, using my PS4 works though.

    • I´ve had this problem to. My solution was that I hade to log in on my internet bank and open the credit card to all purchases for 60 min. Otherwise my bank would would not allow the transaction.

    • What the hell would you buy in the buy one get one free section?! All massively overpriced.

  • God damn it. The battlefield 1 deal is even better than Black Friday’s. I dunno why I even buy things from Sony on Black Friday, you literally undercut them 2 weeks later.

    • Still a pretty good deal just a 5$ difference if they had given us a 10% Code (Which they gave to the US region) then it’d be the same

  • Can’t wait for Titanfall 2 on Sunday.

  • Still…. NO…. LET….IT…..DIE…..IN…..BE…..PSN……

  • Next up: Uncharted 4 …. the list is real !

  • Hmm. Might buy that TMNT game. From what I’ve seen it’s much more realistically priced at £11.99 than it was at £39.99. I reckon it can provide me with £11.99 worth of fun just fine. I loved Transformers: Devastation.

    • Yep definitely not as good as Transformers but eh it’s still a decent game for my twelve quid. I’m content. :)

    • I really enjoyed Transformers: Devastation but I can’t decide whether or not to get TMNT. All the videos I’ve seen of it are multiplayer which I never play, what’s the single player like?

    • I think the multiplayer is the only area where the game has appeal over Transformers: Devastation (other than if you prefer TMNT over TF). It’s certainly not as well structured or thought out as TF:D. It kinda feels like they got bored making their own product about halfway through and didn’t flesh it out properly. I much prefer TMNT: Out of the Shadows on PS3 and that has a much better combat engine but this game is still enjoyable and worth a go but you might be better off buying it on disc if you can find it cheap cos then you can resell it once you finish the Story mode. I like multiplayer so I’ll get more replay value out of it than you most likely. :P

    • Thanks for the info. I’ll wait till it’s cheap and get it on disc. Hoping they make more games similar in the future and try to improve on them.

  • Guys, dropping UC4 lower than the just finished Black Friday sales is annoying. Please don’t do this. It puts people off buying.

  • Anything on the psn over £20 is never worth buying. Disregarding the fact that digital media should always be cheap as it has barely any distribution costs, a quick google search and you can usually find what you want for less & free delivery.

  • Where the hell are the deals for vita users like ?
    Bloody typical Sony , ps vita is a newer system so let’s screw them over and do deals for the older ps3 console
    No buy one get one free for vita no deals in the 12 days of Christmas either

    God damn it Sony !!

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