New on PlayStation Store this week: The Last Guardian, ARK: Survival Evolved, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: The Last Guardian, ARK: Survival Evolved, more

Plus, Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: VR Mission, Werewolves Within, more

Finally The Last Guardian is upon us! Fumito Ueda’s long-awaited adventure hits PS4 this week and, judging by the critical response, is well worth the wait. Pick it up tomorrow on PlayStation Store or at retail – or on Friday for those of you in the UK and Ireland.

But of course, that’s not all. This week also sees a PS4 release for hugely popular open world action adventure ARK Survival Evolved, stylish retro side-scroller Slain: Back From Hell, the keenly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One VR Mission, and plenty more besides. See below for all the details.

PlayStation StoreOut this week





  • Werewolves Within
    6th December

  • The Last Guardian (UK, Ireland – 09/12)
    7th December

  • Last Wings
    7th December


  • Mekazoo
    7th December

  • ACA Neo-Geo Samurai Shodown
    8th December

  • Adam’s Venture: Origins – Deluxe Edition
    9th December




  • Killallzombies
    7th December

  • Last Wings
    7th December



6th December

7th December

  • Rocket League
  • Vulcan
  • Warframe
  • Prime Vault Ice Prime Pack
  • Prime Vault Fire Prime Pack
  • Prime Vault Fire & Ice Prime Pack

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  • Last Guardian seems like a great experience, but I think Ill wait til its around 20 bucks like Skyrim tomorrow

  • Any word on when Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will appear on the Australian store? It’s out in the US and UK, did someone forget about us? ._.

  • Any news on a Let it die release for the rest of Europe?

    • Also any way of helping us by reaching out to the developers of:
      – Let it die
      – The World of Nubla
      – How we soar

      and ask for the translation of the store page in all the non-English store languages so everybody of the European PSN store can buy those games?

      Please Fred, can you pass this on to whoever is responsible for contact with the developers?
      This is not too much work for them and they can have their game (where they put in many many hours to create it) in ALL the European stores instead of a select amount.

      If that’s not possible, can you please revert the Belgian store back to English instead of Dutch/French?

    • I’ve been waiting for this game, get to hear that it’s available “right now” in the EU.
      Only to get told that it’s not really available for me at all.

      I am NOT a happy man.

    • I’ve been in contact with the devs of How We Soar, and they are working on non-english storepages and certification, and hope to release in more countries (at least in the Dutch store) next week.

      Hooe this helps

    • The devs from The World Of Nubla told me that they would try to get it on the store a swell (although I am unsure if they only are going to try to get it on the Belgian (and I guess Dutch as I have sent in a Dutch translation)) PSN store or not.

  • I’m missing some games in the austrian store lately:
    Would like to try “LET IT DY” und would like to buy “How We Soar”.
    Is there a date/time for both?

  • Answering a blog question a day,
    keeps the player’s frustration away.

    Mr Dutton press the reply button!

  • Are we gonna get comments ignored again this week?

    As far as I’m aware this site uses WordPress, guess what… THERE IS A COMMENTS section in wp admin, you can literally go there and reply to comments in seconds.

    Does Sony even see the comments section in WordPress?

  • The Last Guardian is finally happening! Can’t wait to play tomorrow.

    BTW: Slain’s crossbuy works already, I downloaded it on the PS Vita yesterday.

  • So… where’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for Australia? Europe Got It. North America got it. Why are we getting screwed over now?

    Any Update on the Rock Band 4 Entitlements?

    Or we just going to be ignored once again?

  • Any idea when the Battlefront VR missions is going live? It’s not on the store and the link supplied above seems to go nowhere?

  • Happy St. Nicholas day PlayStation Users! Here is your presents…. EMPTY

  • Just a thought – would it be worth including all the stuff that was released over the weekend for PSX in this store post? As things stand they haven’t appeared in a store update, so could easily be missed
    – Lara Croft GO (PS4/Vita)
    – Let it Die (PS4)
    – Mother Russia Bleeds (PS4)
    – Parappa the Rapper Remastered (demo) (PS4)
    – Surgeon Simulator VR (PSVR)

    Also, everyone who was waiting for the Persona 5 theme that was promised on 24th November – it’s been and gone, you missed it, sorry

    • Add Ulimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PS4) to that list too…

      (Only reason I knew it was up was from this comments section!)

  • Why is Let it Die not available in Portugal?

    • As it isn’t on the Belgian store either, but it is on the UK store:
      Probably because somebody at Sony Europe thought it was a good idea to only allow games with translated store messages/explanations on the store.

      So every country which doesn’t have the PS store in their own language can have all games released in the UK, but the people who live in a country with translated stores (I would much rather not have it translated as the translation sucks anyway) are screwed.

      It’s not the game itself which needs to be translated, but only the store text. But because Sony doesn’t communicate this to the developers, a lot of the Indie devs or smaller devs, don’t know about this and thus their games are not shown on a lot of EU storefronts.

      If you want to play that game, I would contact the developer about this via twitter or something. They can just put the English text in google translated and send it to Sony (most of the translation is done like that anyway).

      Sony Europe should really find a solution for this as this happens all too often.

      You can also “fake” a UK account and download it on that one, but as far as I know this is against PSN rules.

    • @MrMette, funny because the game is available in the Italian store, and unlike certain games, they didn’t run the text through Google Translate… it’s in perfect Italian.

    • MrMette is right. I think a lot of the translated store descriptions is done via Google translate. The results in Dutch are laughable. What is the point of having translations if they never get checked by Sony? I few months ago, there was a game out in Europe but oofcourse not in Belgium. I mailed the developers and they told me about the translations. In the end, I mailed them the translations and they gave them to Sony. At least there is one descent Dutch translation of an indie game ;-)

    • @Lance_87
      Probably somebody translated it for them. Imo it is Sony’s Job to help devs with this (it is their store anyway), but I guess there is no other way as they clearly don’t want to sell games.

  • When will Volgarr the Viking be released? (PS4 and PS Vita game; been on the US store for +/- 3 weeks now…?)

    Looks to be a REALLY frustratingly good platformer.

  • What’s hilarious about this blog, is that they were so quick to remove posts that had the leaked twelve days of Christmas Game Discounts, yet they can’t even respond to a few simple questions on this page.

  • The list is easy to find on GameFAQs still.

  • Will holland also be getting The World of Nubla today? (love easy plat trophy`s)

    • See my explanation in 12.1
      Probably the same thing.

      I would contact the dev and tell them to contact Sony with translated store text (via google translated or something).

      Sony is not helping on stuff like this, they just tell us that the dev did decide to not release it in our countries, but most of the time the dev just doesn’t know they only release it in PS Stores which are in English without translated store text.

      I have found this out with the “Actual Sunlight” dev and he did fix it after some days by asking people to fantranslate the store text.

      Of course, there can be religious reasons or that specific games are forbidden because of some law in some countries, but certainly in The Netherlands or Belgium, that will not be the case (and it won’t be the case with this game).

    • Btw, I would like to buy Nubla as well.

      Please Sony, tell the devs about this. We are missing out on some good games because of some weird archaic rule. This is rule certainly not 4 the players…

    • As far as I can see Sony publishes this game.
      Also the English store text seems to be Google translated and their company name is wrong on the bottom…

      here is the Dutch text (if they can Google translate it, so can I):

      Nubla stelt voor een avontuur dat begint in de zalen van het Thyssen museum.
      Na hem, beginnen we een reis die ons naar de wondere wereld van Nubla, vol puzzels en vergeten plaatsen te ontdekken. Wie droomt er niet van storten in een van de schilderijen opknoping op de muur van een museum en een onderneming in een onbekende wereld?
      Gedurende dit eerste hoofdstuk van Nubla het onderliggende thema van ons spel is de constructie van identiteit, iets dat we zullen ontdekken van het conceptualiseren geïnspireerd door de kunst, vele uitdagingen in de vorm van puzzels die we voor staan, de vergeten wereld van Nubla ontdekken.
      Nubla, is niet alleen een spel, maar een interessant educatief project dat invulling geeft aan de dialoog van de kunst, technologie en nieuwe verhalen. Het genereert, op een bepaalde manier, een herinterpretatie en creatief visie op het werk van het museum. Achtergronden, personages en game mechanics zijn geïnspireerd door werken en artistieke stijlen, waardoor de wereld van de kunst op een speelse en leuke manier.

      1 speler
      HD-video-uitgang 720p, 1080i, 1080p

      Download van dit product is onderworpen aan de PlayStation Network Algemene Voorwaarden en onze Software Usage Algemene plus eventuele specifieke aanvullende voorwaarden van toepassing zijn op dit product. Als u niet wilt deze voorwaarden te aanvaarden, mag u dit product niet downloaden. Zie Algemene Voorwaarden voor meer belangrijke informatie.
      Eenmalige licentievergoeding aan meerdere PS4 systemen te downloaden. Meld u aan bij PlayStation Network in is niet verplicht om dit te gebruiken op uw primaire PS4, maar is vereist voor gebruik op andere PS4-systemen.
      Zie Health Waarschuwingen voor belangrijke informatie over de gezondheid voor het gebruik van dit product.
      Bibliotheek programma © Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. uitsluitend in licentie gegeven aan Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Software Usage Voorwaarden zijn van toepassing, zie voor volledige gebruiksrechten.

      © 2015 Gammera Nest. Nubla is een handelsmerk van Gamera Nest SL in samenwerking met Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum en PlayStation® Spanje. ‘PlayStation’ is een gedeponeerd handelsmerk van Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

    • I have contacted them through a form on their website, but their website is only in Spanish and it seems they have something to do with museums. So I hope they can help us. I don’t know who to contact.

      Fred, can’t you help us with this? It doesn’t seem like it is the customers job to get something in a store to buy it.

    • @MrMette its no use to type it all. they just ignore it like always.

    • Sure, it is better to contact the developer for stuff like this as they do care if their game is in 20 stores instead of 10 (I don’t know the exact amount).

      But this issue should be solved as it is screwing over small developers where the amount of stores can have a huge impact on sales (as they probably won’t sell a lot of games in each country).

      I am still hopeful the Sony staff is reading the blog comments and hopefully they can help us with this. If not, I hope Gammera Test (the dev) can help us with this.

      I don’t want to buy UK or US currency cards and create one of those accounts to get this game (and this is against the TOS as well). I would understand it if it was a technical issue, but it’s not. It is just miscommunication to the devs and a really weird policy as far as the language thing goes.

    • The developers have replied they would try to get it in “my” store. I hope they can get it to work (and hopefully it will be released in the Dutch store as well with the Dutch translation).

  • Fred or who ever Where! is the crash bandicoot pre order for eu uk ps store usa store has it already $39.99 so tell activision and sony To hurry up plz and add crash bandicoot pre order to eu uk ps store so me and other uk people CAN pre order it

    • Why do you need to preorder it? Especially so early? What purpose does it serve?

      It won’t run out of copies

    • Sicmay im a huge no wait massive crash bandicoot fan and the sooner i can pre order it the better i know it wont run out of copys lol and the out 31st december 2017 on the usa ps store is just a place holder so i guess il have to just wait till its added :)

    • THEY WONT RUN OUT OF COPIES!!! It’s digital!!!!

  • ETA on Battlefront DLC?

  • Where’s “How we soar”?

    • Its in the eu store :D

    • it isn’t in the Belgian PSN store:

      Same thing as 12.1 and 16.1

      Contact the developer and tell them to send a Dutch (and French?) translation to Sony for the Belgian PSN store. They can translate it through Google translate, but otherwise the game won’t show in the store.

      It is ridiculous (and that’s at least 3 games this week), but unfortunately we have to do Sony’s work for them to get the games we want in the store…

    • It’s the store text/message which need to be translated, not the game.

    • @CoolRichy007UK
      How we Soar is not in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, …

      Check for the available games in each region.
      You’ll notice it’s missing for the region’s I’ve mentioned.

      Looks like “Let it Die” has the same availability issue.

  • Scarif DLC is up but it isn’t free even though I bought the season pass :-/

  • “judging by the critical response”

    Citation needed.

  • Let it Die is NOT available in the Dutch PlayStation Store. However, there has not been any word from Sony as to why this is. I have been waiting to try out that game ever since it was released after the PlayStation Experience, but it seems that is not allowed. Can anyone from Sony please tell us why we aren’t able to download the game and when we can expect it to be released in our PlayStation Store? Thanks in advance!

    • it is like that because the developer did not pass on the translated store text to Sony (see my explanation in 12.1 and 16.1). It is like this for months and they never helped with this before (I still hope they do this right now). Apparently it is not allowed to have English text in a translated (non-English) PSN store.

      You best bet is to try to contact the developer (like I did for The World Of Nubla) and pass on a (google translated if you want) text for the Dutch PSN store and hope they pass this on to Sony Europe.

    • I just sent GungHo a translation for the dutch and belgian stores. let’s see what the next excuse entails.

    • I was able (together with a lot of people here for other languages) to get “Actual Sunlight” in the store and the developer behind The World Of Nubla just replied to me saying they would contact Sony about this.

      I am confident this is the way to go (although I still think it should be Sony who contacts them).
      That said, I can’t be sure every developer will be this helpful, but they all want their game to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, so my bet is most of them will be.

  • Let it Die, where is it?

    • Dead like this comment section. They never replay on questions here.

    • They used to.

      I guess there was too much negativity (which is a big problem sometimes) and they just stopped doing that. Once they got sick and tired of people complaining about the prices and percentages (and they stopped posting them), they also were less responding to questions.

      I still like to think they at least read the questions (I hope).

  • I see Mutant Mudds Double pack is out now on both the PS4 and Vita…
    It doesn’t appear as Cross Buy???
    Super Challenge was, anyone know if this is??
    Also I already bought MM Super Challenge and just want MM Deluxe on its own and as Cross Buy! I’ve tweeted Jools the developer but got nothing back? As I under stand the Double Pack is a limited time offer for both?
    I hope they release MM Deluxe on its on Cross Buy on the 4 and Vita as it’s been over 3 years since it originally came out in the US but never made it to EU!
    Mutant Mudds rant over!

  • Ugh, Scarif DLC is terrible.

  • Funny how posts can get removed but not answered, way to go Sony. In fact I’m surprised this post hasn’t been removed before I even finished it :)

  • What about those remaining Rock Band exports and entitlements for Rock Band 4?

  • One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 for PS3 and all it’s DLC is missing from the store. Has it been removed???

  • Sorry I’m late, Any chance of anyone looking at the file labeled ‘Rock Band 2 export’ this week?

  • I bet they never even thought about the Australian version of UMvC3.

  • Are we going to have to “let it die” ?

    • I’ve asked on the PlayStationBE Facebook page and they were going to look into it. At least they know how to reply.

  • Assume Slain is cross play?

    And also, RWBY: Grim Eclipse? Had no idea this was coming to consoles, so pleasant suprise today ;-)

  • when are we getting Legend Of Dragoon?
    it’s a sony title, and you lot always say ask the publisher, so here i am.

  • If you have a VR Werewolves Within is great fun

  • Hi Fred,
    What’s happening with Mekazoo it say here out on the 7th but there’s no sign of it on the store.
    Gutted as I’ve been looking forward to this game since seeing it at Rezzed in March :/

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