Windjammers returns soon on PS4 and PS Vita, with online multiplayer

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DotEmu revives the cult arcade favourite

Yes, that’s right folks: it’s finally here. One of the greatest “versus” games of all-time has returned to console! Are you ready to don your spandex and fluorescent armour, fling a blazing disc at your opponent in a perfect curve, and drive the stadium crowd mad? This is what Windjammers is all about, only this time you can test your skills against players worldwide and chuck your blazing discs all the way to the top of the leaderboard.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. This updated version is also available on PS4 and PS Vita, so you can toss discs and talk trash while commuting to work or school. Bam!


Windjammers is a fast-paced, head-to-head arcade game where two players face off on a court and throw discs at the opposing goal to score points. Simple, yes. But highly addictive! Choose between six different international players, each with their own super-throws and characteristics. Plus, every environment, from sunny beach to crowded stadium, requires you to adapt your tactics in order to earn victory.

DotEmu has always loved Windjammers, and we’ve long dreamt of resurrecting and sharing it with players everywhere. This year our dream came true, and we’re immensely pleased and honored to offer an updated version with five game modes and a full online multiplayer mode with rankings and competitive leagues.


We’re a small team of passionate gamers with two arcade cabinets in our office. We’ve been organising Windjammers tournaments internally for a long time, to the point where we became obsessed with the game. From then on, reintroducing it became an epic quest. Not only is the game itself great, but it’s also one of the most famous titles from Data East, the quasi-mythical company behind awesome titles like Bad Dudes, Street Hoop, and Burger Time.

After successfully bringing back some Neo-Geo classics along the years, in 2015, our quest succeeded. With the blessing of SNK and our friends at Paon DP who trusted us with their IP, Windjammers would return and DotEmu would be in charge. Hells yeah!

Deceptively difficult

Windjammers is one of those games that never gets old. It’s simple, well-made, instant fun. However, behind that simplicity lies an ocean of strategy and challenge. To be a decent player you’ll need to master a diverse set of skills, i.e. knowing when to toss your disc, and when to launch a super-custom or hammer throw to wrest the momentum from your opponent. Each frame matters, precision is key, and self-control is critical.

Your hands will sweat. Guaranteed!


From arcade to e-sport

For us, this project had to be perfect. We wanted to respect Data East’s incredible work and provide a faithful experience to players veteran and new. And what better way to do this than to include the Windjammers community in our project?

From the beginning we worked closely with Windjammers France, which boasts some of Europe’s best players. Founded in 2012, this association of ardent fans organises annual tournaments. And trust us, when this crew fires up Windjammers, they don’t mess around!

Windjammers France helped us maintain continuity with the arcade version, and broadened our understanding of the game’s tremendous eSports potential. Windjammers is ideal for the eSports arena, which is why we created an easy-yet-complete online mode for players from Chile to China to engage in continuous competition.

Inherit the wind

We can’t wait for gamers to discover/rediscover Windjammers and begin playing. In the coming weeks and months we also hope to promote tournaments and build an international competition community. Stay tuned!

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